Want a Bite?

April 2, 2009 at 1:00 am (General)

aprilnbcravingsWow, we have a lot of April releases here at Shapeshifters!  How cool is that?  If you’re hungry for even more shapeshifters, then MIDNIGHT CRAVINGS has it for you.  Both Lori and I have stories in this anthology.  The short stories were previously only electronically published as Nocturne Bites, but now you can get them in print.  Isn’t that cover sexy?  I love it.  Here’s the blurb:

Under the cover of night exists the dark and sensuous world of Midnight Cravings—a world conjured up in six seductive tales of paranormal passion.  Follow some of the genre’s best writers, including MIchele Hauf and Lori Devoti, on a mesmerizing journey where the extraordinary comes breathtakingly close with every turn of the page.  

So, please, come on in.  The first bite won’t hurt, and it’s likely that you will crave another…and another…and…

My story, “Racing The Moon” features a moon-crazed werewolf desperate to get home before his ‘beast’ comes out for a howl.  He’s stranded with a sexy shapeshifting cat familiar who would love to help him with a little ‘sexual healing’, yet she fears the results—because when familiars have sex, demons show up, and not the nice kind of demons.




  1. Juliana Stone said,

    Michelle, can I say how much this cover rocks? good luck with the antho…..your bite was the first I downloaded and it is a very, very good read!

  2. Jessica Kennedy said,

    Great cover! Will check this out more!

  3. Melissa said,

    That IS a great cover…and I haven’t read these bites yet, so can’t wait. LOL on a cat shapeshifter and a wolf…gotta read this one.

  4. MIchele said,

    The cover gods were shining upon us with this cover, that is for sure!

  5. Estella said,

    This book is on my Wish List!

  6. elove said,

    I won this one when I visited Michele’s site a little while back and it looks just as good in real life! A great bundle It’s very cool to read my Bites in print form…

  7. Karin said,

    I really like that cover. It’s fantastic! I didn’t get a chance to read the stories before so I think I’ll have to pick that up now.

  8. gloria said,

    Love the cover and the story sounds good also what a combination, looks like a winner to me. Happy Easter.

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