Deeper Themes in Stories?

February 25, 2009 at 8:20 am (General)

Why Semi-Immortal?


I’ve talked about this before, but there’s a deeper issue I don’t believe I touched on, probably because I didn’t realize there was one.


But while I was doing an interview for the Climbing Rose for my psychic teen release, Deidre’s Secret, I realized that most of my teen works deal with bullying. Deeper down, I’ve had issues with bullying, both in my life and in my children’s. Please drop by and say hi! Have you ever been bullied? Or has someone that you cared about had to put up with bullying? I also discuss RPGs. If you love to play them, tell me which ones and what characters you like to play!


But back to the topic…just like with our characters who have deeper issues in our stories, authors oftentimes have deeper issues that they deal with that make the story real.


So why do I love semi-immortal characters? Maybe because I don’t like to see the ones I love die. Maybe because I want them to live on and on, healthy and happy, seeing all the new things the world has to offer while they live their longer lives. I’ve been trying to schedule blog posts, but my mother has been so sick, I haven’t had time to do them. And even today, my day off from work, I’m running her down to another hospital for more tests so I wanted to post this before I have to run.


So I truly am an advocate for semi-immortal lives. But we’ll use all the prayers we can get in the meantime.


I don’t advocate immortal status. No fun in living forever. Everything has to come to an end sometime. After a while, you’ve been everywhere, done everything, time to move on.


But it would be nice to tack on another hundred years of healthy living, don’t you think?


Destiny of the WolfWhy else do people look for the fountain of youth? The miracle facelifts to roll back the time? The freezing into stasis so they can be revived at a later date when technology has caught up with whatever that ails them and live some more?


Why not be semi-immortal werewolves?


Why can only vampires live longer lives?


I actually had a comment from one reader that asked what was up with the longevity of my werewolves. My world, my longevity. He wants to write about werewolves, he can make them live the short lives of wolves. If I wrote like that, my werewolves would barely have had time to live.


So nah. I’m sticking with semi-immortal beings. Long may they live!!!!


If anyone will be in Shreveport at the conference, March 6-7, I’ll be presenting Happy Hookers, so drop by and see me! J


And my question for the day~~have you noticed a theme in authors’ works, or your own if you’re a writer?



Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday! And please send your prayers for my mother! Thanks!



Terry Spear

Destiny of the Wolf (Available Now!), Heart of the Wolf, The Vampire…In My Dreams, To Tempt the Wolf (Sept), Deadly Liaisons (Mar 31), Deidre’s Secret (Mar 4)  



  1. Teresa D'Amario said,

    Semi-Immortal is kewl. better than fully immortal, where nothing kills them. I think we all want to live longer – because we’re technically afraid of death.

  2. Colleen said,

    I agree semi-immortal is a better choice. It gives the charcters something to be worried about. I love it when characters have something that makes them cautious… give a character their own kryptonite! You can be very creative with a character that is semi… 😀
    Best Wishes sent to your Mother!

  3. terryspear said,

    Thanks, ladies, I agree, Teresa!! And Colleen, yay for kryptonite! 🙂

    Thanks on my mother! The news isn’t good, more surgery. argh

    Thanks for dropping by!!

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