Holiday Extravaganza, question #5, Lori Devoti

December 19, 2008 at 6:00 am (General, Lori Devoti)

Hi, and welcome back to our Holiday Extravaganza. Today’s winner will receive a prize from Lori Devoti!

Question of the Day: Travel – Do you travel for the holidays? Or do you stay at home, with the fireplace and your mug of egg nog?

Edited by Lori to add: Hey a blank! 😀 Guess I should fill it in…your choice of any of my books, Nocturnes, rom coms, Christmas anthology–whichever you prefer.



  1. Natasha Armstrong said,

    This year we are staying home. It has been a very long last few months and both the hubby and I need to do some vegging. I will go all out though and make an awesome turkey dinner! I would so be sitting in front of the fire…if we had one….and I would replace the egg nog with mulled wine!
    Natasha A.

  2. Lea said,

    I stay home for the holidays running like a mad woman before Christmas and then I try and put my feet up for a while to read on Boxing Day. lol

    Seasons Greetings!

  3. *lizzie starr said,

    I’ve usually stayed at home, or traveled just the couple of hours to my hometown. I often had to work the holiday, which really limits the travel!

    This year though, I will be leaving Nebraska for Arizona over Christmas. And with the iced in day today is, that’s sounding better and better! 🙂

  4. terryspear said,

    I used to have to run between families. But now, thankfully!!! It’s home for the holidays. 🙂 Instead of egg nog, A bit of Irish cream will do the trick! 🙂

  5. MarnieColette said,

    I always travel. My parents live in Seattle and Michigan. Thanksgiving in Seattle and Christmas/Yule in Michigan. I always fly to Seattle (living in NYC) but I sometimes drive to Michigan. This year my sister and I are driving (12 Hours) with our dogs to Michigan.

  6. Pam P said,

    Only traveling I do is locally around town, to all the relatives and friends visiting, then back to a sister’s house for our family celebration.

  7. Donna said,

    Only traveling I do now is local, I spend Christmas at my sisters house. I lived out of state for a number of years then I traveled.

  8. Teresa W said,

    I travel to my mom’s every year for Christmas, not a long drive and I have a great time!

  9. Crystal B. said,

    We go to our parents.

  10. Angela H. said,

    This is the first year I will travel in 10 years… I am dreading it. Normally I am working like crazy until 22 Dec then I spend 5 days with my family I don’t even leave the house. I always made sure the house was stocked with anything I could think we might want and we play board games, watch Christmas movies, make a gingerbread house and cookies for the neighbors, and a ton of other activities. But no not this year I will be going to the bedlam I call my in-laws and there will be no peace for a fifty mile radius with those people… so feel sorry for me and have a double. I probaly will just to get through it! Merry Christmas.

  11. Shari C said,

    We have always stayed home and celebrated the holidays with family and friends, but this year we are spending it in Texas where it is warmer and we don’t have to shovel that white stuff. My husband and I are not ‘cold weather’ fans and decided to (hopefully) escape that bone-chilling weather and relax in some sunshine by a pool if possible. So far, we are loving our time in the south and keep in touch with family by e-mail and phone often. We did have a big family dinner before we left so we could spend time with loved one and tried to get together with many of our friends before leaving the colder northern temperatures. While we miss our family and friends at home, we have been so fortunate to make new and wonderful friends in Texas now and are constantly busy with great activities and social gatherings down here plus we also enjoy bike riding and walking in the many parks and nature preserves and visiting the many beautiful sites and cities nearby. Loving our snowless winter!

  12. Leslie said,

    We stay home for Christmas now that we live near family. Before we either traveled for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

  13. cyclops8 said,

    I usually stay home for the holidays, but I sometimes spend Thanksgiving or Christmas with a cousin in Michigan.

  14. Colleen said,

    When we were little, we always traveled to my grandparents… but now we stay home… once we went on a cruise during Christmas!

  15. Karin said,

    I do my traveling usually about a week before the holidays. Around the second weekend of December I go out and visit my aunt and cousin in Virginia before coming home to spend the actual holiday with the rest of my family since almost everyone else, including all of my grandparents, lives within 40 minutes of where I do. This has only been the second year in the last 7 that I haven’t done so.

  16. Deidre said,

    Unfortunately, we usually have to travel. I would much prefer just to stay at home and play with all of the new toys, provided I dont’ end up spending three hours in the ER like when my daughter choked then swallowed a necklace a couple of years ago.


  17. LadyVampire2u said,

    I travel a little because most of the time my family gather at my aunt’s house for Christmas. While thats not out of state, it’s still a two hour drive so it takes some planning to get there. But I’d much rather drive then fly anywhere.

  18. azteclady said,

    Hello, Ms Devoti! *waving*

    I have lived away from most of my family for over twenty years, and for most of those, I would travel to be with them during the holidays. It’s been a few years since I could do that, though, but hopefully next year 😉

    Happy holidays!

  19. Carmen R said,

    I used to travel but i got tired of that when it seemed i was the only one doing the traveling to see people. So now I sit at home and relax eating junk food and watching movies.

  20. Quilt Lady said,

    On Christmas eve we go to my sisters house which is about 40 miles away and on Christmas day we go to my mother is laws house which is just a few blocks away.

  21. Diane M. said,

    Staying home and having the inlaws over.

  22. Terri W. said,

    On Christmas Eve I have to travel to my moms side and then on Christmas Day my dads side comes over.

  23. Cheryl McInnis said,

    We only travel as far as my Dad’s, a 15 minute drive away. That’s far enough to travel with our crazy Canadian winters!

  24. Lindsey Ekland said,

    No traveling except locally to go downs to my brother’s house for Christmas day. SHould be fairly quiet.

  25. Paula said,

    I go visit my parents for Christmas. The holiday season is a good chance for me to see the family in winter.

  26. May B. said,

    If possible, I would rather stay home reading books than going somewhere and be crowded.

  27. Alaina said,

    last year we travelled (AUSTRIA IN WINTER!! OMG COLD).. and it wasnt the same.. so this year we are super excited to be home and able to celebrate christmas our way
    we usually have all our family over, and cook the big dinner.. i love being home

  28. Lisa W said,

    We never travel at Christmas time, unless you count all the driving we do visiting friends and family. Even when the kids are older we don’t plan on traveling to other places during Christmas, maybe for New Years though.

  29. L2 said,

    Mom does the cooking so we have it here on Christmas Eve. Then we have a quiet day on Christmas just relaxing and enjoying ourselves.

  30. Danny said,

    I stay more or less in the city, because everyone lives here

  31. Pamk said,

    stay at home most of the family lives near and dear lol.

  32. Janet H said,

    We never travel far. My mom lives just a couple of football fields away and his mom lives 2 miles from us.

  33. Eva S said,

    We always stay at home, we have dinner with my parents and in-laws.

  34. Cathy said,

    A couple of times I have been to the mid-west to be with realitives, but it is hard to travel through the snow across country in the winter. I had Christmas at my house for 25 years, gave it to my kids for the last 7, and now it’s back at my place. Just when you thought you were done cooking for 3 days for the hoiliday, the kids move back in!

  35. Amy said,

    Staying at home this year. Families are coming to me this year.

  36. Kimmy Lane said,

    We traveled this year to visit family. But I think next year we are staying home.

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