If you loved me, you’d Change for me…

November 21, 2008 at 6:00 am (General, Lori Devoti) (, , )

by Lori Devoti

I have this tiny hang up when writing my books. Okay, I have a LOT of tiny hang ups but one I wanted to discuss today. It’s about Changing. I feel this NEED for my characters to change, and I don’t mean in the character arc kind of way. I mean Change as in Shift.

My heroes are hellhounds and garm (wolf shifters), and I have a dragon appearing next year. In human form there are characteristics they have that your normal average human male wouldn’t. But still I feel like if I’m writing a shifter book, I owe it to the reader to show my characters in their non-human form. I start to get twitchy if I realize I haven’t had them shift.

Am I the only one who feels this way?

Holiday with a Vampire II, paranormal romanceI was reading a book recently–a good book BTW–by Caitlin Kittredge. Her protagonist (female) is a werewolf, but she doesn’t show her as a wolf. Unless I missed it, the main character didn’t change even once. Now she did FIGHT changing a lot–and other characters changed–both the love interest and a villain-type. But not the protagonist. Even without the protagonist changing, you had no doubt that she was a werewolf. A major part of the storyline was about how she became a werewolf and her battle with accepting it. So, I had zero complaint with her not changing–but it made me think about my own books, and whether I overestimate the importance of seeing the character in that other form. I’m not ready to let it go–I plan on writing in the Change as much as possible, but is it just me and some strange security blanket I’ve stitched together for my books. Or is it important to all of you?

In other news 30 Days of Vampires is still going on on my personal blog. And I have TWO new releases coming out. The first is a Holiday with a Vampire II anthology for Silhouette Nocturne. It is out in stores today! The second is a shape-shifter story for Nocturne Bites. That one won’t be available until December 1 through eharlequin. It’s a hellhound story–hero and heroine are both hellhounds, and YES they both Change. 🙂



  1. Beth C. said,

    I like seeing characters shift. I sometimes wonder if the characters are really ‘shifters’ if they don’t change form. I feel cheated, like the author took a short cut and didn’t want to do the world building.

  2. Karin said,

    I have to agree with Beth. It is sometimes hard to believe a shifter is really a shifter when they don’t change. Of course, the example you give where the protagonist doesn’t change, but there are descriptions of her fighting it, would probably satisfy me as well. So, in some cases I would be okay with no changing, but I do prefer seeing the change at least once.

  3. Cathy said,

    Hey, I read paranormal for the strange, the change, the different. I want to see the change in the description. I have read and liked stories without the shift, but a shifter is “supposed” to shift, right?!

  4. Teresa D'Amario said,

    I’m like you Lori, if my shifter hasn’t shifted by a certain point in the book, I start thinking “uhm, I’m doing something wrong here.” Shifters, in my books LOVE to be in their animal form, so there are times mine shift “for the fun of it”…. But I understand not every book is written that way. I had a critiquer tell me my current work in progress is messed up – why? She starts in wolf form, then shifts to human form. he wanted to see it the other way. but dng it, it didn’t work the other way. LOL. Kinda hard to have the hero and heroine get all sexy hot if she’s still in wolf form, and starting the book earlier just wasn’t an option. So yes, I see how you could feel cheated, just like I can see my reader of that work felt a bit cheated.

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