Thanksgiving in Summer

July 30, 2009 at 8:58 am (General) (, , , )

Last week, I did something really different.  I made Thanksgiving dinner, four months early.  Lucky for me the house is air-conditioned, otherwise I would have melted in the heat with the oven on for hours.

I decided to have our holiday early because my son was home from Afghanistan for two weeks.  Thanksgiving is his favorite meal, and he’s going to spend the real deal at Kandahar Air Base.  Just by coincidence MORE THAN A MAN, my Harlequin Intrigue with the 700-year-old hero, is coming out in a few days.  And my son looks a lot like the guy on the cover.  Of course, he doesn’t think so.
Turns out, the turkey was the big problem with the Thanksgiving dinner. They may be all over the grocery stores in November, but they’re almost nonexistent right now.  Other than going out in the woods and shooting them, you’ve got to buy them frozen at this time of year.  And guess what?  I’ve never cooked a frozen turkey, so I didn’t know how long it would take to defrost.  Unfortunately, we’re talking DAYS in the refrigerator.  And if you don’t have that much time, your best option is to immerse in cold water, according to all the Web sites I checked out.  But there’s one important fact they fail to mention.  You know how the wise guys need to put “cement shoes” on a body they’re trying to deep six?  Well, guess what?  A frozen turkey also floats.  So there I was in the early hours of the morning weighting down that sucker (with a heavy pot lid) so I could submerge it.  As you can see, it finally worked out.

So what’s your favorite holiday? And how do you make it special?

Rebecca York



  1. elissa said,

    Great post, M! All the pix look good.

  2. Cathy said,

    My favorite Holiday is still Christmas. I have been signing since I could talk (or before). My parents were raised in church choirs and I can not think of this Holiday without music and family all around.
    I was married at 19 in Nov. and held my first Holiday dinner that Christmas with 23 people around the table.
    For close to 30 years I have had family at my house Christmas day. I passed the baton a few years ago and my girls carry on with dinner, music and an open door for family and friends. Nobody should be alone on that day, so we expect extras and make enough to feed the neighborhood!

  3. Rebecca York said,

    First, Cathy, I am no singer. So I don’t associate singing with holidays. Second, I’d love to have someone take over the holiday dinners. But nobody is in the wings. My daughter’s a vegetarian, so asking her to fix a turkey is OUT. She does help me with the holiday cooking, though. My sister and I more or less alternate holiday dinners. (And help each other with the food.) We’re currently having a family problem with Christmas. My sister’s sister in law used to do it, but now she’s going to Connecticut to have it with her son and his family. So I did Christmas for the past two years and am trying to start some new traditions. Instead of stockings, I have a big department store shopping bag for everyone. Some things in it are expensive and some are not. I buy things I want for myself, pull them out of my bag and unwrap them. Everybody laughs when I say, “Oh, a dish towel. Exactly what I need.” I took one of my grandchildren with me last year to buy some of these bag stuffers at a dollar store. We had a fun time. The big holidays for us are Christmas, Thanksgiving and Mothers’ Day.

  4. elissa said,

    I’d be happy to make a Tofurkey 🙂 but nobody else would eat it 😦 Eating out is always fine with me (and Steve & boys).

    The shopping bags are fun, and Jesse enjoyed helping pick stuff.

    Beeble beeble beeble beeble…

  5. Cathy said,

    Oh I like the shopping bag gift. I’ll have to try that!
    My youngest is also a vegetarian. She loves to cook and has come up with some great dishes. My kids are half Italian so they know how to make a few traditional meals. We almost always have homemade sauce (without meat for my youngest in a different pot) for ravioli, or tortellini or pasta. We have had veggie lasagna, artichoke dips and casseroles. You would be surprised how many meat dishes my daughter can make that taste better than mine! LOL

  6. elissa said,

    Cathy~So your daughter cooks meat dishes without meat? I don’t cook any meat, because it grosses me out. 🙂

  7. Rebecca York said,

    Sorry, I like meat. But I am perfectly capable of making delicious dishes without meat! Lately, I’ve been into quiches. I make them with eggs, reduced fat cottage cheese, reduced fat shredded mozarella–then add what I want. It could be spinach, feta and dill for a Greek quiche. It could be salmon, spinach, dill and feta, it could be asparagus (which is in the refrigerator now.) It could be artichoke hearts. I also just made cauliflower and cheese, which is a lot like mac and cheese.

    When Elissa was still at home, sometimes her main dish was our side dish.

  8. Rebecca York said,

    Forgot to say–if you’re worried about fat, you can make a very good quiche with non-fat liquid egg substitute. And it’s easier, too. You don’t have to crack eggs. You just pour from a carton.

  9. elissa said,

    Your quiches are always really good, M!

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