Deborah Cooke’s March Newsletter

March 16, 2009 at 5:08 am (Deborah Cooke) (, , , , )

Lori had a fantastic idea, that we could each do a monthly newsletter post to the blog, to keep people updated on what’s going on in our respective corners of the world. I already post a newsletter through my Yahoo group (it’s called Chestwick) but that one goes out on the first of the month. Sometimes there’s news later in the month, that I don’t want to wait to share!

So, I’m all over this idea. Look for my SSR newsletter post mid-month, each month, from here on out.

For March, there’s definitely some exciting news. First of all, I have covers. Yum! I’ve put the cover and excerpt up for my next Tor book – these are future-set romances with fallen angel heroes. My editor calls them “post-nuclear pre-Apocalyptic” which isn’t easy to say three times quickly. – book #2 in that trilogy is called GUARDIAN, and the excerpt is up on my site now. Karen Chance recently gave a quote to my editor about the first book in the series, FALLEN, saying it was “beautifully written,
exciting and inventive.”
Nice! If you really want to see the GUARDIAN cover super-sized (and who wouldn’t?) take a peek on my blog, HERE.

I also have the cover for WINTER KISS, Dragonfire #4, but I don’t think I’ll be able to share it with you until the first of April. Everything is ready to be uploaded when I get the a-ok, so stay tuned. It’s a yummy yummy cover, too. Trust me. 🙂

And I’ve been invited to give the keynote speech at the Emerald City conference, hosted by the Greater Seattle RWA October 9 – 11. I’ll also be teaching two workshops – topics TBD – and participating in the booksigning. The booksigning, which will be held on Saturday afternoon, is open to the public, so if you’re out that way, please stop in and say hello. We will have GUARDIAN, but it’ll be a bit too early for WINTER KISS to be available for sale.

I also have a short story in the upcoming MAMMOTH BOOK OF VAMPIRE ROMANCE 2 – which will be called LOVE BITES in the UK – and will likely have more info on that by the beginning of April. I’m guessing that it will be a fall 2009 release (that’s what Amazon thinks, anyway).

Very exciting news from the garden too – my snowdrops are coming up! We might get spring after all.

Phew! Busy month!

Deborah Cooke
Alive & Knitting blog


  1. Juliana Stone said,

    Hi Deborah! So cool about your covers! I’ll check back to see the dragonfire…I thought the last was yummy!

  2. Estella said,

    I think you must have a cover fairy. Your covers are always yummy.

  3. Deborah Cooke said,

    LOL Estella – I think I have a cover fairy too. Shhhh, don’t scare her away!

    Juliana, the new Dragonfire cover will be on my main blog April 1. It’s in the queue!


  4. Karin said,

    Those are some great covers. Definitly sounds like a busy month for you. Thanks for the update.

  5. talesfromthecrit said,

    Unrelated to your blog today: Someone recommended you to me (as Deborah Cooke) so I passed the recommendation along to another friend, who in turn recommended author Claire Delacroix. An hour later we figured out the ah-hah! and got a giggle out of it.

    And now I have two new series’ to start reading 🙂


  6. Deborah Cooke said,

    Thanks Karin. I love the covers.

    I also found out that the MAMMOTH BOOK OF VAMPIRE ROMANCE 2 goes on sale October 31, so it’ll be out at the same time. Busy busy!

    That is funny, Emily! Thanks for the recommendations, too.


  7. Deborah Cooke said,

    Oh, and I have some happy news to share — but it has to wait until Friday.


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