Are You a Seasonal Writer or Reader???

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Heart of the Wolf

Heart of the Wolf

by Terry Spear

He’s winter chilled; she’s a redhead and autumn delight~~
$6.99   paperback

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$6.99   paperback
Barnes & Noble
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$6.99   paperback
Powell's Books

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by Terry Spear

July 18, 2009, 5:02 am 

I never gave it much thought until my werewolf book, Heart of the Wolf, ended up as a series. In Heart of the Wolf it was set in the fall, and then in Destiny of the Wolf, also fall. To Tempt the Wolf and Legend of the White Wolf are winter stories.

Now we have spring and wolf pups and new beginnings with Seduction of the Wolf. The next story was supposed to have been a winter story instead, but my mother was tired of winter, so I promised a spring story for her. She died while I was still rewriting Legend of the White Wolf, but I’m sure she knows that Seduction of the Wolf is a story of spring and warmer weather, just for her. Actually, both Book 5 and Book 6 are spring stories.
But of course I can’t seem to coordinate these with the actual release times…oh, wait, no, that’s not true. Legend of the White Wolf will be out in Feb and for many places that’s still winter. 🙂 And Seduction of the Wolf will be out in April, the first spring story. 🙂 Maybe the next one will be summer, instead of another spring, although the release date will be in the fall.
What’s neat is that the seasons can help shape the story. Fall brings color and the end of hot summer. It brings cooler weather good for getting close and a change of clothes. Winter brings cold and snuggling, fires and cuddling, Christmas and hugging. 🙂 Spring brings flowers, rain, warmer weather, and babies. Summer is for weddings, beach trips, tossing the clothes!

But also, characters can be described in terms of seasons.

In Destiny of the Wolf, the heroine thinks of the hero as winter chilled. But she’s autumn, brightly colored leaves and baking pumpkin pies. In Legend of the White Wolf, the hero thinks of the heroine in terms of what she might look like in a bikini, rather than bundled up in winter clothes–to him, she’s a summer babe.So even characters can be thought of personality-wise as seasons.

Have you read books that seem to have a seasonal theme? Are you a seasonal writer? Do you prefer a certain season to read over another?

If you’re at RWA National, I hope you’re having a blast! If not, have a super Saturday wherever you may be!


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