Do shapeshifters get sick?

November 7, 2008 at 5:41 am (General)

By Teresa D’Amario
Okay, this article is a little tongue in cheek, but hey, why can’t we have a little fun.

I’m suffering with my second cold in 3 months. It’s seriously time for some echinacea, I know. But it got me thinking. Do shifters get the chicken pox? Do they Werewolves get colds? Now see, I’m one of those rare people who didn’t get the chicken pox until I was in my mid 20’s. So of course, I was then worried about my dog who kept her face in mine the entire time I was sick. So I asked the doc. Doc, can dogs get chicken pox?

My doctor wrinkles his brow in confusion, looks at me and says “I don’t know.”
So I ask my vet. Hey Doc, can dogs get the chicken pox?
My vet nods profusely. “Sure they can. Dogs can catch almost everything people have. They just can’t pass it back to you.”

Now I’m really nervous. So if dogs can catch the chicken pox, does that mean werewolves have to deal with that nasty week of itchy bumps and fever? Can you imagine? Little Joey the Wolf is having a really bad day. He’s not only got a childhood disease, but he has to remember not to shift when he itches.

But wait,,, didn’t we say that injuries heal when they shift? Within reason? Does that include viruses? Oh the trouble we weave when we have a cold. I can just see Tommy The tiger, at 8 years old, angry over having the flu. Watch out curtains! They’ll be shredded in an instant.

And if they can get people diseases, do you think shifters can get the animal ones too? It’s bad enough to think about getting their annual rabies shots, but distemper? Parvo? Ewww the pain!

So what do you think,

I just had to ask, ya know. Now, where’s my box of kleenex? Ahhh Choo!



  1. Chris J. said,

    Hey Teresa!
    Great question, I would say they are immune like they are to most things we regular humans get. 🙂
    Really enjoyed the blog!
    Have a Great Weekend!

  2. Karin said,

    Well, now, that’s a good question. I’d have to say that it’s possible for shifters to get the chicken pox, but extremely hard for it to happen.

    In my mind, given their enhanced healing capabilities and immune systems, their health would have to be comprised in order for them to contract something like the chicken pox. However, once they have it, I don’t think shifting would help them get rid of it any sooner simply because it would be a bit of a double wammy since they were probably already sick or injured beforehand.

    So, yeah, it’s possible, but very rare.

  3. blackroze37 said,

    i would rather worry about fleas

  4. Beth C. said,

    Normal human stuff they don’t get. I give mine other things…like poisoning from wolfsbane. 🙂

  5. Terry Spear said,

    LOL, Teresa. I hope you get over your cold! My mother and daughter have been sick with it, and I keep figuring I’m bound to get it next. 😦 But as to your question, first, great blog. Love it when you pose such in depth worldly thoughts. Second, I loved blackroze37’s comments about the fleas. LOL I never thought about colds. We had a dog who seemed to have a cold once. And they can get feverish. Hmmm, interesting. I’d say if they have stuff like that, since mine heal more quickly, it would be halved in terms of sickness. So if you have a cold for a week, maybe only a couple of days for them. 🙂 Worms??? yuck. LOL But if they’re eating raw meat, sure, could happen. Tapeworms even! yuck. LOL 🙂

  6. Cathy said,

    Why wouldn’t a shaepshifer catch things air born?
    I was caught in a down pour 2 times last week and had a bad head cold. My cat started sneezing the next day. All she did every time was look at me to say “It’s all your fault.” To add insult to injury she has developed allergies. For 6 weeks in the spring and Fall we both sneeze during sycamore pollination & leave falling seasons, which is now. Must suck to not be able to use tissue!

  7. Savanna Kougar said,

    Hey, all I know, is that I used to get sick when my dogs did, and vice versa. So, I would be treating them and myself at the same time. Which is no fun when it’s a particularly bad virus.

  8. Teresa D'Amario said,

    BTW, Terry, for Worms – Wolves in the wild eat a raw diet. Their bodies create certain enzymes which fight the “infestation” of worms and other things (like botulism). Some people today even feed their dogs this, and it’s called BARF – Bones and Raw Food. Only, our shifters won’t be on the “BARF” diet, unless they are rarely in human form, because that means they’d never have a burger, or slip into the line at Taco Bell. (LOL Sorry). But by eating processed foods and cooked meat, it destroys the enzymes which fight such things, so yeah, I guess it’s possible worms, botulism and other bacteria could infect their stomachs.

    Hmmm, gonna have to think on that… Maybe… Maybe their stomachs secret the enzyme naturally, even without having to be strict on their diet. This COULD be a natural “Shifter” trait. After all, it IS fiction, right? LOL.

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