What Do Shapeshifters Eat?

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This discussion came up when I began writing my vampire stories.

Vampires don’t eat real food. Why not? My vampires eat and breathe, have a beating heart, are hot blooded. Hmmm-hmm. I can’t really get into mixing it up with a cold slab of meat. 🙂 That would be like having a fling with a zombie. Except peeling body parts wouldn’t be a problem with a vampire…not the way they heal.

In fact, Dominic Vorchowsky, pictured above in The Vampire…In My Dreams, loves pizza like any other red-blooded teen–vampire or otherwise.

What about werewolves? Only eat raw beef? Can’t have a vegetarian werewolf? Why not? If the were is half human, seems reasonable the were could be a vegetarian. Not that any of mine are, but maybe in the future…one will be. Devlyn in Heart of the Wolf craved blueberries and whipped cream–and so did Bella. Dogs and wolves like to eat other things too. In fact, my Labrador retriever loved apples. 🙂 She stuck up her nose at lettuce though.

A vamp has a really hard day at the office, and she can’t indulge in chocolate? What a terrible world that would be. 🙂 Of course, dogs can get deathly ill on chocolate, so would wolves also? Might. That’s another one of those–the werewolves are part human, so maybe they can get by with something their canine half couldn’t.

Like anything with an urban fantasy, fantasy, paranormal, futuristic, or science fiction world, the author has to be consistent in the world building. As long as it’s reasonable, or if it isn’t, as long as we give a good enough reason why the world is the way it is, then we can get away with it. 🙂

So, yep, shapeshifters can eat about anything the author wants to make them eat–or drink. 🙂 

Is there something special your characters crave? Or something you’ve read that made you think what a neat idea when it came to a shapeshifter’s food cravings?  

Heart of the Wolf
Heart of the Wolf

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Terry Spear

Heart of the Wolf, Don’t Cry Wolf (final edits!), The Vampire…In My Dreams (Aug 26!)


  1. Michele Hauf said,

    Hmm, my very first vampire, Sebastian Delacourte only drank, never ate. But, he did have a strange fascination with red jello. He liked the texture of it.
    My wolves eat meat and fruits and veggies. But not raw; save that for in wolf form.
    I like to think if a vampire doesn’t eat food, and only drinks, then when he does have alcohol, he’s a light-weight. Goes right to his head. I’m having fun with that one right now. 🙂

  2. terryspear said,

    LOL, Michele! I loved your jello-eating vampire! 🙂 My vampires drink red wine. But I like your idea of it going to their heads! 🙂 Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. Cathy said,

    I finished a werewolf book last week where she was born in 1797 into wealth so never learned to cook. With a very large appetite and no cooking skills her favorite food was twinkies, boxes of them.

  4. terryspear said,

    LOL, Cathy! That’s great! 🙂 Twinkies. 🙂 Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  5. Savanna Kougar said,

    That’s funny about the twinkies! And the jello eating vampire. Hmmm, I wrote about a species of vampire who is purely genetic and ancient. They enjoy fine dining, and finely dining on drops of blood rather than any type of draining activity.

  6. terryspear said,

    Hi Savanna, I’m with you. My adult vampires are into fine dining. 🙂

  7. Teresa D'Amario said,

    The truth about chocolate (In case you decide to try that).

    Chocolate is a poison – or theobromine is. It’s poisonous to dogs, cats AND HUMANS. Oops! Did I say that? YES. For Cats, it’s death – why? Cats can’t process chocolate. Their body takes in the poison part and it stays in their system, damaging their bodies. I will never forget how Sherrilyn Kenyon shows how much her cat shifting male cared for his heroine, when he told her he wanted his chocolate, no matter how dangerous. 😀

    Dogs – It’s a by weight thing. If your werewolf were the size of a yorkie, he couldn’t eat a Hershey’s kiss without getting sick and two might mean death.

    A lab? I once had a lab raid a 5lb box of chocolate,,,, she was allergic (i.e., she itched like crazy with anything unusual in her diet) but she didnt’ so much as get sick. I hate to tell ya, if I ate 5lbs of chocolate, I’d be comatose.

    In the words of Dr. Dave, a vet who used to answer generic questions for people online – A dog can eat a large amount of quantity, just like people. per weight. If I eat 50lbs of chocolate, I’d die too, though I’d probably die with a smile on my face. 😀

    So if your werewolf is the size of a human, he can eat the same amount of chocolate as a human.

    now that I burst a bubble (oops, sorry, just got bubble gum on my face now), I have the female shifter in my work in progress craving icecream. She found Rocky road in the hero’s freezer and yelled at him for not having more. LOL. It was one of those tiny little containers. *grin*

    In SheWolf, they enjoy a nice Mexican meal at a Mexican restaurant.

  8. terryspear said,

    I had a standard poodle who was a chocolate thief. I kept wondering how she couldn’t realize that eating chocolate would make her deathly ill. And if it didn’t do her in, I was ready to. She stole a roast off a counter also. Her previous owner only fed her people food, so for two days she wouldn’t eat dog food.

    Anyway, she reached up onto a tall kitchen counter, ate half of my son’s freshly frosted Star Wars cake that he’d made from scratch for Cub Scouts, ate all of the 10 chocolate Easter bunnies I had on a high shelf in my family room for my Girl Scouts, ate the 5-pound chocolate Hershey’s bar I brought home from Hershey’s PA for my dad’s birthday–different days….and everytime I had bookoo messes to clean up. She was incorrigible. 😦

  9. Teresa D'Amario said,

    LOL Terry, see, I have a couple stories like that. I have had labs for 20+ years now. One was so bad, like your poodle she’d try to reach as high as she could. Once she shattered my crystal punch bowl trying to reach the top of the china hutch for the girl scout cookies! Thin mints of course – chocolate! She’d do anything for chocolate.

    The funniest story though is my current lab. He eats anything (even lettuce). So One day my brother and his then 4 kids were visiting – in preparation for Thanksgiving. My SIL is known for her Pumpkin cheesecake. She brought one with them, and it was huge – the size of a pizza pan! We keep the kitchen gated to keep big mouth from stealing all the food. Carla and I went shopping, leaving the men and some of the kids behind. When we got back, the gate was open, but pulled “To” so it looked closed. We went in the kitchen and I looked at the cheese cake. “Dang, those guys must have been really hungry,” she comes over and looks. 90% of that cheesecake was gone. It turns out Blackjack had eaten 90% all by his little lonesome, the men having been upstairs and the kids having left the gate open! How he closed the gate behind him is beyond me. He was cross eyed his tummy was so full but he laid there all evening with this little grin on that labby face. Needless to say, her kids learned a valuable lesson – Don’t trust Blackjack around food! LOL.

  10. terryspear said,

    LOL, Teresa, Blackjack sounds like a pirate, so perfectly appropriate. Dusty (Princess Golddust) was my yellow lab and one day my then young daughter had hold of something in her chubby little hand to eat. Don’t remember what, but Dusty saw it swinging down at her level and it smelled awfully good. I caught her pilfering my daughter’s food, but it was too late. If I hadn’t seen it, I probably would have wondered what all the fuss was about when my daughter began to cry! 🙂

  11. terryspear said,

    Oh, and a writer friend mentioned about how her dog had gotten into a whole bunch of unleavened biscuits. It made the dog drunk. 🙂 Terry

  12. Teresa D'Amario said,


    Unleavened biscuits – now that’s funny! I tell you those labs will eat anything. When we house hunt, we make it a requirement to be able to close off the kitchen with a door or child gates, because even bread isn’t safe. 😀

    Now, back to the fun things about shifters. I think we should have a NEW shifter created by someone (bitten, turned, whatever) and that person THINK they can’t have chocolate, then find out they can. *grin*. Course, if they get changed to a kitty cat, no chocolate is allowed. Aspirin either.

    Cat’s systems are very different from people and dogs. They don’t flush drugs/chemicals from their systems as we do. Dogs can take people meds more often than not, things that would kill a cat in a heartbeat. Now THAT can make for some interesting story lines.

  13. terryspear said,

    Ah, but some things for cats are the same for people. 🙂 My son, then about 4, came into wake me, must have been really, really early because I always get up really early, and said he’d taken the rest of his medicine. It took me a minute for it to register. He’d finished the rest of his medicine for an ear infection the day before. So I rushed into the kitchen, asking him what he drank. The cat’s medicine. According to the vet, it’s the same pink bubblegum medicine they give to humans. He was just worried about how much my son had taken. Well, since most was on his shirt, the carpeting and the kitchen floor, not much. 🙂 Kids and pets. Shaking head.

  14. Cathy said,

    Know what you mean but cat’s systems. My 13 year old cat can not tolerate a change in her food diet without vomiting. She has to have only the best food, no fillers allowed or it comes back up. Shots are a trial. She can have only one at a time and has to sleep off the low grade fever it gives her, I then have to wait a week before she can get the next. She loves chicken and my daughter once left marinating chicken on the counter for dinner when she went outside to get the kids. When she came back in half the skinned, boneless, spiced chicken was eaten raw. We will not go into how bad a mess she made in the house, but she was sick for almost 12 hours! I had to have the carpets professionally cleaned. Nobody leaves leftovers on the table in my house any more either.

  15. terryspear said,

    Hmm, I think professional carpet cleaners love pet owners, don’t you? Keeps them in business. 🙂

  16. Teresa D'Amario said,

    Kids and pets – yep. I had my carpet removed downstairs and put hard floors in. With black dogs, a light gray carpet doesn’t work. On top of it, it was Berber (NEVER recommend berber to people with pets and children – it stains something miserable).

    Funny about your son taking cat meds. Probably amoxicillin? I once said to a doc “Sounds like something I gave to my cat.” She gave me a dirty look, but it was! LOL.

  17. Teresa D'Amario said,

    Oh one more thing of interest. Difference between dogs and wolves. I once saw a special – who knows – animal planet or something. Wolves and dogs, when given a raw carcass eat different parts of the body. Dogs go straight to the liver, kidneys – organ type meat, thus the reason so many dog trainers use liver. Wolves however, they prefer the intestines. Why, I don’t remember. But it is an interesting difference.

    Both species eat what they can, and many species of dogs eat the same WAY wolves do (eat as much as they can, when they can). But apparently they eat different THINGS when given the opportunity.

  18. Savanna Kougar said,

    I read a book ages ago about Wolves going for the intestines first. And the author said it was because of the partially digested vegetables and enzymes. That was how they got their veggies, and that raw wasn’t good for them.
    Wow, what a cool discussion. I had lioness shifter girl like chocolate — but I figured it was her human side. And the hero was trying to take care of her.

  19. terryspear said,

    Hmm, interesting, Samantha and Teresa about wolves and intestines. Might have a gross factor for werewolf readers though. 🙂

    But yeah, great discussion! Thanks, ladies!

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