Ten ways to know your lover is a shape shifter!

August 8, 2008 at 4:31 am (General)

Hi all. Been an interesting week for me at this end, so I thought I’d have a little fun with ya. 😀

10. His favorite song is CHANGES.

9. You’re missing two fresh steaks which were in the fridge just five minutes ago, and hubby is licking his chops.

8. You hear strange howling every time there’s a full moon.

7. Meet the folks day happens at the local zoo.

6. Every time the radio plays the song Werewolves in London, your sweetie starts howling and snarling.

5. You find heart worm prescriptions all over the house.

4. You are busy cleaning hair from your shower drain every single day.

3. The silver necklace your mom gave you burns his skin.

2. The Hickie on your neck from the other day required 10 stitches to fix.

1. He appears naked and sweaty too many times to be called a streaker!



  1. Colleen said,

    😀 I enjoyed that!!! Nice list!!!

  2. Cathy said,

    Well damn! I think my son-in-law maybe one. I thought he just couldn’t sing, was always hungry because he is only 25 6’6″ and 275 lbs. He says the hair is from my daughters 3′ locks and the pills are for the dog. Yeah, right!

  3. teresadamario said,

    LOL Cathy, See, there’s more than you ever expected. surprise!

  4. Savanna Kougar said,


  5. Marcia said,

    LOL!! How about if snarls when you mention whips and chains as a way to spice up the sex life?

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