New Dragon Author Saying “Hello” and a Contest!

February 1, 2009 at 12:01 pm (Contests, Meagan Hatfield)

blue-dragonHello everyone!  My name is Meagan Hatfield and today I’m going to be giving you all a teaser of my upcoming dark paranormal dragon story.  But first I’d like to thank the lovely and talented shapeshifter ladies for letting me join the fold.  I’m truly in awe and have serious fangirl moments everytime I check in here.  *smiles* 

Oh, and I have to mention that I saw Underworld – Rise of the Lycans last night…ohmigosh, it rocked the casbah!  I totally agree with Marcia – definitely a B+, maybe even an A from me, since I knew all the flaws going in and therefore failed to think they were that huge.  

It’s funny that I’m just a few posts behind Marcia’s wonderful review of Underworld 3.  Not only did I go yesterday, see and love it just as I knew I would, I actually used the phrase ‘it’s like Underworld with dragons instead of werewolves’ in my query letter to help pitch Book 1 in my dragon-shifter series, DRAGON FIRE.  lol!    

Now, I don’t know about other writers, but when I first starting writing toward publication, I was convinced I would never write anything but historical romance.  I just couldn’t see myself being able to branch out into a multi-genre writer.  Then I was asked to participate in an anthology with three other authors, and decided to try my hand at something maybe a little dark and a whole lot paranormal – my first shifter story.  I set what became my award-winning novella, “Claiming the Lamb” (now out of print) in a world of battling vampires and dragon-shifting heroes.  I absolutely adored writing it and I loved, Lachlan – the sexy alpha dragon.  There was something about him, about his story, his past that, no matter what project I happened to be working on, always kept talking to me.  So, I continued to write my historical romance novel, while tinkering with my idea of writing something similar and yet new and different from CTL on the side, adding plot ideas, character notes, etc. 

Then one day, the perfect reason came along for me to sit down and commit to said dragon story…I won a first chapter critique from an editor at Silhouette Nocturne – the perfect house for the characters and stories going through my mind.  So, I sat down, wrote the story that had been brewing for the better part of a year and sent it off to New York.  Never did I think winning that critique would lead to selling my book.  But boy am I glad it did!  I’m so excited to be writing these about these yummy dragon heroes and the women who can’t resist them!   

All right, teaser and CONTEST time!  This one is easy.  Just watch the book trailer for DRAGON FIRE


Then post a comment below with the dragon hero’s name, and you could win this beautiful dragon bangle bracelet! 


I’d also love to hear what everyone thinks of dragons as shifter heroes in general, so if you have an opinion, if you love them or if you like wolves or vampires better, just holler!  I’ll be popping in and selecting a winner tomorrow.

Good luck!   




  1. Rashda said,

    Personally, love dragons. And DECLAN sounds HOT! So looking forward to reading this!


  2. Colleen said,

    I love mystical creatures and Dragons are one of my favs! I enjoy how creative authors are in bringing their characters to life, and Declan King of the Dragons sounds like a character I want to learn about! Thanks for sharing! 😀

  3. Teresa W said,

    Now I really want to go see Underworld with hearing how much you enjoyed it! The name Declan is a good different name!

  4. Judy Cox said,

    I love vampires and dragons, this book has to be great. I started reading about vampires first, but I found some dragon books that I really enjoyed really by accident. I have a collection of dragon statues (just small ones).Declan is a great name for a dragon, I think.

  5. Terri W. said,

    I love the name Declan for a dragon’s name. I started reading books on vampires and werewolves. Then my brother got me into reading books on dragons and now everytime I go to the library I am in search of new dragon books.

  6. Cheri Oggy said,

    Declan sounds like a really ‘fiery’ character!!

  7. Andrea said,

    Ok, let me first start off by saying, paranormal has never been a genre that I wanted to read, having said that, I was always partial to ghosts, and I do like dragons, but shapeshifting was never something I enjoyed- BUT, having seen Declan, all I can say is, Alexia is one lucky girl- I would enjoy torturing him!!! Sounds like a fabulous read, Meagan, I can’t wait for it to be released!!!!!!!

  8. BreiaB said,

    I think Declan is an awesome name. I love dragons as much as werewolves so can’t wait to read your book.

  9. Kimberly B. said,

    Declan sounds quite sexy! And I think that the time has come for some new shape-shifter heroes, and dragons would be great!

  10. Tessa said,

    Declan sounds very nice! I really look forward to learn about him more. I do love all kinds of shapeshifters, including dragons.

  11. L2 said,

    I love dragons in general, so dragon shifters are a favorite of mine – Declan sounds cool and I’m looking forward to his story.

  12. Kristi Ahlers said,

    You know you have nothing to worry about! This story totally rocks and I can’t wait to buy it! You’ve got a fantastic voice and it’s funny but I see you writing this rather than historical romance.

  13. Larena Wirum said,

    Great trailer. Makes me want to go out and read all about Declan and Alexia. 🙂

  14. Rachel said,

    Great trailer! And Declan is sounding VERY attractive to me!
    Dragons call to our more primitive instincts and are sexy as all get out, so I am quite a fan of them. I look forward to getting this when it is released.

  15. Jannine said,

    Meagan: I love dragons, and Declan sounds absolutely yummy. I was born in the Year of the Dragon and have the Chinese symbal for dragon tattooed on my arm.

    Your trailer is super, too. I wish you luck on sales and many more books to come in the series.

  16. Estella said,

    I would love to read more about Declan.
    I enjoy reading about all kinds of shifters.

  17. Ginger said,

    I usually steer clear of anything other than historical because I’m a creature of habit, but if any creature can get me to make a genre leap of faith, it would be Declan. Of course, I have to admit I’m a big fan of Miz Meagan, and actually named the character in one of my WIPS after her. *lol* Great post, girlfriend. I really only here for a chance to win the bracelet. *lol*

  18. Anna Kathryn said,

    Hi, Meagan! Sounds a like a great story. And congratulations on the sale to Harlequin! Declan is the new King of the Dragons. Keep us posted on its release date.

    Anna Kathryn

  19. Kim said,

    What a beautiful bracelet! I have a dragon necklace that it would go with and make the perfect set.

    I’m a big fan of dragon shifers. Actually, any kind of shifters will do. lol Declan is the hero’s name.

  20. Tamara Burks said,

    Declan’s the name you’re looking for. This sounds like it belongs on my must read list.I love shapeshifting and dragons.

  21. Jen Drake said,

    I think its an intriguing idea, shifters that is.
    when i was a kid i have this series i enjoyed (i forget what exactly it was called) but it was about teens who morphed into animals of all kinds. I’ve always thought it something bizarre but cool.

  22. Josh Durant said,

    Personally i prefer vampires to others, but all of the above can be great if done correctly. I’m always a fan of a well done sciFi or supernatural story.

  23. Phyllis Campbell said,

    Meagan, I think your dragon shifter is going to do VERY well! One of my crit partners published a story about a dragon…and guess what? That’s been her best seller yet. I think readers are tired of the normal things, and want something different. I am anxiously waiting for your book to come out. I know I’ll love it!


  24. meaganhatfield1 said,

    I love them too, Rashda, and I hope you enjoy Declan – he IS hot. *grins*

  25. MarthaE said,

    Declan sounds like an interesting hero. I haven’t read any dragon shapeshifter stories yet but I really like this idea.

  26. meaganhatfield1 said,

    Thanks for stopping by Colleen – and thank you for visiting and watching the trailer!

  27. meaganhatfield1 said,

    Teresa, Underworld rocked! Go – you will not be disappointed! And thanks about the name Declan. I love it too. 🙂

  28. meaganhatfield1 said,

    Judy, I have small dragons on my desk along with a larger dragon coiled and perched victoriously atop a vampire skull. I saw it and just had to buy! lol!

  29. Mona said,

    Declan is one attractive name. I’ve always thought the most elegant shifter heroes are vampires. Never before read about dragons. I think dragons as shifter heroes are quite refreshing.

  30. meaganhatfield1 said,

    Terri – That’s how I was with vampire novels for the longest time! Thanks for stoppping by!

    Cherri – Hahaha – pun intended, right? *wink*

    Andrea – Me too *wriggles brows* Torture was Alexia’s forte and something she did often and quite well. But for some reason she didn’t enjoy hurting Declan – boy did that tick her off! lol! Thanks for coming by!

    Awesome, BreiaB! And I can’t wait for it to be released!!

  31. meaganhatfield1 said,

    Kimberly – I agree. It’s great to see more authors writing dragons. They’re quite a few here as a matter of fact, so make sure to look left for new books to buy if you don’t already own them.

    Tessa – Thanks, doll and best of luck in the contest!

    L2 – Thanks so much for stopping by! Always great to hear there are dragon-shifter lovers out there. 🙂

    Kristi – Psha – you, my dear, are biased. *grins*

    Larena – Thanks so much! I did the trailer myself and was quite pleased with how it came out.

  32. meaganhatfield1 said,

    Rachel – Thanks about the trailer! And that Dec is one yummy dude. I hope you enjoy him!

    Jannine – Thanks! I hope to sell them all too. 🙂

    Estella – I do too and thanks for stopping by!

    Ginger – Hahaha – you’re eliminated! (just kidding)

    Anna Kathryn – Thanks, sweetie! And you bet I will!!

    Kim – Oooo, fingers crossed that you win! It’s beautiful. I almost wanted to keep it! LOL!

  33. meaganhatfield1 said,

    Tamara – I’ll remind you to add DRAGON FIRE to your “must read list” when it comes out then. lol!

    Jen – Thank you! Hmm – the wonder twins? I remember them – but oh wait, that was Saturday morning cartoons. Dang it! lol!

    Josh – I really love vampires too. I think that is why I used them in this series, and decided to make the heroine one.

    Phyllis – Oooo, I can only hope it sells well! And thanks for stopping by, doll!

    Martha – Well, I hope you enjoy them! And don’t forget, some of the other Shapeshifter ladies are writing dragon shifters too – check them out!

    Mona – Then I think you’ll like the vampires in this book, and I hope you enjoy the dragons as well! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  34. tami blackroze37 said,

    i been waiting till see who alll goes see the underworld, is the one from the first one in this movie?

    and OM gosh i LOOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE that bracelet

    is there any body you need me to kill for you for it ? lol

  35. ~Vicki~ said,

    Declan is a strong mystical name. I look forward to reading his story. Thank you for sharing your vivid imagination with those who have less colorful ones!

  36. Teresa D'Amario said,

    Hey Meagan! Welcome to the group! We are so happy to have you. The dragons are moving in!

  37. Dana said,

    Your Hero’s name is Declan and the very THOUGHTS of a King and Enemy Queens Daughter falling in love sounds like the Perfect Angsty Paranormal Romance.

    I just love Angst…can’t help it.

    The ONLY Dragon book I read I loved! The whole concept is special. Yesm I love wolves, foxes and other Shifters…

    But the “Specialness” of Dragons is all the Mystery and Legend surrounding them!

    Thanks for the Contest!


  38. LINDA B said,


  39. Barb P said,

    Hi Megan! Congratulations on your book. It sounds awesome! The hero’s name is Declan and I can’t wait to read his story.

  40. meaganhatfield1 said,

    Tami – hahaha Don’t tempt me, girl! lol! And do you mean Kate Beckinsale’s “Selene” character? Cause neither she or Scott Speedman’s “Michael” are in it, but a lot of others from the two movies show up. And of course their’s Michael Sheen! Yummy! If you liked the first two, go see this one – you won’t be disappointed.

    Vicki – And thank you for reading all the crazy ideas that we come up with! lol!

    Teresa – No, thank you for having me! I’m really excited to be here with you talented ladies!!

    Dana – YES! I’m right there with you on the angsty stuff – combine that with that ‘specialness’ of dragons you mentioned and viola – reader happiness! lol! At least, I hope it will be. *bites nails* 😉

    Linda – I wish I had enough bracelets for everyone, believe me! Best of luck!

  41. meaganhatfield1 said,

    Hi Barb! Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂 I must say, I can’t wait for his story to be released either. *smiles* Best of luck in the contest!

  42. Quilt Lady said,

    I love dragons and Declan sounds like a fantastic hero. I love the bracelet, because it is so different then anything I have ever seen. Please enter me if I am not to late.

  43. meaganhatfield1 said,

    Nope, you’re not too late…I’m drawing the winner tomorrow, so best of luck, Quilt Lady!

  44. Amy S. said,

    Like the name Declan!

  45. Alaina said,

    wow lots of responces in this one.. good luck everyone!!!
    Declan is the name..
    and i prefer other kinds of shifters to werewolves.. and i prefer any kind of shifter over vampires..
    dragon and cat shifters are my fav.. and there are so few of them both. so i cant wait to find this one!

  46. Pamk said,

    Dragons are hot the best shapeshifter IMO and Love the name declan.

  47. Kimberley C said,

    I love dragons – and the idea of dragon shifters- the possabilities are endless….Declan sounds very interesting…

  48. Tami C said,

    Declan is the name, sounds great!

  49. Jean P said,

    Would love to read more about Declan, sounds so very interesting

  50. Ilona said,

    I love dragons and my husband collects all types (he has hundreds :D) so naturally I was interested in your book. The trailer looks great and I love the sound of the storyline and will be adding it to my wishlist.

    Oh and Declan, King of the Dragons is a great title.

  51. Anne said,

    Cool– I love shifters more than vampires..Don’t get me wrong I love me some vamps. Declan is a name you don’t see alot. This book sounds awesome. Being born in the year of the Dragon (along with my son) makes dragons my favorite mythical creature. Plus I am totally digging that bracelet.

  52. Cathy said,

    Sounds fascinating. Love dragon stories and especially Dragon shifters, they are my fav! Have added this to my WL.

  53. Beard Trimmer · said,

    i think that the fight scene of Rise Of The Lycans is not very great, it is just plain action ::

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