Dakota Cassidy Guest Blogs: Me and Some Shapeshifter’s = A Love Story With A Lot of Hair and Teeth

April 7, 2009 at 8:00 am (General)

ShapeShifter Romance welcomes Dakota Cassidy – Guest Blogger!

Immortality bites.

Wanda Schwartz is raking in the dough selling Bobbie-Sue Cosmetics—and she’s a pro at recruiting new saleswomen. So, she’s shocked when a man comes to one of her in-home parties—a very hot man. Heath Jefferson is sure to put some extra spin into a lot of women’s color wheels.

When Wanda is diagnosed with a terminal illness, it doesn’t have to be a death sentence. With a werewolf and a vampire for best friends, she has options that most ordinary people wouldn’t. As Wanda ponders what to do about her mortality, Heath reveals he has secrets, and one of them is that his former bloodlust has turned into an old-fashioned lust—for Wanda. And he’s already given up too much to lose the love of his lifetimes.

So I totally don’t remember when I decided to write shapeshifters. Wait, that’s not entirely true. I remember being intrigued by the paranormal after reading eleventy billion of ‘em. I remember thinking a lot of “what if” during those reads. I remember thinking I could nevah (evah) do that. In fact, I wasn’t even a writer when I thought that. Then I remember reading a Nina Bang’s book and having one of those moments Dr. Phil’s so fond of.


It was a time before I utilized some of those “what if” thoughts, but when I did, I went back to the first person I read that had written some vampires and werewolves who had characters that weren’t terribly shanked over being immortal. Loved. It.

Nina Bangs take on the paranormal, her zany, crazy insight made me feel not so alone in my whacked thoughts (which is soothing when you’re a nut like me). She went to a place I thought no one dared tread. And it was what inspired me, on my much smaller level, to write my first narcoleptic vampire. ‘Cause I thought, “Dude, wouldn’t it be funny if a vampire who has narcolepsy fell asleep on some park bench because he can’t keep his eyes open (even at night), and being an immortal, he has no heartbeat. Cops think he’s dead, and he ends up bagged and tagged in the morgue?”

And off I went, thinking no one in their right mind would ever want to read my dreck. But look at me, all a risk-taker, defying the norm like I had nuthin’ to lose. Thus, my first venture was a paranormal e-book with a narcoleptic vampire. And people bought it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! So who knew it would begin my love affair with fangs and fur? All of a sudden I had a hundred stories with a humorous take on a shapeshifter. Vampires who can’t smell. Vampires allergic to blood. Werewolves caught by dog catchers in their were forms and landing in the pound then put up for adoption. Which was what led me here—to the place called crazy and my “Accidental” series. Where women are accidentally bitten and find lurve with men who have tails and fangs.

Here’s what I love about writing shapeshifters. You can make it all up—you can write yourself out of almost any corner, and no one can tell you it’s not right. Well, they can. They have. Oh, have they. I get buttloads of email from self-proclaimed werewolves and vampires who tell me I’ve got it all wrong.

I do. 🙂

I say, when you’re living your life solely by night or shifting into something hairy with four legs that some might call canine, and drinking blood—call me. I want a front row seat to that display of fur and teeth, because that’s the kind of shapeshifters I write.

Until then, I’m going to keep making it up because writing shapeshifters is exactly what someone like me needs. A safe harbor for her crazy. And thank God, too. Otherwise, I think my harbor would probably have me anchored to the words “mental, and “institution.” 🙂

Now, in the spirit of shapeshifters and all their fabulousness, if you leave me a comment in the comments section, I’ll enter you in a random drawing (winner will be picked by blog owners on specified date) to win any two books by the authors listed to the right on the sidebar. I’ll have the books shipped directly to your door as long as they’re either available for order or pre-order, or in e-book format. I mean, helllooo—these authors include Larissa Ione, Lori Devoti, Teresa D’Amario, Terry Spear, and a bunch of others! You can’t lose by entering.

So gimme a sign and let me know you’re out there, and you’re automatically entered! As always, thanks for your never ending support. Seriously, you guys are the bomb-diggety!

Dakota 🙂


The drawing for Dakota’s prize will be on Tuesday, 14 April.  A big smile for someone the day before tax day. 🙂  And it gives everyone a chance to participate!


  1. Lori Chapman said,

    Dakota rocks! That’s all I wanted to say………….(>:

  2. Cheryll Cernoch said,

    Dakota your awesome!! Love your books!!
    Rock on ‘-)

  3. Kristin said,

    Narcoleptic vampire? How in the hell did I miss that one?

    Thanks for the laughs. I always put down your books with a smile on my face!

  4. Lisa Anderson said,


    Loved your post ! You are one of the reasons I love paranormal. I so enjoy the “human” elements that you put in your paranormal characters. As you said, who would beileive that a vampire could have narcolepsy. That is a hoot. I love when paranormal authors push the limit, if you don’t then to me the storyline seems to be something that is just rehashed and same ole, same ole. Keep doing what your doing cause it works. Look at Stephen King’s work, talk about pushing the envelope…. Yes, I am comparing you to him and hey, you deserve it, your books are fantastic!


  5. Diane McConnell said,


    I love your writing where you mix romance with humor.

    P.S. John has more peppers.

  6. Pamk said,

    love your crazy ass books. Many a time that I fell out laughing at your nuttiness. As far as I am concerned keep it up.

  7. April Storm said,

    One of the things that delights me about this genre is that each author has their own way of putting the facts together. In t he end there is hair and teeth and blood but each person puts it together in their own way. I am a writer and your books inspired me to use my own voice instead of making up something that I think might be acceptable. Thanks for that. Now all that is left is for me to write my own book. Keep ’em coming.

  8. Vicky Cormier said,

    You are too funny! Your books sound delightful and I also love Nina Bangs. I think my brain is in cahoots with yours because I’m a nut too. I just haven’t written anything yet. You do give me inspiration though. Anyhoo. Thanks for the insight and keep on writing.
    I do love vamps and weres.

  9. LuAnn Morgan said,

    I’ve always wanted to read Dakota’s books!

  10. Becky Ward said,

    Dakota, I will have to check out your books. I don’t think I read any of yours. The “Accidental” series sounds really interesting . I love to read about shapeshifters.

  11. Krystal S said,

    Thank you for all of your hard work writing these books for us to read. Keep up the great work Dakota. Love your style!

  12. Sharon Baker said,

    I Love your books. I hope you keep writing them forever.
    Keep up the good work.

    Sharon Baker

  13. MarnieColette said,

    These books sound very interesting. I am just waiting until they come out in e-book (other than Kindle) format.

    I love the covers.

  14. Alana Abbott said,

    So Dakota, shapeshifters are your asylum? (It’s really got a much nicer ring than “mental” and “institution…”)

    I think that your fan mail could be the starting point for a novel in itself (either from the perspective of the writer who suddenly has to encounter a fan determined to show the author what real paranormal life is all about, or from the perspective of a disgruntled shifter who obsessively writes “fan” mail to all the paranormal writers getting it “wrong”). 🙂

  15. Dakota Cassidy said,

    Helllloooo, everyone!

    Kristin–it was an e-book called It’s A Vampire Thing, and it’s still around somewhere 🙂
    Lisa–WOW–SK, eh? He’d beat me down for using too many adjectives, I think. LOL
    Alana–Dude, asylum IS prettier. But is crazy pretty? LOL. And yeah, some of the email I get is pretty whacky. It could make for an interesting book 🙂

    Everyone else, thanks for stopping by! Keep ’em comin’ 🙂

    DC 🙂

  16. Catherine Lemanski said,

    Dakota, I have always enjoyed your stories. Please keep up the great writing for all of us readers. Thanks.

  17. Chris J. said,

    Hey Miss Dakota!

    Loved the blog and looking foward to reading Accidentally Human! I love the theme for this one and it definetly is one of those “what if” kinda books!

    Have a Great Week!

  18. Rhonda Martin said,

    I have loved the first two Accidental books and am really looking forward to reading #3.

  19. wendy said,

    i love all your books. cant wait for your new books. totally swoon worthy and happy dances

  20. Lillie A. said,

    Hi! I’ve heard so many great things about your books. Do they need to be read in order?

  21. Barb P said,

    Hi Dakota! Loved the post. Love your series. Didn’t so much love the reminder about tax day ( Husband self employed you know the deal )! Absolutely love contests though. Have a great Tuesday everyone!

  22. Dakota Cassidy said,

    Hey, Lillie A.–not necessarily. I give an brief overview in each book for what occurred in the prior book, and I don’t think I give any spoilers… I think, but I forget, ’cause I’m OLD. LOL

    And Barb P–I hear dat. I go tomorrow… EEK!

    DC 🙂

  23. Crystal B. said,

    Hi Dakota. I love your books. 🙂

  24. Dakota Cassidy said,

    Hey, Crystal B.–they love you back 🙂

    DC 🙂

  25. Nece said,


    I loved Accidental Werewolf! I think fur and fangs with humor keeps many of us sane any more. Laughter IS the best medicine! Thank you for being you, girlfriend! =)

    *air smoochies*

  26. Raonaid said,

    Looks like Lillie already asked my question since I have The Accidental Human. So I can begin it without feeling guilt about not reading the others.

  27. Cathy M said,

    Humor with a hot romance story are my favorite reads, and I love your books.

  28. Brandy W said,

    I have you 1st and 3rd book now but can’t find the 2nd. Crap!

  29. Claudia said,

    Hey, DC!

    How’s my favorite Big Hair writer! I’m so proud of you!!!

    Hugs & Smoochies,


  30. Jennifer C said,


    Everytime I pick up one of your books I am always laughing my a** off by the end of it. I can’t seem to put your books down until I read the last page and even then it will take me a few minutes to stop laughing. Combining humor with hot romance is the best way to go…keep it up and I will continue to buy and read!


  31. bridget3420 said,

    Hi everyone:)

  32. Jessica Kennedy said,

    Great guest blog! I’ve been meaning to read your books, honestly, but others have sneaked in and conquered me. Loved your post!

  33. Dakota Cassidy said,

    Nece–back at’cha, darlin’!
    Heyyyyyyy, Ms. Claudia! I lubs ya, doll 🙂

    Everyone else, thank you, thank you!

    DC 🙂

  34. Kris J said,

    I’m here! I love Shapeshifters of course. They are Yummy.

    Great post here.

    And I too love your books.

  35. Donna S said,

    Thanks for posting. I love your “Accidental” series. Just finished the newest one, it was great!

  36. Teresa W said,

    Love your reads and what a great contest!

  37. Melissa said,

    I love Nina Bang’s wacky charachters, too. Love me some shifters, vamps, etc….I like dark and brooding, light and funny, sexy and sensual….I just love them all. I’m so thrilled the world of the paranormal has opened up and there are so many available to feed my need. Remember when it was hard to find a vamp or shifter book, and how happy am I that I can walk into any store at any time and have a huge selection?? Love it. Great post, and if you’re crazy, lol, guess I’m right there with you, cuz I love it!!

  38. Bea said,

    Dakota, you are just too awesome!!

  39. Debby Creager said,

    Dakota, I don’t know where to start. Your books are like no one else’s. I love them all and can’t wait for more. I don’t know how you could ever have doubted yourself.
    your fan,

  40. Sara M said,

    Dakota, your books sound so interesting. I’m definitely going to pick them up in the near future.

  41. Gina Growe of Springfield, IL said,

    What’s my sign you ask? Taurus – you trying to pick up on me? My FT saw your pic and said ” yummy – tonight we are gonna play ‘Good Writer/Bad Critic’….yeah, I kicked his butt and told him what he could do with even thinking the word “Bad Critic” while having the audacity to look at your picture! You so rule my friend!!! OH! Got an awesome Barnes & Noble story (yes, I’m still going there twice a week and moving books around on their shelves so that yours, Mark’s, Michele’s and Nina’s are ALWAYS facing out and in the new reads!!! Honestly, those ho’s should hire me. Okay, as usual, I digress…anyhoo – I got everyone’s books…yeppers, last week was $180 worth of total joy reading for me…any way – I get home and see that they actually charged three times for your book! I lubs me Dakota….however, I went back to B&N, pointed out that all though I will be reading Accidentally Human at least three times – they should not charge me for it….the manager said “Well, let me see, I need to refund for two of the books then…” to which I, one of your most devoted followers, had an, as you said, ‘Dr. Phil’ moment and said, “Oh, can’t we just put that on a gift card for myself then it will still show as buys for “MY FRIEND DAKOTA CASSIDY’s book?” He agreed so, I apparently bought three of your books…cause I lubs you.

    So, do I get to read the early stuff on your next Accidental book – hmmmm?

    Oops, time to go back to work – gotta make some money to support my book habit. Gina from Springfield, IL

  42. PAM..AKA SHIVER2 said,

    AHHHHHHH DAKOTA….Your books breath some fresh air into the reailty of paranormal…hope that make sense…I mean the characters are real…and I have actually met some of those “color wheel” ladies!..LOL…keep it up…can’t wait to see what you will write next…

  43. Beth Miller said,

    Thanks, Dakota, I love paranormal romance!!

  44. Daun Ann Korty said,

    DeeeeeKoooottttaaaaaa!!!! How’s it going darling? I’m somewhat upset at you, I cried while reading book 3. My 17yr old LOVES your sense of humor in your Accidental series and laughs constantly while reading it.

    Keep up the fabulous work.

    Daun Ann
    #10 #1 Fan

  45. Dakota Cassidy said,

    LOLLOL@ Gina–you, my friend, are not only crafty, but uber SMART! Thank you, thank you!

    Heeeeey, Daun Ann! I’ve been hearing that, and I apologize… My bad 🙂

    Ms.Shiver–I lubs ya!

    Everyone else, you rulz 🙂

    DC 🙂

  46. Bonita said,

    I have been reading Dakota’s books since the early e-books. They all are delightful to curl up with on any type of day — all of them make you LOL. The world can definitely use more laughter, so just keep the books coming, Dakota. Thanks.

  47. Sharon said,

    LOVE your book series~~ Thank you for the fun!

  48. catslady said,

    Thanks for a chance at a great prize.

  49. Bonnie Ferguson said,

    LOL on the narcoleptic vampire }:) Thanks for the great post!

  50. patricia said,

    I’ve been a huge fan of the paranormal for years and years. Fifteen, or twenty years ago, you couldn’t find very many of them on the market. Whenever I came across one back then, it felt like Christmas. So that’s why I’m so grateful that you, and other authors in this field are now making them available to people like us who love being knee-deep in vampires, werewolfs, demons…….etc. This is the best time for books, EVER!!!!!

  51. Heather Brewer said,

    Hey Dakota,

    We love you here in AR and hope to see you in the future. We love these books and I’m still jealous that Chris got to have lunch with you.

    Take care,

  52. Dakota Cassidy said,

    Hey, Bonita/Conchita! big hugs, doll.

    Heather–thank you, thank you!

    Sharon-thanks, sweetie!

    DC 🙂

  53. Chris said,

    Mmmm… hunky shapeshifters…

  54. Carmen R said,

    Loved your post and your books rock.

  55. Lady Ozma said,

    I love the Accidental series. I just happened upon them and read the first two already this year. I opened the pages of Accidentally Human just last night and am so excited to read it! (Though me and terminal illnesses are not on the nicey nice so Wanda better freaking be OK by the end of the book or I might go all fangs or furry myself!) I’ve recommended the series to a bunch of friends because – well – they are awesome! I’ve read passages to people, summed up the story, and given loads of stars over at goodreads to the fantastic series!

    if you haven’t read them… do so. If you have… join in the love with me! They are great!

    Dakota, you rox and I hope you keep writing! BTW I ❤ Bobbie Sue and would love to know how my colour wheel turns… hehehe

  56. Estella said,

    Your Accidentally books make me laugh! I love them.

  57. Dakota Cassidy said,

    Well, that’s awesome, Lady Ozma–and you lived to tell the tale AFTER reading them. Sooooo impressed with your constitution. LOLLOL Thank you!

    DC 🙂

  58. Kait Nolan said,

    A narcoleptic vamp? Dude, I gotta read that…

  59. Amy S. said,

    I love this series! The Accidental Human sounds great!

  60. Karin said,

    What a great post, Dakota. I do a lot of ‘what if’ thinking when I read paranormal books as well. Being able to do that is one of the things that has really drawn me to paranormals and allowed me to enjoy them so much. While all reading is definitely a way to exercise the mind, paranormals really give it a work out. 🙂

  61. Larissa said,

    Thanks for being with us, Dakota! You’re a fantastic author, and so generous! 🙂

    Happy to have you!

  62. Dakota Cassidy said,

    Thanks, Karin, and Larissa, and Amy S, too!

    DC 🙂

  63. Teresa D'Amario said,


    now that’s an interesting thought about the brain workout. I’ve always been drawn to paranormal because it’s so different, and has so much more “meat” to the stories than non paranormals for me. You are so right!

    And yes, Dakota, We are thrilled to have you here. :Now if only I could read all the comments! (Got my eyes dilated this morning and they aren’t quite back yet)

  64. Caffey said,

    Hi Dakota!!! I remember when I read my first werewolf book, I was looking for more! One place I realized is that some werewolves books were listed under ‘shape-shifters’ so it was then where I discovered that variety! I always loved reading a variety of genres and now a variety within the genre. Then I find more books to read, love it!

    I’ve had the joy so far to read the first two books in your ACCIDENTAL series and loved them. VERY unique! And the humor was great! I remember meeting you at a group with your Challenging books and having started there. Congrats on everything for you Dakota.

  65. Beth said,

    Dakota, your books sound very interesting! I am going to have to try to find them, where can I get them? Thanks!

  66. Greta said,

    Hey Dakota – I just wanted to drop by and say hi. One of my favorite authors at one of my favorite blogs. Can’t be beat.

  67. Jamie said,

    LOL your crazy girl and I love it!!

  68. Dakota Cassidy said,

    Dude’s, my post disappeared!

    Beth–you can find me in all the local bookstores, and if you check out my website, you can see the eighty-gozillion e-books I’ve written at http://www.dakotacassidy.com. Thanks for asking 🙂

    Greta, thank you, honey, and Jaime, right on, sistah!

    DC 🙂

  69. Cheryl Simms said,

    great books, waiting for the next one, the accidental human

  70. Maria V. said,

    I love your books! I make sure I’m not drinking anything when I read them. Last time I shot cocoa outta my nose because I was laughing so hard. Please keep them coming-they are fabulous!

  71. PhyllisC said,

    I enjoyed your post very much. I love shapeshifters and it’s always nice when a book makes you laugh. Thanks for writing and keep them coming!

  72. Virginia Hendricks said,

    I seriously cannot wait til I have time to read this book!

  73. Pam P said,

    I’m with you Dakota, no one can tell you you’re doing it wrong, it’s fiction and you can make it up anyway which way you want, and you do it so entertaingly well, making us all laugh and enjoy.

  74. Dakota Cassidy said,

    Maria? Dude, cocoa? you weren’t drinking booze when you read my book? You are one tough chick! LOL

    Phyllis, Virginia, and Pam P–thank you!

    DC 🙂

  75. Cathy said,

    Have read lots of your books and enjoy the way you tell a story. Keep them coming!

  76. Fantasy Dreamer said,

    Hi Dakota, love your wit & charm! Vampires & Shapeshifters with oddities are definitely a different spin on the paranoramal that I haven’t read yet in this genre. But I shall rectify that soon by getting some your books. Thanks for the smile rendering interview. 🙂

  77. Larena Wirum said,

    Dakota I love your books they are so fun to read. The characters are great. 🙂 Looking forward to reading more of them.

  78. blackroze37@yahoo.com said,

    love your sense of humor dakota!
    please enter me to win 2 cool books

  79. kaisquared said,

    Hey Dakota, must state again, nuthin Accidental about your talent!
    Tell me what you think about all these smiley emoticons being yellow, eh?


  80. Diane M. said,

    When a neighbor asked about funny romance stories I told her to check your books out because you write the best funny romance.

  81. Dakota Cassidy said,

    Aw, thanks, everyone!

    DC 🙂

  82. Colleen said,

    Dakota you are a new name for me… it sounds like your books are great reads! I will have to get my hands on them! 😀

  83. Anita Yancey said,

    Your book sounds great. I loved reading your write up on how you started writing these books. You sure have a great imagination. Thanks for writing the books!

  84. Nickey said,

    started Accidently human so far so good!
    Your books are great!


  85. Dakota Cassidy said,

    Thanks, girls!

    DC 🙂

  86. SHARON BAKER said,

    Hi Cassidy

    Love the one book of yours that I read.
    Am going out this weekend to find more.
    Keep up the good work.

  87. Dakota Cassidy said,

    Hi, Sharon!

    And thank you 🙂

    DC 🙂

  88. Parisa said,

    Dakota, thanks for the inspiration. I’m working on my own paranormal book partly because of you.

  89. Cynthya said,

    I’m a big fan of Dakota. She’s one main reason I started buying ebooks. I’m thrilled she’s in print now and doing so well. I’m looking forward to Accidentally Human!

  90. Kammie said,

    Enjoyed reading your post! Love your sense of humor and your stories sound like the perfect pick-me-up. I hope those letters keep coming because that means there are a lot of readers, along with those werewolves and vampires, reading your stories.

  91. Terri W. said,

    Hi Dakota,

    I’ve heard great reviews of your books and I definately need to check out your books at my local library.

    I love your sense of humor and I also love the book covers.

  92. Dakota Cassidy said,

    Paris–awesome news and fab name!

    Cynthya–thank you, thank you!

    Kammie–Isay, if the vamps and weres are buying my books–here’s to fangs and fur! LOL

    Terri W–thank you!

    DC 🙂

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