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December 3, 2008 at 8:00 am (Marcia Colette) (, )

I could give you guys a bland introduction, but this isn’t exactly a bland writer we’re talking about.  If you ever get the chance to meet Ms. Banks, then you’ll never forget her.  She’s an amazing author who’s written more books than I could count and under various pen names.  In fact, I think she’s the queen of pen names.  But that also serves as a testament to how prolific she is and the different genres that have launched her into New York Times Bestseller status.  Her Vampire Huntress novels have turned into a huge hit and her amazing Black Ops werewolf series, Crimson Moon, is right behind it.  So, without further ado, I introduce to you the lovely, amazing, talented, and award-winning Ms. L.A. Banks.  And don’t forget to ask her anything.  I know I did.  😉


Thank you all so much for having me on your Shape Shifter Romance blog.  When Marcia asked if I could do it, I was delighted-BIG SMILE!  But OMG, folks-I confess to still being in recovery from the Thanksgiving Holiday, LOL!  Not only did I eat waaaay too much, but you see, this year I became Madea and had 30+ adults plus all of their “Bey Bey’s” kids at my house (like 10 little people) and about 10 more teenagers-because you know teens don’t come solo; they roll in packs of friends. LOL the longer story to that is on my blog at

But I digress… hmmm… Marcia said I should give you an accounting (with juicy details) of all that’s going on, and it’s hard to even know where to start!

Wild is the watchword for my writing life in 2009.  As many of you may know, in February we’ll be releasing the last book-book#12 in The Vampire Huntress Legends series, which is ironically named “The Thirteenth.”  But before that, in December, Loser’s Weepers, book #2 in the Dark Avenger series on-line at Red Rose Publishing, will become available at the best price in the world–under two dollars, smile.  That’s an ongoing series with much drama, sex, and sizzle!  Then “The Ancestors” comes out-which is also a December release and a Kensington Publishing anthology with me, Tananarive Due, and Brandon Massey.  It’s more paranormal than standard werewolves and vampire type tales and I had a blast contributing to a body of work with those authors (very cool people indeed.)  Nice thing is, that book was picked by the Essence Magazine book club for their January read-yaaay!

But back to the ending of the 12 book Vampire Huntress Legends saga and Marcia’s question, “What next?”  The formal novels will end, but I got an offer that I couldn’t refuse (smile)-which was to do graphic novels of the team experiencing life after the Armageddon, because you know evil just didn’t go away… aw hell no, LOL!  So, in a joint venture between The Dabel Brothers Productions out of Atlanta and St. Martin’s Press (NYC), we’re going to craft “The Aftermath,” so to speak.  Meanwhile, with the meteoric rise of Japanese anime and Manga, as well as teen interest in all things vampire… St. Martin’s asked me to develop a Manga version of the Vampire Huntress series-almost like a prequel, going back to when Damali was younger, those days just as she entered the team and was still in training and before anything consummated with Carlos (so we could keep it PG 13, LOL).  Thus, oddly and with squealing excitement, I find myself writing Manga and graphic novel scripts-a new twist for this old novelist for sure. 

Then, as an extension, St. Martin’s asked me to develop a young adult series (a next generation follow on in a three-book deal) for the VHL series… kids of the compound Guardians-go figure J  So, I say all this to say, those of you who are die hard Damali and Carlos fans, don’t despair.  There will be graphic representations galore, more on the lives of the characters, and I know that from time to time I’ll write a Between the Books segment of original content to go on the website… Plus, Sasha and Hunter are still going strong.  I finished the third book-which comes out April 2009, and the publisher asked for 3 more novels in that series-which is always a good sign.  They’ll now be six books, for sure, at the very least in that series.  Meanwhile, I’ve been dabbling in eBook land with Red Rose Publishing-now THAT is a blast!  First of all, Wendi (the publisher) is a hoot, a living doll, who keeps me laughing on the telephone for hours… but don’t let that bubbly-funny powerhouse personality fool you, she’s a shrewd businesswoman who knows how to market her natural butt off-I love her, can’t you tell?!  Wendi has a heart of gold and a mind like a steel trap-two things every girl oughta have.  Based on me and Manie (my agent) falling in love with Wendi, I started an ongoing, soap opera-like installment series of short stories with Red Rose, entitled, The Dark Avengers.  Book #1, Finder’s Keepers, lays the groundwork for this erotic vampire tale of lovers on a quest for vengeance.  I just turned in book #2, Losers’ Weepers, which Red Rose should be putting up very soon this month as a December Release.  So, as they say, it’s all good.

However, you’re also gonna hear a LOT about “The End of the World Party” in Philly J unfortunately, the event is sold out.  It went fast like Madonna tickets, ha ha ha (I wish I had her bankroll, though-laughing.)  But what it is, is a book launch party for the last book in the Vampire Huntress Legends series (The Thirteenth), but also a fare-the-well to the series.  It’s a chance for die-hard readers of the series to get together, party together and have a midnight pajama book party, a VIP reception, a tour of where I got some of my book ideas and set some key scenes, followed by a buffet dinner theater event, a bunch and the presentation of awards, etc.  If you go to www.neterutours.comyou can see more details on what’s going to be happening… but any proceeds for the event will be donated to two organizations: 1. my old high school alma mater, Girl’s High, as well as 2. The Philadelphia Folklore Project.

 Like I said, 2009 is going to be mad-crazy! I might as well just find a place to hide and write away until my fingers cramp at the keyboard, ha ha ha.  Seriously-my friends and family are going to be fit to be tied, because this coming year between writing everything I just mentioned, and touring to support it, whew!  OH YEAH AND I FORGOT-I’m still doing a 3-series romance, entitled, the Men of Delta Force!  See, my mind is slipping and I haven’t even begun to write those conflicting genres yet, OMG! LOL!  Just bear with me is all I ask… and in the interim, you all have a safe, wonderful, and joy-filled holiday season!

Hugs and Light, LA Banks!



  1. Marcia Colette said,

    Thank you a million time again for being our guest today! You are one busy lady, and this fan certainly appreciates it. 😉

  2. edie17 said,

    OMG! L.A., you’re amazing! This is a writer’s dream! The End of the World Party sounds like a blast.

  3. Michele Hauf said,

    Welcome, L.A. ( and fellow Vampire Vixen)! Man, I thought I was going to be busy next year, but just reading about your schedule exhausts me! All of the series sound awesome!

  4. Rebecca York said,

    You’re amazing! Do you ever sleep?

    I was feeling like I had a lot to do. You’ve left me in the dust. Thanks for stopping by the blog.


  5. Cross927 said,

    I cannot wait for the last VHL. I’m sitting on pins and needles.

  6. Leslie said,

    Hey, ladies! Thanks so much for the love… and you KNOW there wouldn’t be a story without some drama, LOL! OK, here’s why I’m posting at 12:20AM on 12/4 instead of anytime during the day on 12/3 (Marcia, please, pretty please with sugar on top forgive me!) No slight at all intended–this was Mom stuff. Whew! Here’s the dealio…

    OK… I’m sitting at my tube and my daughter (who is in college) calls home–barfing up everything–she’s got the flu. Student Heath apparently can’t deal with it (I suppose–since she never went there) like good ole Mom… and I get the weeping call, “I just wanna come home.” Which means I drop a payload of work, get in my car, go get meds, go get my kid, and spend a few hours rubbing on Vicks Vapo Rub, administering Nyquil, plenty of water, tea, cleaning up–did I mention that, and then have to go “poof” presto-chango and change into something reasonable to do a wine tasting with a sponsor for the February “End of the World” book launch event, LOL… with of course, Castle of Dracula Wine, OMG! You just cannot make this stuff up–and somebody lied to me when they said they (kids) leave home at 18 and go to college and you get to be an empty-nester, LOL! Oh, I feel soooo deceived, like Santa was a tall tale and I was IN–believed, maaan… had FAITH in the empty nest myth. But it’s an evil plan… they tease you, act like they’ve really grown up, and then boomerang back just when you think it’s safe to make all day and half the night plans! OY! ha ha ha! So, please, please forgive me for being off-line waaaay longer than ever anticipated today 😦 However, I just wanna thank you all for being so patient and sister-authorly, smile… I hope you all had a GREAT Thanksgiving holiday and will have a wonderful Holiday Season to come. Much love, Leslie (LA Banks!)

  7. Leslie said,

    PS: No, Rebecca, LOL–I never sleep (I’m a crazed Mom, ha ha ha!)… shout out to Michelle! Hey Vixen Sis 🙂 Thanmks Cross927–I hope the last book ties up loose ends and rocks for ya (BIG SMILE–fingers crossed that you like it)… Hi, Edie17–I hope that party is fun for everybody, we’re really working hard to make it the best night it can be! Last but not least, Marcia… thanks again soo much for having me! BIG HUG to ALL 🙂 !!!

  8. karen michelle nutt said,

    I love Damali and Carlos! I saw the book cover of the Minion at Barnes and Noble and thought, “what’s this about?” Omigod! I was hooked from book one! I went back and bought the other three that were out at the time.

    I’ll have to check out your werewolf series. They sound interesting.

    Take Care you busy woman,

  9. Marcia Colette said,

    Leslie, are you kidding me? Post whenever you want. And don’t be a stranger either. We lurves us some werewolves, vampires, and anything else that goes bump in the night. 😉

    Thanks for stopping by and send some love to the daughter for me, too. It really sucks being sick.

  10. Carpe Diem | Literary Escapism said,

    […] LA Banks is guest blogging over at ShapeShifter Romance. […]

  11. Patricia Sargeant said,

    Hi, LA. I wanted to thank you for your extraordinary books. Wow! 2009 will be really hectic for you but wonderful for your readers. LOL! Congratulations on your upcoming releases. Best wishes for 2009.

  12. C. Frink Reed said,

    Thanks Leslie for the whirlwind VHL series. Glad to know there is some hope after “The Thirteenth”. I just can’t bring myself to leave the compound. Read both books in the werewolf series. Loved it! Can definitely relate to the daughter in college drama. Wait until you’re asked to edit a paper in APA style!

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