Lovers & Other Monsters

November 2, 2008 at 4:16 pm (General)

That’s the title of one of my favorite anthologies edited by Marvin Kaye.  As I was trying to figure out what to blog about today, I glanced to my book shelf, and my eyes fell upon that title.  And I thought “What is it about shapeshifters and various paranormals that attracts us?”  What makes us imagine that it would be cool, rather neat actually, to take a vampire lover?  To imagine that a werewolf could be sexy and a sensual, caring man between the sheets?  To dream about a sexy faery who might flutter into our hearts?  Or to wonder what it might be like to swim alongside a beflippered selkie who will later transform into a naked, wet man in need of love?

Admit it, you dream about it.  Have fantasies.  Heck, I write about it. And I’ve always said I write first for myself.  If it makes me happy, then I hope it can make others happy too.  Does that mean I believe in vampires and werewolves?  I don’t think so.  But somewhere along the line I did buy into the fantasy enough that I now hunger for sexy paranormal reads.  Dark, brooding alpha males with a little something different about them, not quite human, but with very human emotions and needs.

Why do we, the paranormal readers, seek that something extra?  I don’t read a lot of straight contemporary romance.  The only contemporaries I read are paranormal.  I’ve always felt I needed that extra something to pull me out of the real world and into a fantasy world I could imagine living in, if not just visiting for a few hours on the written page.  Historical romance has that extra ‘something’ for me as well, and if you make it a paranormal historical—jackpot!

So why do you read paranormal?  And okay, confess, have you ever imagined what it might be like to have a paranormal lover?  A sexy vampire rapping at your window?  (I’m so into werewolf fantasies right now!)

I had to put the cover of Amanda Ashley’s Embrace The Night up here. It is my all time favorite paranormal romance cover. I think it may have been one of my first paranormal reads, as well. How can you not wonder what it would be like to stand in that man’s arms?



  1. Keira from LoveRomancePassion said,

    Haha! I wrote a post on this myself over at my blog earlier this summer, well I guess it’s not summer anymore. Fall now what with daylight savings and all.

    I love vampires. For me it’s the idea of this whole other world that you become a part of because of your lover. And even more importantly the lover (in this case a vampire) is pulled from the normal world by existing outside of time… their eternal wait to be touched by something miraculous ends with meeting you (the heroine) and what is more romantic than knowing that plain old you is something/someone miraculous to another?

  2. Beth C. said,

    I find my life rather mundane and boring at times. Really how many times can you change a kids diaper or clothes because they dripped food on it and not be bored. That extra animalistic something the shifter hero/heroine (or vampire) can be appealing when your youngster is crying because he has yet another ear infection.

    Plus its an escape. Its not real, no chance it will ever be real. I don’t like contemporaries because well most of the time they make me feel inadequate. I can escape in a paranormal because there is no chance of ‘it’ happening to me.

  3. Crystal Dee said,

    In the interest of not having to choose vampire over shapeshifter, I’ll just go with a Carpathian.
    Vampire – check
    Jungle cats – check
    Wolves – check
    Dragons – check
    All this and more in one single Alpha male. Yep! life would be beyond great.

  4. Michele Hauf said,

    It makes me think that while we enjoy being pulled into the fantasy world, the fantasy man in the story is really looking to find love in the mundane. Yes? If he falls for a mortal woman, someone not from his realm. Just a thought.

  5. Cathy said,

    I am with Michele in that I only read contemporary if they are paranormal. I read to find adventure, escape, to relax and as an added benefit I learn something new or “old” as in historicals that I didn’t know before. What draws me to paranormals is you never know what new world you will discover when open up a new book.

  6. Savanna Kougar said,

    I don’t read contemporaries either. Frankly, they bore me. Not because an author’s talent is any less than…it’s the story itself I find lacking.
    I think there are profound reasons beyond the insights that have already been mentioned, why paranormal, shifter and vampire heroes appeal. Let’s just say I enjoy their super virility for one thing. I enjoy reading it and I enjoy writing it.
    Not only are paranormal romances an escape from the mundane of life, but I think they can also offer what is missing in our current culture.
    Great blog and great comments!

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