Which Comes First? The Wolf or the Man?

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Let’s say the man.  He’s easier to maintain. 🙂 And what about this man? I think of shaggy, a little stubble, some hair on the chest. After all, he IS part wolf.

So what do you think? Does he look like he could be a wolf masquerading part time as a man?

Now here’s the wolf.


Does he look like he could make a suitable mate when in his human skin?

But which comes first, the wolf or the man? Or does it really matter as long as you get both all in one?

To Tempt the Wolf is about a man just like this, who has wolfish interests in the woman who rescues him off a cold Oregon beach. She’s a professional wildlife photographer, although her interests are mostly in photographing wolves. Only she learns not all wolves are the same.

Terry Spear



  1. Cathy said,

    Well they both have a long lean nose and hair on the face. But I think I’d rather pet the wolf, unless the man has a nice pelt on his chest too?

  2. terryspear said,

    LOL, Cathy! I couldn’t get a shot of his chest! 🙂 But we can imagine it to be so, can’t we? 🙂

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