One Cool Shapeshifter

October 23, 2008 at 10:01 pm (General)

My latest release, “A Kiss Of Frost” is a novella featured in the Nocturne duet WINTER KISSED.  It’s landing bookstore shelves right now, and only sticks around for a month, so get it while it’s hot—or rather, cool.  

Let’s talk about shapeshifter heroes who don’t change from human shape to animal shape, but something very different.  Let’s talk about my hero, Jal Frosti, who is the Frost god/faery who is also an assassin.  Jal’s natural shape is frost.  He is made of frost crystals that shimmer and waver through the air.  His minions are frost folk that do his bidding, creating beautiful designs on windows in Northern climes, curling hoar frost across the landscape, and yes, attacking those environmental offenders targeted by Old Man Winter for elimination.  

Sounds like a nasty guy, eh?  

Yeah, he’s tough, but he’s also looking for love.  Warmth.  Desire.

Jal can take human shape while in frost form.  Can you imagine?  A man made entirely of frost walking toward you?  Well, you wouldn’t see him, he’d blend into the snowy background.  But when Jal touches warm human flesh, he is able to take on human flesh.  He’s just like you and I, only a little cooler.  The guy is in need of a soft warm touch—but not too long.  You think he might melt if he gets too hot?  If the heroine’s kisses stir him to a frenzy?  

Maybe.  Maybe not.  You’ll have to read the story to find out.  😉

So what other kinds of shapeshifters have you read about?  Those that don’t shift to animal form.  I’ll draw a name from one of the commenters to win a copy of WINTER KISSED!




  1. Greta said,

    Maya Banks hero in Into The Mist – Eli changed into Mist, Smoke & Fire! That was pretty cool.

  2. Cathy said,

    Haunted – Linda Winstead Jones. Gideon absorbs and becomes electricity.
    In Inferno by Linda Howard, his brother absorbs and becomes fire.
    Firewalkers: Dreamer – Shiloh Walker, the dreamer becomes walking fire.
    In Ann Maxwell’s dancer series Reba is fire dancer. She calls fire to her though lines in her body.
    In Christine Feehan’s Carpathian novels, they can become mist, clouds and rain.

    A character is only limited by the author’s imagination. Isn’t is GREAT!

  3. Lindsey Ekland said,

    Well Changeling Press has a whole line of stories with men who shift to plants such as a pine tree, a willow and a mangrove. I somehow find plants less believable than animals which makes no sense.

  4. Savanna Kougar said,

    Wow, what you learn. I’ve used some of those ways of ‘changing’ for my heroines and heros.
    Jack Frost…too cool. Luv it!

  5. Crystal B. said,

    Your hero sounds great. I have read some of the books mentioned where they change to mist, water, smoke, and fire.

  6. Shari C said,

    Have recently read Red Fire where River can change into any type of weapon such as a dagger or sword. Also in past books I have read of shapeshifters who can become the elements such as fire and water and others who can become mist, electricity or can hide in plain sight as inanimate objects. Your story of Jack Frost whose natural shape is frost sounds very interesting and unique. Love the nocturne line and their variety of paranormal stories.

  7. MarnieColette said,

    Sounds very good… I might have to head to B&N and get this… I love Jack Frost -ish stories… winter is my fave.

  8. Colleen said,

    Wow that is a new one for me… Frost… I do not believe I have read any shifter books like that. I have read books with magic, but not non-animal shifting! Definitely have to find this book!!! 😀

  9. Michele Hauf said,

    loving the replies! Wasn’t aware of those Feehan books. Might have to search for those.

  10. Teresa W. said,

    Wow, what a wonderful new idea you have for a shapeshifter! The ones I’ve read about you shift into some kind of animal, this is a cool idea. Looking forward to the read!

  11. Pam P said,

    Frost sounds real cool, Michele. Kind of believable, too, considering the human body is made up mostly of water, guess he needs to touch and absorb some of those other elements a human has?

  12. tami blackroze said,

    really looking forward to your book!!!!!!!! love the thoughts of being the warmth for a mans heart

  13. Julie Trevelyan said,

    Your concept sounds really cool (ha ha), and quit sexy! Let’s see, I’ve read about many of the non-animal shapeshifters listed above.

    And I’m trying to remember if the bad molten metal guy in the 3rd Terminator movie (the actor later played Scully’s new partner on X-Files, can’t recall his name) could shift into things, or did he just pass through them? I think he shifted into things, metal things. Been a while since I’ve seen it! But whatever he did was cool (and freaky).

  14. Larissa Ione said,

    Wow–this sounds awesome! I’m SO getting this book! *g*

  15. Eva S said,

    This book sounds interesting, I’ve only read about wolves, cats and dragons… A man made of frost, wonderful idea!

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