Watcha doing on Thursday?

November 24, 2008 at 10:35 am (General)

 I got nothin’ today.  Spent the weekend at a writer’s retreat with friends, plotting out each others books.  Then yesterday I got a kitty, and we basically have slept zero hours here in the Hauf household as the critter explores and tears a dash through everything.  Such joy, to have a new cat.  Here’s hoping the old one will accept him some time this century.

So because I am basically wordless–and currently typing with a small black paw batting at every key–I’m gonna give something away.  I just got copies of my January vamp/witch romance, THE DEVIL TO PAY.  This is Ivan Drake’s story.  Poor guy, his parents sold his soul to the devil before he was even conceived back in KISS ME DEADLY.  Quite a lot for a guy to deal with, I’m sure.  And Himself is back with a little romance himself (very little, I promise).

So tell me what your plans are for Thanksgiving.  Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house you go?  Or everyone coming to your house while you slave over a hot stove?




  1. terryspear said,

    Hey, Michele! Enjoy your kitty! 🙂 We’re having Thanksgiving at my house. We’re ever so thankful my mother’s well enough to enjoy Thanksgiving, although now my daughter has come down with the flu. argh. 🙂

    So hoping your Thanksgiving is feastful and fun!

  2. Jessica Kennedy said,

    We are staying in-town cause all of our family lives here. Dinner at father-in-laws at noon, then heading over to see the rest of DH’s family. I’m not sure when I get to fit my family in there. o.O

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Jackie (Literary Escapism) said,

    We’ll be sludging through the snow to multiple houses this weekend. Our son is staying with my sister for a few days and we’ll be picking him up on Thanksgiving morning, before going to the in-laws. Than on Friday we have my mother’s thanksgiving dinner and then on Saturday we have my father’s. Usually by Sunday, we’re sick of Turkey. 🙂

  4. Colleen said,

    Oh a new kitten… 😀 My cat is 16 years old and still thinks she owns the household! As for Thanksgiving, the usual… we all eat early at my parents…. Happy Turkey day all!

  5. Cathy said,

    Well since everyone else is going to boyfriends or husbands house on Fri, we celebrate Thanksgiving on Fri, so cousins, half siblings and even my own kids can make it to the same place on 1 day. My sister hosts and we all bring one dish each. On Thanksgiving Day this year I will have the house all to myself, fresh crab (care of my sister’s boyfriend), chilled bottle of Muscat and 3 books lined up to read!!

  6. MsValerie said,

    A new kitten?! The littlest hellion here is now about 7 months old. My saying is that God makes ’em cute so we won’t kill the little buggers! I’m not sure that the grownup cats and dogs really agree with me, but each new kitten manages to survive the “elders” and deal with their kitten karma (paybacks being a bitch, you know?).

    It’ll be just the two of us, and the critters who own us, all trippin’ on tryptophan! DH’s local family is traveling north to see the grandkids, and I’m not traveling home to see my family this year. It’ll be great…eating smoked turkey and basically pigging out, catching up on books and movies, and sleep, lots and lots of sleep.

  7. michelehauf said,

    I think my new kitty is about 7 months too! THey didn’t have an exact date but younger than a year. He’s already climbed the drapes. And you realize how poor of a housekeeper you are, when the cat crawls under all the furniture and dredges out massive dust bunnies. I’ve been sweeping all day.

    We’re going to my mom’s house for Thanksgiving. Not many of us. I think I lucked out and only have to bring a veggie/fruit plate.

  8. Cathy M said,

    I bless my sister for having a child born on Thanksgiving, because that means she cooks the dinner every year at her house, and all I have to do is bring the birthday cake. It’s always a blast, lots of laughter and good food, and she lives close enough that travel back and forth is totally manageable.

  9. Mary Schneider said,

    It’s just my mom, brother and me for Thanksgiving dinner which is fine. I have to start work at 4:30 a.m. at the bookstore Friday morning!! Yep that early!! ha ha ha We open at 5:00 a.m. So, I’m going to bed very early on Thanksgiving. Have fun with the kitty and Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 🙂

  10. Karin said,

    Well, it’s not quite over the river and through the woods, it’s more like up the street and around the corner to grandmother’s house I go. lol

    My plans for Thanksgiving are the same as they have always been. I will be going up to my mom’s parents’ house where my grandma will be cooking the turkey and waiting for me to help with the gravy. I am very much looking forward to all the traditional trappings and the new dessert I’ll be trying this year – mini pumpkin cheesecakes instead of pumpkin pie.

  11. Greta said,

    Heading home to the parental units on Wednesday and on Thursday we will have dinner at my sister’s house.

  12. Lindsey Ekland said,

    Will go to my brother’s house and my parents will bring the turkey. A small gathering this year. Then again I might work and miss most of the family gathering. I have to decide soon.

  13. Crystal-Rain Love said,

    Forget cooking. We’re getting the Bob Evans family feast Wednesday night, and just heating it up Thursday. Boo-yah!

  14. Michele Hauf said,

    keep the comments coming! I’ll post a winner at the end of the day (Tuesday)

  15. Teresa W said,

    I’m spending the day at my mom’s. My uncles are also coming over, there will be plenty to eat and we will end out the day playing poker!

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