Deep in the Woods

November 30, 2008 at 12:19 pm (Rebecca York) ()

eternalmoon-300Thanksgiving is over.  I’ve been cooking and cleaning for days.  But now I’m coming to you from deep in the back country of Pennsylvania.  Along the Clarion River, to be exact.  Where the fishing is good, and you can find secluded campsites, deep woods scenery and excellent canoeing.

Well, not really.  I’m sitting in my sun room, with rain drumming on the roof.  And my werewolf, Talon Marshall, is taking a group of five men on a canoe trip down the Clarion.  His occupation is leading wilderness trips–an excellent job for a werewolf.  It’s a profession he loves, but tonight he’s feeling stressed.  He’s afraid he’s bonded with his lifemate, but she’s a woman he can’t trust.  He thought that making love with her would make her open up with him, but she’s still keeping secrets, and he’s angry and disappointed that she doesn’t trust him enough to come clean with him.

This trip was a chance to put some distance between them, but now that he’s off leading the expedition, he’s too restless to sit still.  His clients have settled down for the night, and he wants to tramp off into the woods, change to wolf form, and run out his frustrations.  But he knows he can’t leave the men who have put their welfare into his hands.  So he’s got to see the trip through–then rush home to work out his relationship with Kenna.

Talon and Kenna are the hero and heroine of my Berkley book, DRAGON MOON., which will be out next November.  Yeah, there’s a dragon in the middle of the action.  Two of them, in fact.

I love writing stories with plenty of suspense and tension. In fact, when Talon arrives home, he’s going to find Kenna in the middle of a terrifying scene with a man who’s been stalking my hero.  But the emotions and motivations of the characters are always the focus of my interest when I write.

What draws you to a story?  The plot or the characters?  Or are you looking for a certain mixture of the two?


  1. Teresa D'Amario said,

    Oh, I have got to read that Rebecca. It sounds SO exciting! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. 🙂 Here in the Carolina’s the day was gorgeous, it was the weekend that was Hmmmmm WET!

  2. Cathy said,

    Wow, that sounds good! What draws me to the story is inner actions between characters, what keeps me there is the plot and the action in the story. Course I like to know there are shapshifters before starting the book!!

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