Back to choice #2…

March 4, 2009 at 10:09 pm (General)

Okay, this is our favorite so far…the only thing we don’t like is the loss of a custom header, but this could be it…



  1. MarnieColette said,

    I am sure you can tweak the header – it does make it more personalized. I do like the colors of this.

  2. Jessica Kennedy said,

    Much better! I like this one!

  3. Jackie (Literary Escapism) said,

    I kind of miss the header.

  4. Karin said,

    I definitely like this color scheme better. Missing the custom header does suck a little bit, but I think you’ll be able to customize it to make up for the loss.

  5. Penelope Fitzgerald said,

    OH WOW! Be still my beating heart! Talk about curling up with your favorite paranormal romance in a pair of comfy jeans and tshirt. The best layout so far is my vote!

  6. Erotic Horizon said,

    i haven’t been here in a while – so imagine my surprise at the revolving themes – while all of them had something going for them….

    I love the original one and most defiantely miss your customised header…… Please, please go back to it.


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