No Likey Werewolves?

March 9, 2009 at 7:09 am (Larissa Ione)

I got a funny review of Desire Unchained over the weekend, one that started out, “I hate werewolf stories.”  I know…*gasp!*  Okay, so the review turned out to be fantastic, but it got me thinking…are there any kind of shifter stories I’m not fond of?

I like to think that pretty much any kind of paranormal will work for me — granted, there are some I go for more eagerly than others.  I LOVE vampires.  And demons.  And when it comes to shifters, I’m partial to wolves.  I don’t mind big cats, either.  And I’ve recently developed a fondness for dragons. *g*

But you know, I don’t go out of my way to grab sea creature shifter books.  Not that I haven’t read and enjoyed them…I just don’t actively seek them out unless an author I love has written one, in which case, I’m all over it and know I’ll love it.

So what about you?  What are your favorite kinds of shifters?  Wolves?  Big cats?  Dragons?  Rats? (Okay, if you come upon a were-rat story, I really want to read it! LOL)

Are there any you really don’t like?

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  1. Greta said,

    Nora Robert’s – Dance of the Gods. The hero in that book Larkin – was a shapeshifter and although he mainly shape-shifted into a dragon & horse. At one point in the story in shapeshifted into a “rat” and it totally worked. 🙂

    Me I love wolves & big cats my dragons hold a special place in my heart thanks to Deborah Cooke. I don’t think I could go with snake – unless it was a villian or evil snake and was killed.

  2. Lea said,

    Hey Larissa:

    My favorite kind of shifter? Hmmm, I guess wolves – anything remotely canine related and it has my heart. lol

    Have a great day!


  3. Cheryl McInnis said,

    I love big cat shifters….there is something so sleek and sexy about felines that they always make great heroes.
    And…..Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita Blake series features were-rats. I think one of Richard’s good friends happens to be one.( Louis, maybe?)

  4. Willa said,

    Wolves, big cats, demons 😉 – I’m thinking that Nalini Singh had rat shifters in her book Mine To Possess that lived underground and in the sewers!

    Not so fond of the dragons though!

  5. Kara said,

    I love Jaguar shifters (Christine Feehan’s Leopard series). Next to that are wolves – just something so majestic about the wolf. Dragons are okay – I have read a few that I have really enjoyed.

  6. Juliana Stone said,

    I too am partial to jaguars which is why I write about them. I also love wolves, and yes, thanks to miss Deborah Cooke, totally loving the whole dragon thing! I enjoyed Keri Aruthur’s Riley Jensen series and she’s got everying in there…horses too! My current book I’m working on has both jaguars and an eagle shifter…..I just think shapeshifters are very cool in general!

  7. Teresa D'Amario said,

    I like them all. I really do. Okay, I’m not so into rat shifters, or even hyenas, but they have their place in the worlds created. On the hotness factor, it’s a a tie between wolves and cats. They are both very touchy, feely animals with tons of power and majesty in their bodies.

  8. Rena M. said,

    I have yet to come across a shifter that has turned me off. From were-rats to were-snakes, to werewolves, I’ve liked them all. My favorites are wolves and cats though. In Nina Bangs’ Gods of the Night series, her heroes shift to dinosaurs! She’s the first I’ve read with a T-rex shifter, it was very interesting.

  9. Beth C. said,

    I can read just about any type of shapeshifter. However, no spiders please. I know they are good to have around for eating bugs. But just to creepy for a hero to turn into one. Too many arms.

    I don’t really like panthers. Lions and Tigers are good but I’m just not into panthers. But I can read them and have enjoyed them. As for sea animals…Dolphins and Seals are good for me but whales, octopi, and squid would take more effort to like.

  10. Jennifer Roland said,

    I’m with Beth–no spiders.

    After reading this post and the comments, I’m thinking I need to read a lot more. I didn’t even know that there were a lot of these types of shifter stories. Who should I start with? Where should I go next?

  11. Cathy M said,

    My favorites are still big cats and wolves. Don’t really love sea creature shifters either, though I’m not really sure why that is.

  12. Estella said,

    I enjoy reading all shifter stories, but prefer wolves and big cats.

  13. jamiebabette said,

    I love shapeshifters, wolves, big cats and dragons best, but I think I would have a real problem with an insect shifter or anything else creepy-crawly. Squid, jellyfish, nope, lol, don’t think so. For me, the hero/heroine shifter characters need to be pleasantly touchable (in some way) in their animal form. A dragon you could touch. A dolphin, yes. A shark, no. An octopus, um, definite no. Villains could be creepy-crawly.

  14. Leslie said,

    Love the wolves. Curran from the Kate Daniels series is one of my favorites.

    Not too sure about aquatic shapeshifters – I’m allergic to fish. 🙂

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  16. Alaina said,

    hmm. big cats are my fav.. well.. any type of cat.. from yasmine galenorns tabby.. to christine feehan and nalini singh and shelley laurenston and Lora Leigh’s Breeds.. oh yea.. cats are my fav..
    wolves.. i find to be slightly overdone( SHH I know!!).. but there are some authors i die for their new books.. ..
    others.. horses (Keri Arthur).. dragons (deborah Cooke).. snakes and reptiles i dont even mind much (Ct Adams..Sazi)..
    hmm.. i havent read too many aquatic.. shame.. i love the water (well.. Jacquelyn Frank.. she turned into a dolphin)
    read one where the vampire turned into a pterodactyl ( Gerry Bartlett).. that was kewl..
    birds flying things.. again.. sazi ive read..Coyote.. patricia briggs..
    Spiders.. i hate spiders.. (bad sazi)

    i think i read too much! (and were-rats.. laurell K hamilton.. nalini singh are the two that pop in my head)

  17. Keira said,

    Jacob and Richard from Twilight and Anita Blake have pretty much ruined werewolves for me. If I read a werewolf story and like it even a little bit that is a huuuuuuge accomplishment! Werewolf stories are usually ones I tend to avoid. Dragons too – I just don’t get it. Are they weredragons? or werehumans? I can never tell and there’s not enough mythology built up by most writers I’ve come across to make me understand it. When I read dragon I see this

  18. Larissa said,

    Wow…you guys have been busy!!!! I’m laughing so hard over the were-insects and creepy things. Seriously, I’d never even THOUGHT about a were-spider! *shudders*

    Cool to know about the were-rats! LOL — I’ll have to check those out.

    Jennifer, in the comments have been some great authors and books to help you look for some of those shifters, and right here at Shapeshifter Romance, you’ve got a nice selection of authors who write all kinds of things, from my demon shifters to Deborah Cooke’s dragons, and naturally, wolves and cats! Yay! 🙂

  19. Kate Douglas said,

    I should say I’m partial to wolves, because I write about Chanku shapeshifters, but I’ll admit that as long as the author creates a believable world, I can accept the characters shifting into just about anything. And as far as sea creatures–well, I am so hooked on Virginia Kantra’s selkies that I have to say they are wonderful! Great post.

  20. Karin said,

    I like pretty much anything paranormal, though I have to admit that I’d have a hard time with a rat shifter. I have a feeling that if I were to read about a rat shifter I’d start thinking about the Harry Potter books and the sniveling Peter Pettigrew, whose animagus form is a rat. *shudder*

  21. shapeshifterromance said,

    Actually there is a series with “were spiders”. I can’t think of the name to save my life, Cathy Clamp and CJ Adams write it (hope I got their names right). The spiders, though are rare, and very very nasty. I love their “cat” shifters more than anything, but the spiders are most often the “Bad guy” in their books.

    I have a were hyena in one of mine. You’d be surprised the things you can learn about a creature when you write about it. But I did learn recently that wolves can have a more powerful bite than a hyena, which I had thought was the other way around.

  22. shapeshifterromance said,

    Oh, that’s from Teresa (used the wrong logon)

  23. Keira said,

    You’re right, Cheryl, Richard has a friend who’s a non-dominant rat I think. It might be Louis. It’s whoever is engaged to be married to Ronnie.

    I actually like the idea of Rafael, the wererat king from Anita Blake series. In fact, if she’d cut out half of the new ppl and focus a story on Rafael that would be awesome.

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