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February 27, 2009 at 4:26 am (Rebecca York) (, , , , , )

eternalmoon-125I was meeting with my critique group last week, and I wanted some help with an incident in the plot of my next Berkley book. But first I needed to fill them in on the story.

I started off by explaining that my hero is a shape-shifting man/dragon. They more or less took that in stride. Then I told them his main food is blood.

“Let me get this straight,” one of my friends said. “He’s a shape-shifting vampire dragon?”


“Isn’t that a little much?”

“I don’t think so, and I already established his background in DRAGON MOON. So I can’t change it.”

I went on with the plot. “The heroine gets wounded. And his blood has healing powers. So he cuts himself and smears some of his blood on her cut.”

“Okay–so he’s a shape-shifting vampire dragon who is also a natural healer?” the same person asks.

“Um, I guess that’s right. I wasn’t thinking about it quite that way. I was just plotting the book and thought that cutting himself to heal her would make a nice scene. Then I thought–and hey, his blood also has aphrodisiac properties. So after he heals her, they are both really turned on, and they make love. That will also be a really good scene.”

By this time, questioner is taking notes. “So he’s a shape-shifting vampire dragon healer incubus?”

“No! He’s not an incubus. His blood just has aphrodisiac powers.”

“Anything else we should know about him?”

“Yeah, he’s not from earth. He’s a space alien.”

“Does he have to be a space alien?”

“Yes. I already explained, it’s established in DRAGON MOON.”

The original questioner asks, “Can I read DRAGON MOON?”

“No. I just turned it in to Berkley.”

“Okay, let me know as soon as it’s available.”

“I will.”

At that point, someone else says, “Rebecca, I’d like to be inside your mind for fifteen minutes.”

I’m not sure whether that’s a compliment or a complaint. Do my fantasies seem weird to you? Or am I just your normal paranormal romantic suspense author?


Rebecca York (aka Ruth Glick)  **
ETERNAL MOON, Berkley Sensation, 4/09
MORE THAN A MAN, Harlequin Intrigue, 8/09


  1. Juliana Stone said,

    Hey Rebecca….Love your books btw…..and um, LOL….I don’t think you have weird fantasies….we write paranormal…it’s just the sign of a healthy mind! 🙂

  2. Beth C. said,

    Seems normal to me. 🙂

    Can’t wait for your books to come out.

  3. Colleen said,

    Hey be as creative as you want! LOL thanks for sharing! 😀

  4. Karin said,

    Rebecca, I have to agree with the person who would like to spend 15 minutes in your mind. Definitely a compliment. 🙂

  5. Estella said,

    I love your books! Be as creative as you want.

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