March 4, 2009 at 2:54 pm (General)

This is the second one today, in case anyone is confused…



  1. MarnieColette said,

    I like it.

  2. jamiebabette said,

    I had the worst time deciding on a theme, too. They all have their own special pluses and minuses. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could pick the layout of A, the header of B, and the color of C? 🙂

    The blue of the Neat theme is a good color, but the flowers didn’t fit. Dusk has a nice mood, but I like your custom wolf header better. I missed seeing theme choice 3. Sapphire works, it’s simple and clean with the blue.

    I still like Chaotic Soul best. Redoable Lite or Black Letterhead might look interesting if you’re wanting dark. Maybe Freshy, but that lime green is unfortunately strong, so maybe not.

    Maybe Connections or Vigilance if you’re looking to go white/light.

  3. Lori Devoti said,

    I tried Redoable light, but the sidebars were too narrow. Freshy was definitely too fresh. 🙂 Chaotic Soul…I’m thinking that was one that didn’t work with the number of pages we have. Handling of pages has marked quite a few off of the possibles list. I’ll look at it and the other two. Thanks!

  4. Jessica Kennedy said,

    Too boring. :*(

  5. Greta said,

    I like this one better the first one that was up today.

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