Confessions of a Highland Shapeshifter

July 8, 2009 at 1:00 am (General)

27_low_res Secrets200wToday we have with us Gavin MacTavish, hero of Devil in a Kilt in Secrets Volume 27 Untamed Pleasures.

Tell us about yourself, Gavin. Or should I call you Laird MacTavish?

Gavin: Nay. Ye may call me Gavin if ye wish. I’m Chief of the MacTavish clan.

Nicole: You are also cursed, right? Can you tell us about that?

Gavin: Well… I’m not in the habit of talking about it overmuch, but, aye, a witch of the Dark Arts placed a curse upon me and my clan as well as two of my friends.

Nicole: How has the curse affected you? Gavin: At dawn, my form changes into that of a hawk. Then, at dusk I turn back into a man. I can do naught to stop it. ‘Tis beyond my control and I hate that.

Nicole: But it must be cool to be able to fly around as a bird.

Gavin: In winter, ‘tis indeed nippy. But I can get a good view of all my land holdings. With Scotland being the most lovely country on earth, aye, ‘tis a joy at times to fly about the Highlands. When the rain is no’ pouring or the whole of the land cloaked in mist, that is. At other times, though, I simply wait upon the ramparts and do a bit of guarding of my own. I want to ken when my thieving cousin is about.

Nicole: What did you think when you first saw Shauna?

Gavin: Och! What was the lass thinking, appearing in my bedchamber at midnight carrying mine own sword? ‘Tis a wonder she didna receive any injuries with such a trick. When she said her clan name was MacRae, well… what was I to think? Some of the MacRaes are my worst enemies. Though Shauna is a beauty beyond compare, I couldna trust her.

Nicole: So, you had her thrown into the dungeon, didn’t you?

Gavin: No’ thrown! My guard was very courteous to her. She was given the best food and ale.

Nicole: You call haggis the best food?

Gavin: Aye, indeed. My cook Crocker Loch is most skilled with organ meats and spices.

Nicole: Ugh. Okay. Tell me more about you and Shauna.

Gavin: ‘Tis a matter of privacy, but I will say we get on well in the bedchamber. Very well indeed! Ne’er have I met such a lusty lass. I am the most fortunate of men. 🙂 She does oft like to gift me with certain… rewards. Och! (Dinna strike me, lass.)

Nicole: Shauna is there with you?

Gavin: Aye. Mine own wife seeks to do me harm. Err… uhmm… I must be going now. Shauna is… trying to steal my plaid. (I’ll be needing that to cover my bare arse.) I shall be naked in a trice if she keeps this up. No’ that I’m complaining. Haha 🙂 ‘Twas a delight visiting with ye today.

Nicole: Wait! What if our readers have questions?

Gavin: I shall try my hardest to return and answer any questions of vital importance… if she will release me from the bedchamber.

Nicole: Okay, thanks, Gavin. Well, we know he’s having some fun! Please leave a comment here if you have any questions for him… or for me. 🙂

Here is the blurb for Devil in a Kilt: A trip to the Highland Games turns into a trip to the past when modern day psychology professor Shauna MacRae touches Gavin MacTavish’s four-hundred-year-old claymore. What she finds is a Devil In a Kilt she’s had erotic fantasies about for months. Can Shauna break the curse imprisoning this shape shifting laird and his clan before an evil witch sends Shauna back to her time? Book trailer video:

Nicole North writes sensual and erotic romance novels and novellas. She is the author of paranormal erotic romance novellas Devil in a Kilt, Red Sage Secrets Volume 27 Untamed Pleasures, July 2009; Beast in a Kilt, Red Sage Secrets Volume 29; and (contemporary) Kilted Lover. She lives with her husband in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, but wishes she lived in the Scottish Highlands at least half the year. Though she holds a degree in psychology, writing romance is her first love.

Visit her at

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  1. Nicole North said,

    Oops, the video didn’t show up. It’s at

    Thanks again for allowing me to be here today!! 🙂

  2. Pat Detweiler w/a Gwynlyn MacKenzie said,

    Interesting interview. Poor Gavin, having to fight off his wife. LOL

  3. Nicole North said,

    Yes, he had a tough life. LOL Thanks, Pat/ Gwynlyn!!

  4. Colleen said,

    Wonderful interview!!! 😀 I love the sound of this book!

  5. Nicole North said,

    Thanks Coleen!!! 🙂 I’m so glad you think so! It contains a lot of humor.

  6. Paisley Kirkpatrick said,

    This is great. Loved hearing from Gavin himself. Is there anything yummier than a Scot with an accent like that and who loves haggis? I think not!! I cannot wait to read this story.

  7. Estella said,

    Good interview!
    I like the sound of this book.

  8. Nicole North said,

    Paisley, thanks!!!! Glad you enjoyed hearing from Gavin! He also hopes you enjoy his story! 🙂 He wonders if you would like some haggis as a reward? 😉

    Estella, thanks!!!! I appreciate your checking it out!

  9. Paisley Kirkpatrick said,

    Would gavin be serving that haggis? Makes a difference on how I answer that question. 😉

  10. Nicole North said,

    Yes, he will be serving it on a silver platter. LOL

  11. Terry Spear said,

    Love the book, Nicole! Can’t wait for more in the series!!! 🙂 Thanks so much for guest blogging today!!! So sorry about the video. It did show on the edits, but wouldn’t show up for the review. Argh. I’d say it was a Monday. In fact, it feels it’s been a Monday all week!!! 🙂 Great interview!

  12. Nicole North said,

    Thanks for allowing me to be here, Terry, and for the compliments!! No problem about the video. 🙂 Get some rest!!

  13. Amy S. said,

    Sounds great!

  14. Nicole North said,

    Thanks Amy!!! 🙂

  15. cathiecaffey said,

    Hi Nicole! Love those MIK (Men in kilts!) This is so neat as a shape shifter!! Will this be more related stories, like a series within the Secrets of this? This is exciting! I love reading both those genres and together is going to be unique! Love it!

  16. Nicole North said,

    Hi Cathiecaffey! Thanks!!! Nice to see you here! Yes, I’ve sold the second story of the series to Red Sage… Beast in a Kilt for Secrets Volume 29. I’m just finishing the 3rd novella and I hope they like it! Thanks for the wonderful things you said! I hope you enjoy the way I genre-blended with these stories. They were a blast to write! 🙂

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