You Shapeshifter, You

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It’s that time of year again, the time when each and every one of us gets to shift into (or dress up as) someone or something else.

According to Celtic tradition, Samhain is the night when the veil between the worlds draws thin, when it’s easier to get in touch with the dead because they’re able to be in our midst again. Pumpkins carved into frightening faces and candles in the window are supposed to keep our demons and our dead at bay, and dressing up was a means of disguising yourself from any ghouls out to get you. Samhain became All Hallows Eve, the night before All Souls Day, when the Christian monks arrived in what is now the U.K.

And we still dress up, though whether it’s to deceive the living or the dead is anyone’s guess.

Which brings me to the question of shape shifting – what will you “be” this Halloween?

If you’re not dressing up, what was your favourite Halloween costume ever?

Tell me why and you’ll be eligible to win a copy of FALLEN, as a little spooky Halloween prize.

I’ll start – my favourite costume was one that we threw together when I was about ten. I was at my friend’s family cottage the weekend before Halloween and it turned out their local community centre was having an early Halloween party. I didn’t have a costume, because I hadn’t known to bring one, so we rummaged around the cottage. I became a gypsy fortune teller – the best part of it was that my “crystal ball” was an upside down goldfish bowl. Remember the round glass ones? My friend’s mom came up with that idea, and she tied a flowing scarf around the mouth of the bowl so it wasn’t obvious what it was. We ran around chanting “eenie meenie jelly beanie” for a while, probably long enough to drive the adults nuts. It was fun.

Your turn!

Deborah Cooke
Alive & Knitting blog



  1. Cara said,

    My favorit costume was the Big Bad Wolf…My friend was Little Red Riding Hood. I was about 13. We had a ball!

  2. Jennifer St. Giles said,

    My favorite Halloween was when I was about 16, I dressed as a witch, black long wig, green makeup, fake warted nose, hunched back, big boobs, black dress and cape. NOBODY at the party knew or guessed who I was! And I didn’t tell them until the end. It was great!

  3. Pamk said,

    my most favorite costume was an alien costume that me and my buddy put together when we were about 13 or 14. She had pick footed pajamas and we deocrated her sisters motorcycle helmet with aluminum foil and made antennas to go on it. Bought some green paint and used it on her face and hands. Cost $1.29. Her mom would let her buy antying for a costume so we made our own and that was by far the coolest in the neighborhood. Would love to win Fallen.

  4. Natasha Armstrong said,

    Last year my coworker and I went as Library superheros (we work in a library). She was Super Librarian and I went as her sidekick The Dewey Defender. We had a blast. This will be the first year since I started working here (6 years ago) that I won’t be dressing up for it. I am kind of sad, but I just can’t get into the spirit this year. Too much work and school stuff going on 😦
    Natasha A.

  5. *lizzie starr said,

    My favorite costume takes some thinking on everyone else’s part. But it makes me chuckle, so that’s enough. 🙂

    Now, I grew up with my grandparents so use a lot of ‘older’ terminolory. Such as calling a refrigerator an ice box or aluminum foil tin foil. Okay? Got that?

    So, I covered my outfit in foil.

    and my name is….*lizzie.

    So, I was…. a tin *lizzie
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Crystal B. said,

    My favorite costume was a princess costume with a tiara.

  7. Keira from Love Romance Passion said,

    I have two!

    Okay this year I am dressing up as a Brigadoon peasant. You know the ones trapped in the time between real world and a faerie type world where everything is all idyllic and wonderful? Singing and dancing happened in the movie lol and I would fit right in. The costume has a black velvet corset attached to the green skirt (that scratchy material that puffs outward with a silky sheer over layer). There are white puffy lace sleeves attached to the corset and the corset under layer is a shiny green material that matches the skirt. I have flowers those ones you can buy that are fake plucked off the stem and sewn up along the bust line and lace to match the sleeves is sewn on the bottom of the skirt.

    When I was younger I once dressed up as Pippy Longstockings. I used a wire hanger and snipped off the hook end that I then held to the top of my head as my mom braided my hair around it so I would get the classic sticking out ponytail braids PL had. I dressed up in some regular but hardly worn coverall shorts with a white button down top underneath, hijacked my dad’s work socks and loafers (with more socks stuck in the toe) and went around like that. It was hard walking but I got so many questions/compliments on the hair. Oh and I took mom’s eyeliner and freckled my nose and cheeks.

  8. Colleen said,

    I love face paint… I usually paint things all over my face… one year, I took my water colors and started fooling around on my sister’s face… the final look was a tiger… since then I have become better and enjoy taking the time to create! Happy Halloween all! Enjoy!!! 😀

  9. Marcia said,

    I have two favorites. One, I dressed up as a hooker because I hated my job enough to feel like they were whoring us out to customers for the sake of a buck. And I wasn’t the only hooker. 😉

    The second one, my friend and I did it as an experiment. I was twenty-something at the time and she was forty something. Anyway, we dressed up in the Scream costumes, maske and all, and went trick-o-treating with pillowcases. Not only did we get a lot of candy, but a lot of comments on our cool costumes. So let it be known that as long as you wear a mask, you can get candy until you’re using a cane to get around. Now in all fairness, we gave away the candy.

  10. Christine said,

    Hi Deborah!
    Great costumes everyone!
    I had a few memorable costumes over the years. I remember dressing up as Betsy Ross in 1976 which was a very big deal because it was the year of our bicentennial. I also remember dressing up as a bag of jelly beans–using a clear drycleaning garment bag and lots of small balloons inside. In college I dressed up as the grim reaper and did such a great job with the makeup that I even rang the door at my parents’ house and they didn’t even know it was me! That was awesome!

    Now that I’m a parent, I usually just dress up as a black cat–wearing black pants, shirt, and cat ears, drawing whiskers with eyeliner on my face.

    Thanks for the chance to win Fallen. 🙂

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