Holiday Extravaganza, Question #4, Larissa Ione

December 18, 2008 at 6:00 am (Contests, Larissa Ione)

Hi, and welcome back to our Holiday Extravaganza. Today’s winner will receive their choice of either Pleasure Unbound or Snowbound (ebook) from Larissa Ione!

Question of the Day: Turkey, Ham, or both – what is your main dish for the holiday meal? Do something different? Share that too!

(Larissa, being a vegetarian, doesn’t do either, to the annoyance of her carnivorous shapeshifters…)


  1. Lorri-Lynne Brown said,

    We do a pasta dinner for Christmas Eve, which is when all the friends and family come over.
    Then on Christmas Day it is a rib roast for the three of us in the house.

  2. Angela H. said,

    Usually both I normally have all of my husbands troops over and their families. I cook for 2 days & I spend around 200 on one meal. But some of these kids it’s their first holiday away from home, so I dig a little and find out their favorite cookies and dishes so everyone gets a little taste of home. Crazy hectic but I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Merry Christmas!

  3. Lea said,

    Hi Larissa!

    Merry Christmas. As Larissa knows, I am a vegetarian too so don’t consume the turkey I cook for my family for Christmas dinner.

    Tofu anyone? lol

    Seasons Greetings

  4. *lizzie starr said,

    In the past my family always had turkey–it was the bonus Dad got from work. When I was married, we’d have shrimp cocktail and steaks on Christmas eve. Now–I just cook whatever anybody wants–usually back to the turkey. 🙂

  5. Amy said,

    Both to please everyone. Happy Holidays!!!

  6. Liz C said,

    I usually make lasagna and cheese stuffed shells for my daughter who prefers a more meatless diet. Salad, rolls, & cannoli.
    The stuffed shells are the large shells stuffed with ricotta cheese, mozzarella, asiago, Parmesan cheese and parsley and then covered in 4 cheese spaghetti sauce.

  7. Liz C said,

    I forgot to add this year we’re also having shrimp & broccoli Alfredo on angel hair pasta

  8. Paula Lynch said,

    Christmas Eve is shrimp and pasta with my mom’s famous meatballs. The best in the world. Christmas Day we mix it up every year. This year it is ham. Last year beef roast, pork roast. It’s usually a month long discussion for the Christmas Day meal. Happy Holidays to everyone!!!

  9. Leslie said,

    Christmas Eve we usually eat out or order pizza depending on how busy we are. Then Christmas day we have a big breakfast buffet and turkey and ham with all the trimmings for dinner.

  10. Lori Ann said,

    We eat a steak dinner at my parent’s house on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day, we have ham at grandma’s house.

  11. Crystal B. said,

    We do both. Happy holidays. 🙂

  12. Natasha Armstrong said,

    Turkey. Although I love ham. This year, my dad and my step mom purchased a turkey, but it turns out they won’t be around. So, last time we (hubby and myself) visited, we ended up leaving with a 15 lbs turkey that we will be eating just the two of us! So not both this year…only turkey.

  13. MarnieColette said,

    None of the above…. We do cornbeef and something seafood (scallops generally)

  14. Kate said,

    Being Indian, my family goes all out with the curries
    (Shrimp being my favourite :P). But we do have the occasional turkey or roast beef to go with it

  15. Shari C said,

    We usually do turkey and ham with the family at our home; it is kind of a tradition which we have done for quite a few years now and everyone enjoys.

  16. Colleen said,

    We always have turkey… sometimes we have lobster or shrimp on the side… Happy eating and Happy Holidays!!! 🙂

  17. Donna said,

    We do pizza on Christmas Eve. But on Christmas Day for the full dinner with the family we do ham, the kinds that has the brown sugar and pineapple cooked on the top so it soaks in.

  18. Quilt Lady said,

    We always have turkey and country ham for Christmas at my sister’s house on Christmas eve. Christmas day we go to mother in laws and have turkey.

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  19. La-Tessa said,

    Since I don’t cook, at least nothing a big as a Christmas dinner, I am at the mercy of whatever my mom cooks. But she usually has both a ham and turkey, as well as a ton of other things. I don’t eat much pork at all (only the occasional strips of bacon I steal off the hubby’s plate) so I usually kill the honey baked turkey she has.

  20. Jackie (Literary Escapism) said,

    One year, we had a beef tenderloin. It was good. 🙂 Although, normally, it does tend to be either ham, turkey, or a roast of some type. We never know what we’re getting until we show up.

  21. Jackie (Literary Escapism) said,

    One year, we had a beef tenderloin. It was good. 🙂 Although, normally, it does tend to be either ham, turkey, or a roast of some type. We never know what we’re getting until we show up.

  22. Lisa N. said,

    My parents and I are vegetarians, so we don’t eat the meat the rest of the extended family goes for. My favorites are the side dishes: the casseroles, salads, deviled eggs, and desserts (especially pie) that I don’t have except at family gatherings.

  23. Rena M. said,

    We usually have both since not everyone in the family like turkey. All the other foods vary depending on who wants to cook.

    Merry Christmas!!

  24. cyclops8 said,

    We usually have turkey, but last year we had ham. Sometimes we’ll have chicken because some of the guests don’t like turkey. I would love to try the turducken.

  25. ThatBrunette said,

    Turkey! My mom makes great stuffing and the smell of it cooking means something good is coming.

    I’ve never been a fan of ham. I don’t mind the occasional piece of bacon or pork fried rice but, I never really got into the taste.

  26. Deidre said,

    Both, definitely, it’s just ont Christmas without both. With all the trimmings, dressing, cranberry sauce, pecan pie. Yum!


  27. Cathy M said,

    We usually fix a beef roast for Christmas day.

  28. Karin said,

    My family used to do the traditional turkey dinner for Chriatmas, but my brother asked if we could try something else last year. Having worked at a steak house, he decided he would like to grill steaks for all of us, even with the snow outside. So, we had filet last year and my brother is planning to make ribs this year.

  29. Beth C. said,

    I will eat Turkey. My in-laws make both but I am not a ham fan (and my husband loves it. He eats the ham.)

    My grandmother when we went to her house would make chicken pot-pie for dinner because my mother liked it. I never did but hey, we can’t have everything.

  30. jennifer said,

    I was raised by a cajun mother and a mexican father so I grew up with amazing food and way too much rice 🙂 As to the meat of choice: Turkey AND Ham and a nice beef roast made specifically so I can have a great gravy for the requisite Rice and gravy. Our typical Christmas menu:

    Turkey (brined and roasted), Ham (rubbed in spices and marinade overnight before baking), Roast (preferably a seven bone roast cooked all day)
    Rice and gravy
    Dirty Rice
    Shrimp and Rice
    Potato Salad
    Oyster cornbread dressing
    Cucumber salad.

    Mmmm good

  31. Cheryl McInnis said,

    Turkey, turkey and more turkey. We make the rounds to my parents, my in-laws and our grandparents over the holidays, and we always have turkey. By January, I am quite ready to not see turkey again until the next Thanksgiving, LOL

  32. Diane M. said,

    Turkey for sure since we always had wild turkeys on our land.

  33. Amy S. said,

    We have turkey and ham.

  34. Terri W. said,

    We have turkey on my mom’s side and ham on my dad’s side.

  35. Terri W. said,

    We have turkey on my mom’s side and ham on my dad’s side.

  36. caffey said,

    Oh ham! It would feel odd to break this tradition! We get the spiral ham tho, its so much more tender and too with the flavoring! But all the sides we have with the Thanksgiving dinner we have with the ham, LOL. Makes much better leftovers with the ham!

    I am now starving talking about this, LOL

  37. Lindsey Ekland said,

    Ham from the Honey Baked Ham company.

  38. Pam P said,

    Italian, and we have all sorts of fish on Christmas Eve, antipasto, and bowls of linguini, some with clams, some with broccoli, some with the gravy. Christmas Day is either Baked Ham, Filet Mignon or a roast, or homemade lasagna, etc., or a combo of them. Cookies galore!

  39. Willa said,

    Chicken! Cranberry sauce, bread sauce and all the usual suspects from the vegetable garden . . . although PamP’s Italian sounds fab 😀

  40. Paula said,

    We have a Christmas ham.

  41. Ann M. said,

    Latkes & turkey. 🙂

  42. Fedora said,

    Mmm… both! Our kids are quite the little carnivores 🙂 On the other hand, we often have “hot pot” with my inlaws, so then it’s a mix of different meats and vegetables. It’s just fun to share a meal together!

  43. Eshani said,

    We definitely go with both Ham and Turkey usually (big family, all big eaters)..I love fresh ham..yummm!!
    But this year, I think I’d like to try a beef roast as well 🙂

  44. Carmen R said,

    We do neither. On Christmas eve we have an Italian or German meal. Then on Christmas day it’s Steaks and potato’s.

  45. Janet H said,

    Usually it’s ham along with duck/dressing on Christmas Day. We have broken tradition on Christmas day and boiled shrimp or had oyster dressing. But on Christmas Eve, it’s always seafood gumbo.

  46. Maude said,

    Our family normally makes one of two special meals at Christmas. We love to make crown roast (we’d do the boar’s head but it’s too much for four people to eat by themselves). Last year we made a special chili for Christmas, to which we added some cinnamon and other Christmas type spices. It was delicious

  47. May B. said,

    We have various meal at Christmas depending on our guest (usually my sisters and their family). The menu changes everything since they make request. Last year we have Chinese since one of my niece really like to have them.

  48. Alaina said,

    me and my dad used to do sushi on christmas eve.. but he moved, so dont have that option anymore..
    with my mom we do the full turkey dinner.. mashed and sweet potatoes, green beans, stuffing, cranberries.. yum yum

  49. Pamk said,

    we do both or just the ham only. not too much turkey eaters here.

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