April 21, 2009 at 1:00 am (General)

vamplist10th1If you didn’t know, when I’m not staring at the screen, creating vampire and werewolf heroes, or scrubbing toilets and folding laundry, or even cooking up a mean roast beef and potatoes, I’m indulging in one of my quirks—making lists.  

I don’t make a lot of lists, but the ones I do make, tend to grow long.  I’ve been keeping The Ultimate VampList for well over a decade now.  Started it in 1995, with a list of about 100 vampire book titles.  It was a means to keep track of some of my research for the vampire books I was writing at the time, but it became an obsession.

Fast forward to 2009, and The Ultimate VampList is over 4000 titles long.  I’ve got titles divided into various categories, such as Romance, Horror, Mystery, Manga, Young Adult, Movies,  Action/Adventure, etc.  It’s not meant to be a thorough bibliography, but rather a list a reader can use to find vampire fiction.  Take a gander at it; you may be surprised how many vampire stories you’ve yet to read.  😉

Every few years, I take a look at the ROMANCE section of the VampList.  It is the fastest growing category of vampire books.  But we all knew that, didn’t we?  I started counting in 1997 when there were less than a dozen vampire romances published in the entire year (and the year my Dark Rapture came out).  Slim pickings for the vamp lover, eh?  But as the years have passed the vampires have taken over romance.  

Now, this is not a scientific system at all.  I know I don’t have ALL the vampire books ever published listed (but I’m pretty close).  And I miss a lot of the small press stuff, simply because I don’t have time to search for all the titles.  But here’s an approximate count, by year, of how many vampire romances were out:

1997 – 11

1998 – 7

1999 – 8

2000 – 16

2001 – 19

2002 – 50

2003 – 70

2004 – 87

2005 – 108

2006 – 131

2007 – 158

2008 – 145

2009 – 72 (so far)

So what do you think of those numbers?  Look at 2001, and then 2002.  What an increase!  And it just keeps getting better and better for we fans of vampires.  

So do you think vampire romance will ever wane?  When will readers say “That’s enough for now”?  What paranormal creature do you think will steal the vampire’s crown?  (I’m voting for werewolves). How many vampire romances have you read over the past year?  The past decade?

I’m currently holding a contest looking for new titles for my VampList over at my blog.  Stop by for the details.

You can find The Ultimate VampList at http://www.vampire-books.com. The first page is not the only page! Use the drop-down menu at the top to peruse all the categories of vampire deliciousness.


  1. Suzette said,

    I don’t think vampire romances will ever wane but Shifters, ehh, they come pretty close to taking over the vamps. Dragons and Weres could possibly beat them out. Heck I’ve even seen lots of Demon romances lateley.

  2. Marcia said,

    Vampire romances aren’t going anywhere. Every time someone says enough is enough, someone like Stephanie Meyer comes along and defies the odds and readers scream for more. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m more than happy to add my two cents to the cause. 😉

  3. Estella said,

    I think vampire romances will stick around, but will be joined by werewolf, dragon and demon books.
    I cannot say how many vampire romnances I havce read in the past year—lots, because I have finished whole series.

  4. Teresa D'Amario said,

    Funny, I’m not a HUGE vampire fan. I’ve always been more into were’s, since that first one I read….. but I’ve probably read almost all of the ones that have come out. How did that happen? LOL. I know in ’05 I probably read everyone out – because I was out of work. LOL I was averaging 300 books a year and they were all “paranormal”

    I”m with the “won’t go away any time soon” clan myself!

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