Taming The Fire Hits The Shelves!

April 28, 2009 at 7:15 am (Larissa Ione, New Releases)


I’m so excited! This is Sydney Croft’s (my pen name with Stephanie Tyler) fourth ACRO book, but it’s our first shapeshifter romance!

Now, if you’re familiar with the Croft books, you know they are extremely erotic and full of over-the-top science fiction and paranormal adventure…and Taming is no exception. Our shapeshifter is an escapee from an evil agency called Itor, which is the company that created her.

Before they captured her, she belonged to a peaceful clan of therianthropes, which, in her case, means that her people had animal souls but didn’t actually shift. Not until Itor got hold of her, anyway.

They brutalized her and her people in labs, experimenting on them to create the perfect weapon — a human who can shift into an animal — but in doing so, they killed every one of her people but her. After using her as a killer on a leash, they deemed her a failed experiment, and after she escaped, they intended to hunt her down and kill her.

She has gone into hiding, but her problem is the beast inside her — it is enraged, hating humans to murderous extent. In order for Ulrika to control her inner beast, she must go to extremes, dominating them sexually in extreme BDSM pleasure houses.

Enter our hero, Trance, who is an agent for the good guys — ACRO. He’s a former Dom, well acquainted with the lifestyle he must covertly enter, and perfect for the job of capturing Rik before Itor gets her.

So anyway, this is our shifter story. I’ll paste the blurb and link for more information below!


He came to the underground London club for a night of extreme sex play with the enigmatic “Mistress Rik”. But the Special Agent known as Trance is really on a search-and-rescue mission to keep her alive. Part predator, Ulrika “Rik” Jaegar possesses feral powers that make her a danger to others – and to herself. That’s why the Agency for Covert Rare Operatives (ACRO) wants to recruit her to their side. To do so, Trance will have to pull off the impossible: capture and control Rik, both woman and beast.

On the run from the deadly agency that changed her into a pleasure-seeking shape shifter, Rik uses sex to rein in her own raging desires. Operating on pure instinct, she trusts no one – especially the magnificent alpha male with the power to seduce her into submission. An undercover agent with unique hypnotic gifts, Trance is surprised by his instinct to hold Rik and keep her safe – but he has a job to do. And as he hunts her down, as Rik and Trance are thrust into the ultimate game of domination and submission, they’ll enter a place where surrender is their sole hope of survival – and the only thing that can tame the wild beast in both of them?

For an excerpt and more information, click here!


  1. Lea said,

    I’m excited too Larissa!

    I cannot wait to read “Taming the Fire”! I love, love the ACRO series… Off to the bookstore via web today. 🙂

    Warm Regards

  2. Colleen said,

    Happy Happy Release Day!!! 😀

  3. Teresa D'Amario said,

    This is ONE HOT READ folks! No doubt about it. It’s also very dangerous and intense. It works your mind like no other! If you like hot, and you like danger, this is the book for you!

  4. Estella said,

    Happy release day! I have read the other ARCO books and cannot wait to read Taming the Fire.

  5. Melissa said,

    I can’t wait to read this!!
    Congrats, Larissa and Stephanie!!

  6. Cathy said,

    Sounds great. Ohh… new book, new book!

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