Guest: Cynthia Eden

August 7, 2008 at 1:16 am (General)

Welcome Cynthia Eden to the Shifter’s blog today  And check out those amazing covers!  One lucky poster will win an autographed copy of WHEN HE WAS BAD from Cynthia, so do comment! 

Not All Shifters Are Created Equal


Hi, everyone!  I’d like to offer a big thanks to Michele for inviting me over today—I’m happy to be visiting at Shape Shifter Romance blog.  


I love shape shifters. Love them.  My first single-title release from Kensington Brava,  HOTTER AFTER MIDNIGHT, featured a wolf shifter hero.  Of all the shifters, the wolves are some of my favorites to write.  Ah, wolf shifters—dangerous, primal, sexy—they can be such great characters. 


Some shifters, by their very natures, tend to be amazing heroes. Their “animal” sides have reputations for being fierce, wild, strong—so many interesting traits for characters. 


And then, there are some creatures that just…well, aren’t great characters. 


When I think of sexy shifters, certain animals immediately come to mind. In addition to wolves, I love reading and writing about jaguars (I did that in my June 08 contribution to the WHEN HE WAS BAD anthology), tigers, and even dragons. Yes, dragons.  Now, sure, when my editor first found out that I had written a story about a dragon shifter, she was afraid that scales wouldn’t necessarily be sexy. Ah, but as she found out, sexiness can all be in the execution.  Sometimes, anyway. 


However, I think there are some shifters that are just…not sexy.  Or else an author has to work VERY hard at making the shifters sexy. Some examples?  Hmmm…I’d personally choose not to write about an armadillo shifter. Or a turtle shifter.  Or a raccoon shifter. Those just aren’t strong, they aren’t powerful—they aren’t sexy.  Not good shifters for me.  The images that they bring to mind—they make me wince. 


But what about you?  Do you have favorite shifters?  Are there some shifters that you’d prefer to never, ever read about?  Tell me…and you could win an autographed copy of WHEN HE WAS BAD—and you’ll be getting yourself a new shifter story!  (One that I promise is free of turtles and raccoons.)  



Cynthia Eden
HOTTER AFTER MIDNIGHT–Available now from Kensington Brava
WHEN HE WAS BAD–Available now from Kensington Brava
Believe in monsters. They believe in you.



  1. Lilly K said,

    Hi Cynthia,

    For me a sloth shifter would not work – ever. There is nothing remotely sexy or powerful about them.

  2. sidhevicious said,

    Hi Cynthia,

    I agree with you completely on this. I’m going to have to say that an elephant, rhino, or whale shifter wouldn’t inspire me to think of anything along the lines of sexy, although I gueess they are powerful. And I have to second Lilly on the sloth comment.

  3. Pam P said,

    Hi Cynthia. I read the wolves and tend to like dragons and feline shifters, and merman. Some that wouldn’t make me think sexy – rat, ox, rhino, elephant, alligator.

  4. Natasha said,

    Wolves (of which I have a tattoo) and felines (as already mentioned…lol) are definitely good! I am reading Dragons right now which are good (always had a bit of a fasination with dragons). I have to disagree with the rat one (they aren’t so bad in LKH’s Anita books). Snakes, the rhinos, elephants, insects *shiver*, yeah, those wouldn’t do it for me.

  5. Ann M. said,

    I agree that there are shifters that are not “sexy” and would be a harder sell. Maybe if one was writing a shifter story with humor involved.

  6. Cathy said,

    My sister is a biology teacher with a degree in zoology. Every time I go over to her “zoo” (not my idea of a home) I get a first hand reason why snakes, rats, mice, and bugs would NOT make good shifter stories.
    I’ll look forward to dragons, wolfs and big cats!!

    Cynthia, just “discovered” you last week and picked up 3 of your books. Welcome!

  7. Cynthia Eden said,

    Thanks, again, Michele, for the blogging invitation!!

    Hi, Lilly! Oh, a sloth–that one wouldn’t work so well for me, either. LOL. Although sometimes I feel like a sloth…

    Sidhevicious–hey! Hmmm…you know, I’m not sure how to even go about writing a whale shifter story. I’m just not certain I could ever pull that one off! I’ll leave that to another writer. 🙂

    Oh, Pam, I like those, too! And I’ve been looking for a good merman read lately–any suggestions?

    Natasha, I’ve got a fascination with dragons, too. And since you brought up tattoos, I’d sure like to get me a dragon one (perhaps one day soon when I get over this wee bit of fear I have).

    Ann–I think you’ve hit on a great point. If it were a real light-hearted story, I think an author could pull off some of the shifters mentioned previously. All in the execution, huh?

    Thanks for the comments!!

  8. Crystal B. said,

    For me, I would not like to read about a rat, snake, pig or insect shifters.

  9. Cynthia Eden said,

    Hi, Cathy! Thanks for the welcome! Oh, wow, I think I’m very envious of you–I’d love to have a zoologist close by–I’d question the poor person day and night for my “research” (okay, I just really like animals and if I can call it “research” I will!).

  10. *lizzie starr said,

    hmm, interesting how we tend to see shapeshifters as carnivores. 🙂

    What if a shifter was say, an antelope. Now, the running and speed are kinda sensuous. But would it be enough? As always, that would depend on how the author presents our non-meat eating shifter.

    I think it’d be fun to see more shifters in romantic comedy.

  11. Cynthia Eden said,

    Hey, Crystal! Thanks for the comment. I’d definitely not be too curious about a pig shifter. 🙂

    Hi, Lizzie! Interesting carnivore observation–I hadn’t even realized that. And maybe in the future we will see more comedy shifters. That would be fun!

  12. Colleen said,

    I agree with the lot… werewolves, big cats, etc. are great! I do not see anything sexy about a person shifting into something alot smaller… like a hamster, a bug, a meercat, etc… how would that work!?! going from a 5-6ft. person to something under 18 inches, unless you turn into a giant hamster… definitely not sexy!

  13. Barb P said,

    Hey Cynthia! Just thought I would pop my head in and say hi! I did want to mention that Christina Dodd’s series has one of the lead characters shifting into a bird of prey. It was either a hawk or a falcon. Very sexy indeed! I did see a movie where a girl shifted into a Guinea Pig! HMMMM. Take Care

  14. Cynthia Eden said,

    Hi, Colleen! I’m so glad the consensus is for the wolves and the big cats–I do love them.

    Barb, thanks for telling me about Christina Dodd’s series–I’ll have to check that out. What was that movie (years ago) in which Michele Pfiefer (spelling?) changed into a hawk? Ladyhawk? Not sure about the title, but I remember absolutely loving the movie.

  15. Cathy M said,

    My favorite shifters are wolves and big cats, too. Just read a Kathleen Dante story with a lamia, she could shift into whatever or who ever she wanted, and that was pretty unique. Rodent shifters would probably be my least favorite.

  16. danette said,

    Hi Cynthia,

    I’ve got shifter love for Dragons. Sexy,powerful and wise creatures.

    I wouldn’t mind a turtle shifter. If I was laying on the beach next to a sea turtle who poofed into a yummy olive skinned man with surf shorts on, I would invite him over to my beach towel. 😀

    Hugs, Danette

  17. jessaslade said,

    Rumor has it there’s a were-duck story out there. Possibly written tongue in cheek. I have a mass conversion issue with some shifting stories. My persisently scientific mind wants at least a semblance of possibility that a 6+ ft, 200+ lb man can become a certain shape. So unless he’s a super dense duck…

  18. Cynthia Eden said,

    Hi, Cathy! 🙂 Ah, now I do like the idea of being able to choose which animal the hero or heroine takes–very intriguing.

    Ah, Danette–that’s one good fantasy. LOL.

    Hi, Jessaslade! I’ve heard hat rumor–I must find out if it’s true.

  19. Teresa W. said,

    Love your books and I’ve read many of them. I enjoy reading about shape-shifters with werewolves being my favorite. I have a love for dolphins and would like to read a book about a dolphin shape-shifter! Anybody else out there agree with me. I also have a love for oceans. Nice seeing you here today.

  20. Shari C said,

    I love to read about shifters such as dragons, big cats and wolves. They are each so exciting and unique in their own way. I would not care to read about pigs, cows, camels or rodents to name a few…does not creat a good picture in my mind…no way!

  21. Sue A. said,

    Reptiles are totally out! As are any other creatures that inspire fear or dread. No farm animals either. Elephants are my favorite land mammal, because of their matriarchal hierarchy so they’re not good shifter material for me. Sea mammals are okay. But I like large cats and wolves best.

  22. Patti Paonessa said,

    I love shifter books. How about a bear or a horse. I have read a lot of Mercedes Lackey and her horses/companions always had great personalities. What about an ape/gorilla??? I will always love wolves and dragons are good too.

  23. Cynthia Eden said,

    Hi, Teresa! Thank you very much! Oh, I do love dolphins–and that would be an interesting shifter.

    LOL, Shari–I completely agree!

    Sue, large cats and wolves are my favs, too.

    Hi, Patti! I’ve heard about Mercedes Lackey’s stories–I actually have one in my TBR pile right now!

    It’s been great guest blogging here today. Thank you all for the comments!

  24. Cathy said,

    Just picked up Marjorie M. Liu’s The Wild Road about a bird of prey shifter. If I remember right she wrote about a dolphin shifter in an earlier Dirk & Steel book. Also there was a dolphin shifter in Making Waves, whoopee was he hot!! want to read about the 2 brothers now. Nina Bangs wrote about a dolphin shifter, or was it a shark? whatever, he was dripping sex appeal coming out that ocean.

  25. Savanna Kougar said,

    Hi Cynthia, your book looks like a great read.
    Celia Kyle is the author of the duck shifter book, I forget which publisher.
    Also, Darragha Foster is the author of a two whale shifter books.
    Of course, I adore wolves and all the big cats. Also dragons and horses.

  26. Eva S said,

    Hi Cyntia,
    thanks for your books, I love shape shifters, especially wolves and big cats and I’m always looking for new-to-me authors writing about them.

  27. Eva S said,

    Sorry about the name, don’t know where the H went….

  28. Edie said,

    I love dragon books. I think your dragon shifter will do really well.
    I’m still wondering why no one has a cocker spaniel shifter. What could be cuter? And just think, in its spaniel shape it can lick the heroine’s feet. 🙂

  29. new_user said,

    I think it’s usually the grace, power, and aggression that makes a good shifter, particularly the latter two, so I couldn’t see something like a horse shifter or something gross like an insect shifter, but I really would like to see some creativity. I’m all for bear shifters, Dodd’s books have a cougar shifter and a hawk shifter. I love Abe’s dragon shifters; they’re so unique. Wolves and big cats are the main predators most readers are familiar with, I think. That must be why they’re so prevalent, but I want to see some risks taken. It’d be great to see some mer or sea animal shifters, or some gargoyles.

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