What’s Your Shapeshifter Romance Movie?

August 22, 2008 at 5:00 am (General, Marcia Colette) ()

I finally got a chance to see Cold Mountain and thought it was a great movie.  And like any contemporary movie I see on TV, I ask myself, “Gee.  I wonder how this would’ve turned out had they turned it into a shapeshifter romance?” 

For starters, if the hero were a shapeshifter, it might have made his journey back to his beloved easier.  He could’ve changed and went after deer or rabbit for his meals.  And if the heroine were a werewolf, too?  Aye-ya!  Their love-making reunion would’ve exploded enough to light up the hills for a month. 

Another good movie that would’ve been a fantastic shapeshifter romance: Moonstruck.  Two brothers who are werewolves messing around with the same woman.  One way or another, a fight would’ve broke out and we would’ve found out who was the real alpha on the block.  Even worse, how would they explain those bumps and bruises to Cher’s “human” character?  There would be no way I could keep a straight face through that explanation.

The King and I would make a good shapeshifter romance, too.  The only problem is being in that part of the world, I’d worry they’d either worship Anna Leonowens or call her a demon.  That’s assuming they found out.  I don’t know enough about Siam during that time to say one way or the other.  But, I bet it would’ve made it easier to teach the kids.  Just give a little growl and they’d sit still through their lessons.  And who knows?  Perhaps King Mongkut might like the “ferocious” side of her.

Do we see a pattern here?  If someone were to make a shapeshifer romance movie today, they’d have to start with the romance aspect first.  When they don’t, we get movies that feel like it was thrown in there for good measure (ie. The Incredible Hulk, Blood and Chocolate, etc.).  Even though I haven’t read the book and it’s not a shapeshifter movie, I hope the ceators of Twilight took that into account for Edward and Bella’s big screen debut.  I know I’ll be watching closely to see if my heart strings are tugged enough to want to read the book.

Any other movies you think would make for a good shapeshifter romance movie?

~Marcia Colette



  1. Edie said,

    Cher would’ve been the alpha bitch in MOONSTRUCK, even if she remained human. Iron Man would have been cool if he would have turned into a dangerous animal. Iron Wolf has a good ring, doesn’t it?

  2. Kathy K said,

    I LOVE the idea of a romance movie with shapeshifters: especially if said shifter were a wolf… there’s just something about wolves that I adore. As for a movie that I’d change to feature shapeshifter… hmmm.
    One of my favourite romance movies is “While You Were Sleeping”… pretty hard to figure out how to turn Jack into a shapeshifter, but he’d be yummy!
    Unfortunately, that’s about as far as my imagination will take me in changing something that is… but I do love the idea. ^.~

  3. LaDonna said,

    Oooh, Marcia, you’re gonna love the book, TWILIGHT. My daughter just finished the last in that series and loved it! I have to read the third one before I can get my hands on it. POOP. Can’t wait to see the movie this winter. And I loved Cold Mountain too.

  4. Marcia said,

    LOL! Edie, that whole “Snap out of it!” line and the smack would take on a new meaning. And Iron Wolf? Hmmmmm. If I were you, I’d think about getting that one registered. I can EASILY see that becoming a movie and a video game, too.

    Kathy, I’m a lover of werewolves, too. Thwy will always be my favorite shapeshifter. 😉 I could see Jack being a “Teen Wolf” version of a shapeshifter. Now, that would be hiliarious and cute all at the same time.

    LaDonna, I’ve had the hardest time with TWILIGHT. I don’t think I even made it out of chapter one. I’m hoping the movie will make me want to pick it up again because I’ve heard nothing but the best about it. It’s definitely on my list of Must See movies this fall/winter.

  5. zoewinters said,

    hahaha @ “how would this be different if it were a shapeshifter movie” you know, I think this is an excellent brainstorming tool for paranormal romance writers. We’re getting to a point in the genre where it’s not enough anymore to have some random vampire or werewolf conventions going on in the book. What’s going to make or break us I think is being able to make it a story about characters and not JUST what species they are.

  6. Savanna Kougar said,

    Hmmm…I just saw the Superman III movie on TV. Hey, Lois Lane would have been much better as a shapeshifter heroine. What kind? I haven’t figured that out yet.

  7. Marcia Colette said,

    Very true, Zoe. Exploring ideas whether they’re from the movies or urban legends, just might be the freshness that the genre needs to stay alive. I’m not saying it’s dead by any means. I still think it’s hot. But as with all things, it will run its course. There’s nothing in the “literary” rule book about where I can’t get our ideas.

    LOL! I remember Superman III. I think she would’ve made a great hyena. But then again, I’m only saying that because the makeup artist should’ve been fired. 😉

  8. Beth C. said,

    How about Sabrina. I love that movie but always thought the younger brother needed more backbone. And of course, Harrison Ford as a werewolf Alpha falling in love. Ahhh.

    One movie I can’t image as shapeshifter characters is Phantom of the Opera. But I may be blinded by love for it.

  9. Marcia Colette said,

    Beth, I’ve never seen Sabrina, but I hear it’s very good. And Harrison Ford as any kind of shapeshifter would leave me panting. He’s one of the few men who, I think, can age well.

    I can see The Phantom of the Opera as any other paranormal, but not shapeshifter. Vampire, sure. Ghost, sure. But werewolf or werecat? Not so sure. That’s one show that might be best left alone.

  10. Kris said,

    The twilight movies are horrible and are not an accurate representation of the books. My advise to you is don’t watch the movies, just read the books

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