Holiday Extravaganza Question #9, Teresa D’Amario

December 24, 2008 at 6:00 am (General)

Oh, things are exciting now! Just a few days left! The gingerbread is cooking, the turkey is in the fridge thawing, and oh,,, and the flurry of last minute shopping! Today’s winner will receive SheWolf by none other than Teresa D’Amario. Hey! That’s me!

So fess up – What store is calling your name this fine morning, and who did you forget to buy for?

And if you don’t give gifts for the holiday season, what do you do on this beautiful morning, just days before the biggest holiday in the world? I know you keep just as busy, so share! Teach me what you do!


  1. Lea said,

    Seasons Greetings:

    The grocery store was calling, I’ve been there. The bank was calling I’ve been there.

    So now it’s on to the pre-preparation for Christmas dinner.

    All the best

  2. Shari C said,

    Oh, oh, need to run to the grocery store again. I thought for sure I had everything to get going on Christmas dinner, but it seems I always forget one item no matter how hard I try to plan ahead so I don’t have to make any last minute runs, but can stay at home and begin the special day preparations.

    Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and hope you all enjoy the holiday season.

  3. Pam P said,

    I’m just getting ready to run over to BN for a few more books for presents, good we have a family of readers. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

  4. Leslie said,

    Kohl’s department store – gift for nephew.
    Grocery store – food for tomorrow’s breakfast (15 people) and gift card for my niece.

  5. Beth C. said,

    We did forget to have the kids buy presents for each other. So we have to make a trip to target or Walmart but thats about it. I am making cheesecake bites to take to my in-laws. Other than that it’s wait for the kids to go to bed so ‘Santa’ can come to the house.

    Oh and laundry and packing but that’s NOT fun.

  6. Colleen said,


  7. Quilt Lady said,

    Finished my shopping yesterday and my cooking that I needed to do. I am headed to my sister’s house today for dinner, although it is not a pretty day. It is pouring down rain and has been for two days. We have puddles of water standing everywhere. Our back yard looks like a lake right now.

  8. Karin said,

    I’m not actually going to any store today. I got all my shopping done two days ago and all the wrapping was finished last night. All I’ll be doing today is making sure everything is ready for tomorrow and getting ready for the craziness that is driving around to my grandparents’ houses after mass this afternoon.

  9. Teresa W said,

    My shopping is done and I’ve got everybody’s gifts bought!

  10. LadyVampire2u said,

    The grocery store is the place calling to me right now. I have a ton of cookies to bake. Well that plus a last minute stop at Toys R Us to pick up a last minute gift as well since I forgot that the neighbor’s cousin is visiting and has a little girl. Merry Christmas all.

  11. Alaina said,

    yesterday i got sent for the last minute things.. some fruit and philly.. a vinyl tablecloth.. some more wrapping paper.. everything else ive bought already.. (yay.. )..
    everything else i needed i got last week.. this week is just for relaxing now..
    merry christmas!!

  12. Diane M. said,

    Went to pick up the last giftcard and then mail my sis her gift card and deposit the older son’s Christmas money into his brand new checking account.

  13. Cathy said,

    Picked up a GC at my daughter’s nail salon for her. Stopped at the Grocery store for 2 items forgotten last night. Spent an hour getting my mom on my phone plan and getting her a phone that has reception. Back to the grocery store, daughter called with 2 more item! Got a GC for my SIL at the Game store cause I’m clueless!
    Now that I’m back at the house, I’m watching my 6 year old grandson, making my sister’s 2 fleece tops and embroidering my BIL’s jacket back. Still have to wrap EVERYTHING. Hope to be done before midnight!

  14. cyclops8 said,

    I’m going to look for some last minute gifts online.

  15. Candie L said,

    I just found out I will be spending Christmas with my mother (not a good thing). Had to run to the store to get a gift card

  16. Donna said,

    Gifts are done so no need to go back to the store. First day in at least 2 weeks I didnt need to go buy something.

  17. Deidre said,

    Wal-Mart of course, to buy for my dad, he doesn’t really want or need anything, so it’s real easy to find stuff for him. LOL


  18. Angela H. said,

    I forgot my sister-in-law so I went to Bath and Body and Victoria’s secret and got gift cards to both for her.

  19. Terri W. said,

    I still need to shop for my Grandma and get her a book (either a romance or mystery thriller).

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