September 24, 2008 at 12:31 am (General)

I just heard from my editor today. My Berkley dragon story is approved. Yippee!!!


It’s called DRAGON MOON, and it won’t be published until October next year. I wanted to tell you all about it, but I felt like I couldn’t say anything until I got the official word. That’s the superstitious part of me talking. If I told you about it, maybe Cindy Hwang would say, “No.” Even though I talked to her about it at RWA, and she liked what I described. But I still had to put together the proposal.

The dragons enter my world through my Moon books. My heroine’s enslaved to a dragon/vampire in the alternate universe I first created in NEW MOON. And she’s sent here as a spy. So there’s a dragon bad guy. But also a dragon good guy–who lives in this universe.

I’m excited about starting this story, but I don’t want to talk too much about the plot of a book that won’t be published for over a year.

It’s funny how ideas swirl in the air. For seven books, I’ve been writing about werewolf shifters. Now I get to do two dragons. But it’s not just me. I see a bunch of other people also got turned on by dragons.

I got to do some great dragon research in China. They’re all over the place in that country. And basically they’re different from western dragons. Ours breathe fire and lay waste to the land. Chinese dragons are benevolent guardians. Lots of old-style houses and palaces have dragons and their children on the corners of the roof–as good luck charms. But my dragons will be fierce.

So why are dragons “in”?  What do you like about dragon shifters? What would you want to see in a dragon shifter–if you got a chance to have some input into his persona and his powers?




  1. MarnieColette said,

    First – CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!
    I like dragons too… big fan! My key chain says Got Dragon’s. I think it is because they personify magic and mythological creatures throughout history.

    One thing that I think I would want to see is that while he might breath fire… wouldn’t it be cool if his touch gave fire (in a total fun – sexual way).

  2. Savanna Kougar said,

    Rebecca, congrats! Dragons are becoming more populous out there in romancelandia.
    I have a few wip’s and I’d love to get one publishd too.
    I say let the author’s imagination go dragon wild!
    ‘Course, Marcia has one of the best ideas with the touch of passionate fire!

  3. Rebekah said,

    Hi rebecca. Congrats. All I say is blame Anne McCaffrey. I have loved dragons ever since I read her books a very very long time ago. Thats why I actually bought Deborah’s books and I wasn’t disappointed


  4. Rebecca York said,

    Thanks for the congrats. Marnie, I love your idea about his breath.

  5. Cathy said,

    My love for dragons started a kid. I have read about 50 in this genre. I have also started my granddaughter down this road with a collection of dragon books. She’s 11 and has been reading about dragons for 3 and a half years with each telling of the story. So as each author reveal her world of dragons I wait for the next to unveil themselves. Dragons are thousands of years in the telling I don’t think we will ever get tired of them.

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