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Shadowmen Book 3

Shadowmen Book 3

Many times I am asked what inspires me to write different books, and especially about my Shadowmen Series.  For my shapeshifting werewolves and the lore and legend behind them are unique in the paranormal world.  Before I explain the wonderings of my mind, let me ask you a few questions first.

Have you ever been to a place where you know there was more there than what you could actually see?

A battlefield where you could sense the hearts of those who fought so fiercely?  An Ancient site filled with the whispers of worshipers from the past?  A place steeped in the mystery of the unknown, where you could easily imagine spirits just beyond your ability to touch?

Do you believe or wonder if a spirit world exits in tandem with the  world we live in today?   Do you believe in the existence of good and evil within the universe?  Do you ever have a still, quiet moment when you ask yourself if these possibilities could be true?

If so, then you have an inkling of my mind set when I brought my Shadowmen to life upon the page.  Only I took things just a little bit further.

Could rain be the iridescent blood of battling spirit warriors in the heavens?  Could thunderstorms be the heated forces of the good fighting the cold forces of the damned?  Could lightning be a weapon used by warriors in the battles?  Could tornados be a whirlwind of spirit warriors battling?

What if the most benevolent Medical Corporation in the world with free heath screening for the needy and inexpensive treatments for all was nothing more than a front for experimenting on humans and for vampires to find and consume the special blood they crave?   And just how tenuous is mankind’s grasp on their own world?  What if evil immortals have infiltrated to the highest levels?  How many people would follow a charismatic leader like blind sheep?

All of these and more were the questions I asked myself in coming up with my world in which the Shadowmen exist.  These spiritual warriors for the good, who come to earth to battlle agaisnt the growing evil upon the mortal ground, have their whole existence redefined by the women they meet and love.  The Series Begins with Touch A Dark Wolf, then continues in Lure of the Wolf, Kiss of Darkness, out in less than 2 weeks!  And then Bride of the Wolf out April 28th.  I invite you to read about my Shadowmen and to share your stories with the paranormal here in the blog or on my website.   So back to my original question; Shadowmen: Can you feel them?

Let me know and Happy reading

Jennifer St. Giles



  1. Karin said,

    Great post! All of those questions that led you to the creation of world with the Shadowmen remind me of the stories that I was told as a little kid about what thunder, lightning, and rain are. Of course, the stories I was told were much more innocent (such as thunder being God and the angels bowling). I’m really intrigued by your Shadowmen now.

  2. jennifer st giles said,

    Thank you Karin! As a writer, I have to tell you that our minds really go wild places as we put together our stories.
    LOL, I, um, hope you have a chance to enjoy my Shadowmen and share them with others.

  3. Willa said,

    Hi *waving*

    Intriguing post – gets the brain cells ticking! (what few are left!) Have definately had the feeling of “an Ancient site filled with the whispers of worshipers from the past” – am lucky enough to live in the South West of England and there are many mystical places like that, Stonehenge and Glastonbury Tor to name two. There is a tangible feeling of ‘something’ in the air in these places . . . .

    Off to check out your website . . . 😀

  4. Jennifer St. Giles said,

    Wow Willa,
    I would love to visit the sites you spoke of! thank you for sharing and if you’d like to email me a picture of the places. I would dearly love to include them in either future posts and/ or on my website when the new design is in!

  5. Estella said,

    Your Shadowmen sound intrigueing!

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