What My Shapeshifters Want For Christmas

December 12, 2008 at 7:59 am (Larissa Ione)

I took a poll, and here are the top 5 things my shapeshifters want for Christmas:

5.  A tree.  Decorations not necessary.  It’s just nice to not have to go outside to lift your leg or climb up a trunk.

4.  Lots of presents.  The presents themselves aren’t important; just make sure they’re wrapped with lots of paper and in big boxes.  Because the best part of Christmas is playing in the paper and boxes.

3.  Books.  Even if you don’t read them, you can chew on them.

2.  Shoes.  See above.

1.  Santa’s reindeer!  Yum!


What’s on YOUR Christmas list? *g*


  1. Ann M. said,

    LOL.. it wants a reindeer.

    I want Books and more books. I would love time to read the books but I’m not sure I can get that as a present.

    I want a dumb MP3 player so I can listen to my audio books after they are due back electronically (don’t ask.)

  2. Lorri-Lynne Brown said,

    LOL at the paper and boxes – sounds like my house.

    I want – books of course, and clothes. Time would be nice too – I think I’ll reinstute my hour rule – the last hour before bed is MINE – no one can bother me and I can read every night. Yep – that is going to be my Christmas present to myself.

  3. Lea said,


    5. Don’t laugh, my youngest pup did lift his leg and “Christen” the Christmas tree last year. And, he had a smile on his face whilst performing the ritual. Best Christmas present ever, he has asked for the same this year.
    4. My sons want gift certificates and money – very boring, but easy to shop for.
    3. My animals in general want lots of chewy treats. My German Shepherd will eat anything remotely resembling food (including the frozen paper towel that she found in the snow that had been used to clean the barbracue – don’t ask). She has therefore put in a special request to Santa for special smelly treats.
    2. My DH wants a fibreglass concubine a.k.a. new car/truck/whatever, as long as it has wheels.
    1. And, me? I would like bookstore gift cards and time to read said books when I acquire them. 🙂

    Merry Christmas

  4. azteclady said,

    Books. Time with my s.o. Books. Meals I don’t have to cook and I don’t have to clean after. Books. Time to watch movies and read. Books.

    did I mention books?

  5. Jackie (Literary Escapism) said,

    Books are definitely on my shopping list, although not as chew toys. 🙂

  6. cyclops8 said,

    I want books, a Kindle, make-up and a cashmere sweater.

  7. Colleen said,

    😀 LOL love the list!!! Books Books Books, can never have enough!

  8. Karin said,

    Nice list, and very fitting. At least the shifters really know what they want. Me, the only thing I can really think of is books. Pretty much any book will do, though I do have some specific titles for those who want specifics instead of just giving me a gift card and trying to surprise me.

  9. Marcia said,

    I’ve got something really special on my Christmas List, although I’m not sure if I’d be comfortable enough having Santa bring it. I guess it depends on what he’s wearing…or not wearing. 😉

  10. Pamk said,

    I would love lots of presents and to get to see all my family memebers And of course time to spend with them and lots of good food.

  11. Teresa D'Amario said,

    Hmmm, A kindle is nice, but I think that’s gonna be on my list for next year – seems like the wait is just too long. Besides, I just got a brand new computer,s o don’t think a Kindle would go over real well. LOL. Me, books is good – gift card for books is good. 🙂

    The dogs? Well, one dog wants anything he can steal… and not get in trouble for it. The other: FOOD!!!!! And unlike the GSD above, he couldn’t care less if it’s considered edible by the rest of the world. LOL.

    Hubby, he’s the tough one, but I think he wants more audio books. 🙂

  12. Cathy said,

    Okay, so I already ordered my Christmas present. EC had (has) a sale so I got over 100 books off my 500+ WL. Now I need time to read, and read, and read! The kids are giving me that this weekend, they are going to Disneyland for 4 days, so a totally quiet house! Cat gets the ornaments off the bottom of the tree and I get the couch.

  13. Larissa Ione said,

    LOL–you guys are funny! And Lea, OMG! Your poor tree! *g*

    Seems like everyone wants books — me too! I’m buying a ton as gifts on Sunday. Yay!

  14. Ilona said,

    1. Books
    2. Family at home and being nice to each other
    3. Books
    4. Peace on Earth
    5. Books + time to read them all 😀

  15. terryspear said,

    Larissa, this is too cute. 🙂

  16. angie said,

    what i want for xmas cant be bought
    i want my family healthy and for all the people i know to have a safe and happy new tear and to be a better one than this year

  17. Tina b said,

    we have a fake tree with cats dogs and kids its much easier

  18. caffey said,

    1. Yes it is books! I just can’t imagine not having them. They bring so much joy and really are the best medicine!
    2. Us all together on Christmas. A bunch of crazy schedules with everyone’s work and college classes!
    3. For my health and too my strength and courage to handle it.
    4. And that I can tell all those that have been there for me that they mean more than they know and I thank them always.

  19. Diane M. said,

    Real tree even with my allergies. Gift cards for everyone, they can buy what they want.

  20. Alaina said,

    ahh.. i put my request in for.. books.. LOL.. the amount that i read, i need all the help i can get!
    also.. a thomas sabo charm bracelet and charm.. (soo cute.)

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