The Reveal

August 19, 2008 at 9:40 am (General)

By Teresa D’Amario

Hi everyone. Hope you are having an awesome day. I wanted to share something with the readers of Shapeshifter Romance. This is a post I shared elsewhere during a “guest blogging” day, but I thought perhaps our readers would enjoy just as much, if not more. So sit back, relax, and let’s take a trip.

Sit back, and relax. Close your eyes for a few seconds, and let all your cares disappear. When you’re ready, open your eyes and read on.


OK, feeling relaxed? Great.

<Imagine yourself walking through the woods. The needles in the trees above your head are rustling in the slight breeze, the smell of pine all around you is strong. It smells kind of homey, like the cleaners your mom used to use. Though at times it burns your nose, and you sneeze.

Birds are chirping and you glance up, using your hand to block the hot, North Carolina sun burning down in all its glory. It’s a beautiful day, and you plan to enjoy it, hiking through the woods. It’s so peaceful . You sit on the ground, your back against a tree, with your hands propped on your knees. You watch two squirrels playing peacefully above you, hopping from branch to branch.

The birds go suddenly quiet, and the squirrels freeze. You watch as they sniff the air. Have they caught your scent? The two furry little friends dart into the safety of their home. You frown and lower your eyes, searching. An awareness ripples through you. You’re being watched. The hairs on your neck raise, your skin tingling as you quietly search the woods. Then you see him. He’s hidden beneath the brush only three feet away. A wolf. Your heart pounds in your chest, but you remain still. With effort, you force yourself to breathe as normally as you can.

He’s bigger than you ever expected. He cocks his head and sniffs the air, then as though satisfied, he steps forward. Your pulse throbs. You can feel it, in your wrists and in your throat. Your breath is still now, because you aren’t breathing, afraid even the slightest movement will set him off.

His dark gaze meets yours and you fight back the shiver of anticipation. What will happen? Will he leap and attack? Will he turn and run?

He moves closer, only inches away. You can feel him now. His presence. That tickle at the back of your neck becomes a full blown shiver. Every hair on your arms are erect, as though electrified by his presence. Because they are. You are. This is a dangerous and wild predator moving toward you. What are his intentions?

He sniffs the hand resting on your knees. The one you’ve suddenly forgotten how to move. The soft rasp of his tongue tickles, but does nothing to ease your fears. His look is mischievous, a wolf version of a grin on his face. He drops to his belly, as though to assure you of your safety. You smile weakly, and reach out to touch him. You wish you could hide your trembling, your breath now coming in soft gasps. When you touch him, he moves onto his side, offering you safety and comfort. Your heart slowly eases the pounding in your chest, and your breath slowly eases.

The wolf is gorgeous. His coat is dark brown, and his eyes look almost human.

“>“I wish you could speak,” you say aloud.

The beast stands, and you jerk your hand away. He moves closer, nuzzling you. He has accepted you. Does he believe you’re a member of his pack? The raspy tongue kisses your face, and you laugh, filled with relief, combined with the beauty of this moment. Who would ever believe a wild wolf let you touch him?

Slowly he backs away, his gaze glued to yours. The energy surrounding him increases, and you feel the prickle of fear up your spine. A bright light explodes before your eyes, as bright as a lightning strike. You close your lids in response, but force them open, curious, yet terrified at what you will see.

What do you see? Describe YOUR ultimate Shifter. I can’t wait to see who he resembles. And if you’ve got a pic (aka, some actor or book cover model) feel free to post the link! I’ll go take a peek!

One lucky poster will receive a copy of the eBook, The Moon: Tigress by the Tail, by yours truly, Teresa D’Amario to be announced on Thursday in conjunction with our guest author visit – Lauren Dane!


  1. Teresa DAmario » Blog Archive » Check out my blog at shapeshiftrromance! said,

    […] it out – and enter for a chance to win Tigress By The Tail! Posted under writing « Ok, it’s time for a little […]

  2. Dani said,

    Teresa, my ultimate shifter would look like either Jason Santiago or Jay Tavare (in this one picture I have on CTR of him). Their pictures are on page 6 in the second and third posts down on that page (Jay is the second picture in the third post on the page). Here’s the link. Enjoy the pictures! 🙂

  3. teresadamario said,

    Oh Yeah, Jay Tavare was recently brought to my attention. I admire some of the things he’s done, and the way he cares for his pets. 🙂 I can see that. Jason Santiago looks yummy too!

    Whos still trying to figure out how that first post showed up here – because I posted it elsewhere. LOL

  4. Savanna Kougar said,

    Hi Teresa, glad Lauren will be here! Hmmmm…let me see…a beautifully muscled man, yet lithe, his reflexes obviously agile. His skin color is a brown gold, a medium shade. His hair, wild and below his shoulders, is brown like the wolf. His eyes are piercing with an amber glitter. His face is strongly featured, yet not craggy, more the noble warrior, yet his smile is playful.
    I won’t go into a description of the rest of his anatomy…dream on!

  5. teresadamario said,

    aw man…. I was so waiting for the rest. LOL. Very kewl Savanna. Just what i wanted to see – a real imagination at work. 🙂

  6. Cathy said,

    The hair is dark, almost black and tightly curled down to just above the shoulder, neck thick but not short and stands about 6′- 6’1″. His shoulders are broad around 48″ with muscles winged out from a narrow waist and long torso. Narrow hips, slightly rounded butt that flow into horseman’s thighs. Well roped calf muscles, trim ankles and long narrow feet. Then he turns around…….

  7. Cathy said,

    Opps… that was supposed to be 48″ chest not shoulders.

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