Lightning Strikes

September 8, 2008 at 9:48 am (General)

I ask you on this glorious eighth day of September what sort of idiot ventures out into a storm, stands alone at the highest peak of a hill, and waits with their arms raised to heaven for lightning to strike while all the fierce wind and rain pound at them?

The answer: Me!!!!!!  You ask why?  What foolishness would induce someone to behave in such a manner?  It is because I call myself a writer.  Every morning I wake to the whirling turmoil of my life and instead of hiding in bed, escaping to a spa, or just giving up and going with the flow of that storm, I single myself out and climb that solitary peak to my computer and wait for lightening to strike.  The wind, thunder, and rain (kids, hubby, pets, and the other million things that conspire against me) try and force me down from that prominent point, but I hold tenaciously to the keyboard and pray for that light of brilliance to strike so that I can put words onto the page and turn them into a story.

And that’s exactly what I am doing this morning with both the blog (you can tell that the light of brilliance has yet to strike) and for the book I am currently writing BRIDE OF THE WOLF, even though its my birthday and I’d rather be spoiling myself with something fun.  Maybe you all can send positive lightning juju my way because at the moment my shapeshifting hero Navarre, a Shadowmen Warrior from the spirit world is blind and injured and chained in the evil Vladarian Vampire’s dungeon while my heroine, Marissa is being forced to wed the vampire because her brother’s life depends upon her cooperation.  I am waiting for lightning to strike to figure out how I’m going to get them out of this predicament and finish the rest of the book in twenty-two days while the storm around me in life seems to be growing to hurricane strength.  It is hurricane season after all and we sure are taking a pounding this year.

Sigh.  Nothing is ever simple, is it?  But isn’t that why we love romance and story, especially paranormal shapeshifting romance, because it isn’t simple.  There are major complications, and huge hurdles to overcome.  Yet the hero and the heroine fight the storm, climb that peak to love, but instead of waiting for lightning to strike, they make their own special lightning.

So this morning as each of you face your day, I ask who else is out there climbing their special peak and waiting for lightning to strike?  It doesn’t have to be writing.  There are millions of things.  Let me know and if you’re wanting to know more about my hunky, shapeshifting Shadowmen, you can check out the series.  Touch a Dark Wolf book 1, Lure of the Wolf book2, are already out.  Kiss of Darkness will be out 4/09 and Bride of the Wolf will be out 5/09.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep writing and I hope you all will keep reading.

Happy Shapeshifting

Jennifer St. Giles


  1. Anna(vampiregirl76) said,

    Oh my what a delicious cover. I can’t wait to read it. 🙂

  2. Colleen said,

    Happy B-day Jennifer!!! 😀

  3. Jennifer St. Giles said,

    Thank you Colleen!! And yes Anna, the cover gods did smile on me with Kiss of Darkness. LOL I can’t wait for you to read it either. Be sure and email me and let me know if you liked the story or not. I’ll tell you a secret, us solitary authors who slave away at keyboards find it really inspiring for readers to let them know that they enjoyed the story. It makes us feel that all the hard work is really worth it after all

  4. Teresa D'Amario said,

    Happy Birthday!!! I can’t wait to read this – I’ve been waiting with bated breath for the next installments in your shifter series. 😀 And like Anna said, I love the cover as well!

    ANd lightning – hmm, I need a strike of that myself!

  5. Savanna Kougar said,

    Happy birthday! Sending juju lightning brilliance your way. I need a large dose myself!

  6. Jennifer St. Giles said,

    Thank you Teresa and Savanna! Hope you day was more productive than mine! But today I will make up for it! ONWARD and UPWARD!

  7. Barbara Martin said,

    Happy Birthday and may your creative genius overflow. If you can write a wonderful post full of power, certainly you can find a way to get your challenged hero out of the dungeon. You did this post so well I will be going out to purchase the first book…and tell you what I think of it later.

  8. Jennifer St. Giles said,

    LOL, Barbara, I thank you, but what I wrote was called desperation. At least it seemed that way to me at the time. Anyway, I hope you enjoy Touch a Dark Wolf and perhaps give me a second chance with Lure of the Wolf. I had so many things pulled form the plot of Touch at the last minute (change in editorial direction for the series) that the layers and nuances I like to deepen my stories with are missing, but the hero is hot and the introduction to Twilight and its characters are solid. I’m looking forward to your feedback and thank you for the birthday wishes.

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