Guest Blogger, Shelley Munro & Alien Cats–& A Contest!!!

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Firstly, thanks to the ladies at Shape Shifter Romance for inviting me to guest blog today. My name is Shelley Munro and I write paranormal titles for Ellora’s Cave and contemporary for Samhain Publishing. Today I’m talking about alien cats.


What is an alien cat you ask? It’s actually large feline, such as a leopard or cougar, sighted in an area or country where it’s not indigenous. Many countries have sightings of alien cats including my home country of New Zealand, Britain, Australia, Finland, Denmark and Hawaii.


It was an article in the newspaper about sightings of a black panther in the South Island of New Zealand that first snared my attention a few years ago. Since the 1990s, witnesses have seen the big cat on several occasions, yet a search by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry found no physical evidence to support the sightings.


And yet the alien sightings continue.


A big cat could certainly live happily in the area of Ashburton. The climate is suitable and food is abundant, ranging from birds and rabbits to deer and domestic livestock. As in the case of all alien cats (no matter what part of the world they’re sighted) skeptics want to know how they got there. They also want proof such as a carcass bearing bite or claw marks. Most sightings, they say, are of domestic cats or other animals.


Supporters of the alien cat stories state that big cats are secretive by nature. Sightings aren’t common in countries where they are native and many big cats are nocturnal, reducing the chances of eyewitness sightings.


Documented reports of alien cats in New Zealand are too numerous to ignore. One eyewitness said he and his wife looked down onto the river flat and saw the cat. It was a very large black cat, similar in size to his Golden Lab/Mastif cross with a long tail. Once it got wind of them, the cat disappeared smartly. Before he was skeptical, but seeing something with your own eyes is very definite.


Last year two film makers completed a documentary about the black panther sightings in New Zealand. Here’s a video of the trailer for the documentary.






Maybe it’s the romantic in me, but personally, I like to believe in alien cats. It’s certainly an interesting topic to debate, and the story about the black panthers stirred my imagination. I collect ideas and combined the panther story with one about a small New Zealand town called Middlemarch. The town has a severe shortage of women of marriageable age and they organized a dance to entice more young women to the area. My paranormal series called Middlemarch Mates was born and book five in my feline shapeshifter series releases from Ellora’s Cave on 1 October, 2008.




I’m giving away a download of one of the books in my Middlemarch Mates series (the winner can choose which one they’d like). All you need to do to enter is comment on this post. Tell me what you think about alien cats. Is it possible for alien cats to exist? Have you ever seen an alien cat? What proof would make you believe?


Shelley Munro lives in New Zealand with her husband and a small, bossy dog. If you’d like to learn more about her feline shapeshifter series visit her website at


Thanks, Shelley, for being with us here today and sharing your Alien Cat story!! Shelley will be giving away her book in a couple of days to allow for comments! 🙂 Thanks again! Terry Spear, Heart of the Wolf, Don’t Cry Wolf (coming Mar 1!!)



  1. MarnieColette said,

    Fantastic Blog… Alien Cats, I can believe that. In today’s world it could be as simple as people having illegal pets and releasing them into the wild. I personally would like to think that there is more of a mystical answer to that and leave it to my imagination.

  2. Michele Hauf said,

    Welcome, Shelley! The story sounds awesome! NEver seen an alien cat, though up here in MN we ocassionally have a bobcat roaming the city areas, gotten lost from its natural habitat.

  3. Cathy said,

    My hometown paper just wrote an article about wild cat attacks and how to avoid them. We live close to a lone mountain surrounded by metropolis cities. I live in an agriculture area. People who move here forget that this is country not the outskirts San Fransisco. Small size means food to these predators not playmates. I can easily see an “alien cat” up on this mountain not more than 20 minutes by car from downtown.

  4. Barb P said,

    Hi Shelley! I haven’t actually seen an alien cat. But personally I think that my dog is demonic so it wouldn’t be a hard concept to swallow. Cats are kind of strange, and very independant creatures anyway so maybe, they are all derived from alien cats! Thanks for holding the contest!

  5. Shelley Munro said,

    Hi Marnie – the strange thing is that in New Zealand it’s not legal to keep big cats as pets. There are a couple of wildlife parks, but not near where the cat is seen. We recently had a lion sighting up in the North Island as well, and there is a place called Zion Park that raises/breeds big cats. They didn’t have any missing.

  6. Shelley Munro said,

    Hi Michele – During my recent trip to the US I was busy looking for cats, but of course didn’t see any. You have NO idea how noisy tourists are!!! *grin*

  7. Shelley Munro said,

    Cathy – I saw quite a bit of literature in the National Parks about how to avoid attacks. The funny thing was all the info for bears and cats is opposite. I wondered if in the panic of the moment I’d mix them up. Luckily I wasn’t tested!

    Hi Barb – in her younger days, our little dog was like that. Luckily she’s mellowed.

  8. LadyVampire said,

    Great post! Reminds me of a Television series here in the US called MonsterQuest where they search for creatures and animals that have had sightings but are put down to legends and such. They recently had a search for big cats out in South Carolina and turned up some evidence but not enough to be definite. But right before the show ended, someone emailed in a picture they had taken with their cell phone that showed a cat that was definitely a cougar. And cougars have not been in the Carolinas offically for more then sixty years. Things like that really make you think about everything around us in this world that goes unseen but is still real. Myself, I’ve never seen an alien cat but I really think they exist. Anything is possible in this day and age.

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  10. Lynn Jordan--Author's Tools said,

    We have more cougar sighting in Oregon all the time. However, I didn’t they there were any left around the main highways.

    Still one night we were driving along a highway that parallels the river. When we rounded a corner, there was an animal sitting in the middle of the road.

    My mind tried to do the identification. Ir didn’t seen to be a dog and was bigger than a possum or raccoon. It seems like a cat but was much too large.

    When it saw the car, it started running right down the middle of the road. This gave us a good look at it. I was a juvenile cougar. After about a hundred yards, it left the road and climbed a tall fir tree.

    I considered myself very lucky to see such a magnificent animal in the wild.

  11. Shelley Munro said,

    Hi Lady Vampire – cats are so secretive. I agree – anything is possible!

    Lynn – wow! That must have been amazing.

  12. Rasha said,

    In thid day and age it is nice to think that nature can and will continue to surprize us. We have intruded on the animal kingdum for far too long. I’m happy to see that they still have a few surprizes up thier sleave 🙂

  13. Colleen said,

    I believe anything is possible, so yes I say there could very well be alien cats out there! We could classify them as another Lockness or Big Foot! 🙂

  14. Ilona said,

    I believe in alien cats, there are too many stories out there for them not to be. Besides, if they are true shifters too, I’d want them to be real 😀

  15. Shelley Munro said,

    Rasha – I know the people who have seen the cat in NZ are adamant it’s real. I like to believe.

    Colleen – Definitely from the same chapter as Big foot and the Loch Ness monster. I think people like the unexplained.

    Ilona – they’re very real to me. The folk in my Middlemarch Mates series feel like family. 😉

  16. Sarah said,

    Shelley-Your book sounds intriguing. Interesting subject, this. Here in the US state if Iowa, Mountain Lions are making a slow comeback in the Loess Hills in the west. Took a carcass to convince the authorities, as you said. Funny Story: About 15 years ago, a guy with no common sense bought a male African lion and chained it to his front doorknob! The guy owned a small airstrip just outside the city limits. 99% of the population were not amused, even though the elderly cat was declawed and de-fanged, retired from Hollywood. The County Board of Supervisors passed an ordinance regulating exotic animals, and the big cat found a safe home with someone else. If the lion had been younger, we would have had alien cat sightings all over the place!

  17. Shelley Munro said,

    Thanks, Sarah. I’ll admit I have a real soft spot for my Middlemarch leopards. 🙂 I wouldn’t have been amused to have a lion around the place either. I’m glad they found the lion a safe home.

  18. Savanna Kougar said,

    Hi Shelly, I have to believe in the black cats because a man I’ve known for years is a hunter, and he’s seen the black cat while hunting in the midwest, USA. Also he told me all the rangers know it’s true. They just don’t say anything for fear of being ridiculed.
    Zion! That’s the name of my hero in the my current wip.
    Great blog! I just love these kind of subjects and books.

  19. Shelley Munro said,

    Hi Savanna – this sort of thing fascinates me, too. I think the people who admit to seeing these alien cats do face a lot of ridicle. Often the first question is, “have you been drinking?” 🙂

  20. Shelley Munro said,


    Congratulations to Barb P. You’re the winner of a download of one of the books from my Middlemarch Mates series. Email me at and let me know your choice of title and the format you’d like.

    Thanks to everyone for coming along and a huge thanks to the ladies at Shape Shifter Romance for inviting me to do a guest spot.

    Happy reading!


  21. terryspear said,

    Congratulations, Barb P!!!

    I’ve been in deadline mania, and working on online workshop teaching, but have to thank Shelley for a great blog!

    When I lived in Oklahoma, a mountain lion came into our small neighborhood of Snyder, OK, where we lived on the fringe of the community. My house was across the street from one that had a swimming pool, and while they took a trip and left their German shepherd to guard the home, the lion and the dog got into a fight. Probably, the lion was looking for water in the dry, desolute area. Nearby we had a buffalo, long-horn steer, prairie dog reserve. The dog was undoubtedly protecting its territory. And was nearly killed by the cat. He survived after lots of surgery. But it made me realize how wild it really was where we lived!

  22. Colleen said,

    Congrats Barb!!! 😀

  23. Skin Trade & Chance Winner | Literary Escapism said,

    […] Shelley Munro, author of the Middlemarch Mates series, is guest blogging over at Shapeshifter Romance. […]

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