Holiday Extravaganza, Contest Question 2, Deborah Cooke

December 16, 2008 at 6:00 am (Contests, Deborah Cooke) (, , , , )

Hi everyone! Welcome back! Hope the holidays are treating you with kindness.

Today’s contest is for Deborah Cooke’s KISS OF FIRE!

Today’s question for the 16th of December: Have you ever purposely walked beneath the mistletoe, hoping for a kiss?

All prizes will be announced on 30 December.



  1. Natasha said,

    Actually, I don’t know if I have ever actually seen Mistletoe! BUT I definitely would if my hubby was around! I can’t wait to read this one! I have the other two and I need to complete!
    Natasha A.

  2. Lorri-Lynne Brown said,

    Oh heck yeah! Worked too :o)

  3. Lea said,

    Yes I did, many years ago, but it didn’t work! lol I don’t think the guy knew about the tradition! lol

    Happy Holidays

  4. *lizzie starr said,

    walked, yes….kissed, no. Sigh.

  5. Beth C. said,

    Aside from the occasional fake mistletoe, I’ve never seen it. I may have tried to wait around for a kiss in middle school once…but not since then.

  6. terryspear said,

    The only mistletoe I’ve seen is in the movies or clinging to trees in Oklahoma. Unfortunately, no cute kissable guys were hanging around the trees. 🙂 So nope! 🙂

  7. Jackie (Literary Escapism) said,

    I’ve never purposefully walked beneath a mistletoe. I don’t think I’ve ever been around one where I wanted to be kissed.

  8. Kimmy Lane said,

    I did at a party. This guy that I was into happened to be walking by just as I was standing under the mistletoe and planted one on me. Of course I pretended I didn’t know it was there. But afterwards we started dating. So ladies go for it!!!!
    Happy Holidays!!!

  9. azteclady said,

    No, I never have. See, it’s not something you do where I grew up or where I lived most of my life (Mexico, Puerto Rico, Caracas).

    Who knows, though, that may change in the future!

  10. Diana Cosby said,

    No, I never saw anyone interesting when I was near misletoe. 🙂

    Diana Cosby
    His Captive/Alexander MacGruder
    His Woman/Duncan MacGruder – 4 star Romantic Times review!

  11. Crystal B. said,

    Yes. It worked for me 🙂

  12. Beth R said,

    Not that I know of but I flat out kissed a guy who I wanted to kiss before. so I would if I knew it was there and the guy I wanted to kiss was there also

  13. Sue T. said,

    Unfortunately, I have never been anywhere that I’ve seen mistletoe up. But, yes, if the opportunity arose and someone cute was around, I would do it. 😉

  14. catslady said,

    Yes, but it was ages and ages ago when I worked in an office setting and I worked for a lot of engineers. Actually it happened more often because I forgot it was there but once…

  15. Mona said,

    Actually never done it:-)

  16. Karin said,

    No, I have not. The only place I’ve ever been where there is mistletoe is at my grandma’s house on Christmas Eve and the only people there are my family members or their significant others.

  17. Lisa W said,

    I did in highschool. My friends were having a party and they put up a couple of bunches. That was the best party that year. 😉
    The rest of the time the mistletoe is usually at family gatherings so I try to avoid it.

  18. Donna said,

    Of course. But it never worked the way I wanted it too. 😦

  19. loretta said,

    Nope,I never been around a mistletoe that i remember.


  20. KL Grady said,

    As an angsty teen, yes. LOL. None of the guys near enough to notice took the hint, though. Le sigh.

  21. Eshani said,

    I’ve actually never seen mistletoe either..but I think it’s a really romantic concept (when it’s somewhere other than family gatherings ;).

  22. Liz C said,

    Nope, not that I recall. We never did hang it up. Now this year I might since I’m single again

  23. Chris said,

    I never see Mistletoe at the Parties here in Florida… 😦

  24. Cathy M said,

    Yep, sure did when I was single and at the office Christmas parties, and if there was a cute guy close by.

  25. edie17 said,

    I wouldn’t recognize mistletoe if I saw it. Obviously it’s not big in Wisconsin either.

  26. Ilona said,

    If I had ever been to a party with mistletoe I would have walked under it in the hope that a hunky guy might kiss me – mind you the husband might have objected LOL

  27. Teresa W said,

    Heck ya, and sometimes I bring my own!

  28. cyclops8 said,

    Yes, but I only did it once. I didn’t want to be too obvious.

  29. Crystal Dee said,

    I took mistletoe down and walked it across to another building and held it over the target’s head and took my kiss. He loved it. When it got time for Christmas the following year he called me to let me know that he had mistletoe in his desk and for me to come on over.

  30. Fedora said,

    Can’t say that I have, but I might consider it given the right target 😉

  31. ThatBrunette said,

    If I did, it was so long ago, I don’t remember. I always thought it was kinda dorky. I can see how it would be a good device to getting close to someone. I can also see it being used for evil purposes. The guy that actually uses it is never the guy you actually want to be kissing!

  32. Tina b said,

    yes and given the hubby the look of see what i am standing under…….. heheee

  33. Wanda said,

    Can’t say that I’ve purposely walked underneath the mistletoe, hoping for a kiss, but I’ve been cornered time to time by husband with it in his hand.

  34. Colleen said,

    Mistletoe… nope… I do not know anyone that has actually used any as decoration or for kisses!

  35. Deidre said,

    No, afraid not and I don’t ever even remember being kissed under the mistletoe. Sad, isn’t it?


  36. Quilt Lady said,

    Yes, who hasn’t done that at sometime during their like. I will have to say I was a teen ager at the time though.

  37. Angela H. said,

    Yes, and the last time I did I got the best kiss of my life. You know the kind that all you hear is your blood rushing and the music is blocked out, you feel all tingle and out of breath..yum.

  38. Anita Yancey said,

    Yes, and I got a great kiss out of it.

  39. Leslie said,

    Yes. My mom would actually hang some at our house every year. Go Mom!

  40. Michele said,

    OH YEAH!!! And I hang it up every year in my house now and enjoy that special moment with my husband 🙂

  41. Jerrie said,

    I carry it with me and follow my hubby around. Once I hung it in the shower.

  42. Rashda said,

    Yes on the mistletoe —once.

    However, my favorite is to kiss under a sky lit by fireworks…So July 4th is my kissing holiday! 🙂

  43. caffey said,

    I was married, does that count, LOL. But I did! I knew hubby was on his way into the house and this was our first mistletoe too! I had bought it during the day and was so excited I found it and it being our first, I wanted him to guess what I was doing, LOL. So when I knew he was on the way into the house, I stood in the middle of the dining room door way under the mistletoe and he comes in and taking off his boots and sitting on the couch while I’m still standing under the mistletoe and he doesn’t see it!!!! I finally just took my eyes off him and would look up at the mistletoe and he finally got the hint, LOL. It was worth it!

  44. LadyVampire2u said,

    Only once. I was very young, about 10, and hoping for a kiss from a neighbor’s son. He pretended not to notice but my cousin saw and came and gave me a big kiss on the cheek instead. 😉

  45. May B. said,

    I never saw mistletoe hanging anywhere so never have a chance to do so. If I saw one, definitely.

  46. Ann M. said,

    Not around mistletoe so never have tried to steal a kiss. 🙂

  47. Eva S said,

    No mistletoes here, but I’d love to have one.

  48. La-Tessa said,

    Purposely?? No, I have plotted a mistletoe kissing spree; but that is probably due to the fact that I wouldn’t know what mistletoe was if it came up and bit me…. However, if I am in the right company (Will Smith, Matt Damon) I may consider it.;-)

  49. Pamk said,

    Not purposely no and don’t enter me for book I already have it and loved it.

  50. Cathy said,

    I put some up when first married, yea it was a lot of fun. Years later the kids brought some home and I put it up. They had a blast receiving kisses from everyone, but hubby was so over my shoulder all of Christmas day that I never did it again. You try to serve a dinner to 32 and trip over a hovering man afraid someone else would kiss you!

  51. Diane M. said,

    When I was in college and there was a guy I had my eye one. Never did date him 😦

  52. Shari C said,

    Absolutely, I have. After all, that is what the mistletoe was for and I made very good use of it when younger and even still sometimes today.

  53. Janet H said,

    Yes, of course. Every chance we get! LOL Not for the contest, I already have Kiss of Fire. It was a great read!

  54. Terri W. said,

    I have never seen any mistletoe but if I did I would stay clear of it, LOL!

  55. Lindsey Ekland said,

    No I have never stood under the mistletoe but it sounds like fun.

  56. Paula said,

    I’ve never seen mistletoe, either, so I’ve had no chance to test it, but I wouldn’t mind giving it a try. lol

  57. Carmen R said,

    I can’t say that I have ever done that.

  58. Alaina said,

    hmm.. cant say ive ever seen mistletoe hung up.. when i was on vacation i saw it in trees, but not over doorways.. i wouldnt be opposed to trying though.. lol

  59. Lori Ann said,

    I haven’t done it, but it sounds like a fun idea.

  60. Amy said,

    oh, yeah!!! Especially when I was younger.

  61. Sara said,

    Never seen any mistletoe, so that would be a no. But if I did, I would certainly haul my fiance over.

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