Holiday Extravaganza, Question #6, Marcia Colette

December 20, 2008 at 6:00 am (General)

Hi, and welcome back to our Holiday Extravaganza. Today’s winner will receive a copy of Unstable Environment from Marcia Colette!

Question of the Day: Do you give gifts? And if you do, what day do you open them? Christmas? Christmas Eve? Another holiday day?

As per the M&M’s guys… “He does exist!”



  1. Paula said,

    I don’t give a lot of gifts, but I like to give something to my family. We open gifts on Christmas Eve after dinner.

  2. LadyVampire2u said,

    There’s been a steady tradition in my house that I go to my aunts and gather with everyone there for Christmas Eve. After a nice dinner everyone opens their gifts. Then I drive home and since it’s usually around midnight when I start my two hour drive back home, well everyone at my house crashes for the night once we get here. The next day, Christmas Day, we usually open the gifts here in my home. So it’s sort of like a double treat.

  3. Michele said,

    Love giving gifts 🙂 As a family we pick one gift under the tree an open it on Chreistmas Eve and the rest Christmas Day!!!

  4. Maude said,

    Our family keeps things rather simple, considering we have two children still at home. We observe Yule on the 21st – at which time we give the ancestors gifts that represent the old year (and the following morning the ancestors leave us a gift for our new year). We normally exchange gifts with each other on Yule, but payday is late this year (on Tuesday) so we can’t do our gift exchange until Christmas. And when we do, it is only one gift per person. Very simple. And Santa, while he comes, only fills the stockings.

  5. Lea said,

    Hi There:

    The kids open one gift Christmas Eve, usually a DVD and watch it. But we as a family open gifts on Christmas morning. 🙂

    All the best.

  6. Colleen said,

    Gifts… yes we all play Santa… little by little they magically appear under our tree… then on Christmas, after breakfast, we gather round the tree and share the smiles and happy exclamations together! 😀 HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

  7. Quilt Lady said,

    Yes we do give gifts. We go to my sister’ house on Christmas eve for a dinner and open gifts. On Christmas day we go to my hubby’s mother’s house for dinner and gifts.

  8. Donna said,

    We give gifts. On Christmas Eve me and my mom open the ones we got each other. Then on Christmas Day we go to my sisters and open those with the rest of the family.

  9. Barb P said,

    In our house, the kids are allowed to open 1 gift on Xmas Eve, which is usually a gift given by a friend, or something sent by the Grandparents. Everything else is opened on Christmas Morning and then we head out for famiy Xmas. We also have another Xmas get together with a large group of friends on New Years Eve. It keeps us all out of trouble. * Grin * Have a great holiday eveyone!!!

  10. Teresa W said,

    I go to my mom’s every year for Christmas. We open one present on Christmas Eve and the rest on Christmas Day!

  11. cyclops8 said,

    We do exchange gifts. If we’re at home we open them at midnight. If I’m at a relative’s house, we open them Christmas morning.

  12. Shari C said,

    The family opens gifts on Christmas morning…bright and early. The gifts I exchange with close friends we usually open when we get together before the holiday for a nice long lunch and social time.

  13. Amy S. said,

    We open our gifts on Christmas Eve.

  14. Alaina said,

    we give gifts.. i love it.. finding items to give to family members is awesome..
    and we usually open them christmas morning.. usually after breakfast (sausages cooked.. yum).. LOL.. and then keep opening them as family comes to visit

    As Per Santa: “THEY DO EXIST!!!”
    (couldnt resist)

  15. Gabriel Constans said,

    Yes, and on Christmas Eve. Mother-in-law from Germany comes every holiday season and we do it German style.

  16. Raonaid said,

    Depends on where we are on Christmas Eve. Sometimes the hubs lets the kids open one gift on Christmas Eve, and then the rest on Christmas Day.

  17. Karin said,

    I do give gifts. On Christmas Eve, all of my grandparents open their gifts from everyone. All the rest of the gifts are opened on Christmas day at either my oldest brother’s house, the gifts to and from his family, or my parents’ house, to and from everyone else. Also, my family celebrates Epiphany, so we each get another small gift to open on that day as well.

  18. Deidre said,

    We do gifts and on Christmas for our immediate family including my parents and sister’s family in the morning. This year we are going to hubby’s family for Christmas dinner and gift exchange as well. Busy, busy, busy, I’d just as soon stay home and play with our new toys. LOL


  19. caffey said,

    We do one gift exchange (but I so can’t help adding a book too! and my two children know it! They hint to me books they want because they know I love giving them. Even with my daughter not much a reader, she has a couple of authors she likes to read and I love finding them for her. It can be hard finding anything else for her at 22! My son is still a child in heart so even as he’s a young adult those games and gadgets work out great! We exchange between the four of us on Christmas morning. Sometimes we do cheat and open the book on Christmas eve!

  20. Lisa W said,

    We open our gifts with our daughters on Christmas morning. My husband’s parents have both remarried so between them and my parents, we spend Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day with a different set of parents and exchange gifts with them. We also have some friends that we have dinner with and exchange gifts with. This year we have five days in a row of dinners and gift exchanges. Our girls love it.

  21. Lindsey Ekland said,

    When we were little we opened one gift on Christmas Eve. The family gets together to exchange gifts on Christmas Day and eat dinner together.

  22. Terri W. said,

    Since I go over to my mom’s side for Christmas Eve we open our presents that we give to each other.

    Then on Christmas Day my family opens their presents and presents we get from my dad’s side.

  23. L2 said,

    We do the majority of gifts Christmas Eve when everyone is here – then Christmas morning we do the stockings for just the three of us here.

  24. terryspear said,

    We do Christmas on Christmas day, though this year we had to celebrate last Wednesday. But it was kind of fun, because now I have Christmas off to work on my latest wolf tale! 🙂

  25. *lizzie starr said,

    I love to give gifts! And, I overdo. I’ll admit it. 🙂

    With family and friends spread wide, my holiday season is usually quite extended. I give a small gift to specials on Winter Solstice. My family always opens gifts on Christmas Eve–so there’s no competition for Santa and stockings on Christmas morning.

  26. Eva S said,

    Here in northern Europe we alway celebrate Christmas with presents on Christmas Eve, no stockings on Christmas Day

  27. Pam P said,

    We open most of our gifts after Christmas dinner, a few on Christmas Eve some years.

  28. Cathy said,

    The kids always get gifts on Christmas eve with one family and again with the other side on Christmas day. That way we all get to experience the magic though a child’s eyes. If adults want to give gifts on either day, that is also great, but not expected. Everyone living in my house Christmas day gets a stocking Christmas morning.

  29. Sonja Foust said,

    We do gifts. We used to open the gifts from each other on Christmas Eve and the gifts from “Santa” on Christmas morning, but now that we’re all grown up we do all the gifts on Christmas day usually. (I already have Marcia’s book, though, so let someone else win! ;))

  30. Angela H. said,

    We do gifts, but only on Christmas day, so yes it is complete craziness.

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