BOM: Bride of the Wolf, Jennifer St. Giles -seconds please!

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Release Date: April 28th, 2009
Bride of the Wolf (ISBN 1416563415)
Injured Blood Hunter Navarre is kidnapped along with oil heiress Marissa Vasquez. Their bid for freedom, puts them into a deadly race for their lives as they become the hunted prey of two Vladarian Vampires and the evil Dr. Cinatas. Together Marissa and Navarre’s spirits form a powerful link matched only by their passion. But can a mortal woman attain true love with a man who is half wolf? Or will their enemies steal their one chance at happiness?

I’ve come back for my just desserts! Sorry I’m late! Kids are outta school and summertime has exploded. Fresh fruit is coming in, time to pick some berries! So how bout those recipes now? Does anyone out there have some mouth watering to-die-for recipes for pache, or tamales dulces? Now’s the time to give us your opinons on Bride of the Wolf by Jennifer St Giles, because one lucky person will win a copy of a book from our next monthly focus author, Lori Devoti.  We’ll be a little off on our post days so come visit often!


  1. pennyfitz said,

    How bout an update to good ol’ fashioned brownies!

    Bake brownies per instructions.
    Let cool, this is the part where if I’m bringing them somewhere for later or the next day I cover with plastic wrap so they don’t get hard on top.
    Right before serving,
    frost them with french vanilla non-dairy whipped topping.
    Drizzle with carmel topping you use on ice cream.
    Sprinkle with chopped walnuts.
    WaaLaa! you have Faux Turtle Brownies.
    Thank you Kevin for this awesome recipe! It’s a big hit at family gatherings.

  2. Teresa D'Amario said,

    Thanks for the recipe, Penny! and the book was great. Navarre is hot!!! I so loved this book.

  3. Colleen said,

    Bad bad me did not get a copy yet to read, so I can not give you my opinion… I am hanging my head… 😦
    I did comment last time on BOM, was a winner ever chosen for that post?

  4. Teresa D'Amario said,

    Colleen! Funny you should ask! I was looking through my notes and realized I had not posted the winner. And even funnier is the winner is yourself! (oops! No, you were not chosen because you asked, you were really who I chose). I didn’t want to overpost on Penny’s post and forgot to come back to it!

    Send me your address: and I’ll get it to our author to get your book out!

  5. jennifer st giles said,

    LOL Love the recipe and so great to hear from all of you. Sorry I have not been around much. Life has been really rough lately. So huge thanks from the bottom of my heart and hope that the passion of true love Like Navarre and Marissa share touches your heart.
    Jennifer St. Giles

  6. Estella said,

    I just ordered this book, so cannot give an opinion.

  7. Teresa W said,

    No opinion from me as I’ve yet to read it!

  8. Eva S said,

    I have this book on my wish list, loved the other books in the series… The blurb is great!

  9. Penelope Fitzgerald said,

    Readers out there, hello! What better way to spend an afternoon in the sun than covered in spf 30, with a tall cold glass of iced tea, and one terrific book! Come back and post your comments about Jennifer’s book, Bride of the Wolf so we can choose a winner! Next on our menu is Lori Devoti’s Amazon ink!

  10. Colleen said,

    Very Very belated, but I loved reading BRIDE OF THE WOLF. It was my first taste of Jennifer St Giles’ work and am looking forward to more. 😀

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