Non-Animal Shifters

July 18, 2008 at 1:31 am (General)

The hero of my current WIP is a shapeshifter, but he doesn’t change to an animal form.  Two and a half centuries ago, a demon moved through him, leaving behind its shadow.  So now my hero can shift to a shadow form.  He can be a solid shadow, or very insubstantial as he glides along the walls in shadow shape.  While he’s in shadow form, he can walk into people’s dreams, and vicariously experience their most erotic fantasies or even their hideous nightmares.

We’ve mostly discussed animal shifters here, so today I want to hear about the non-animal forms.  What other kinds of shifters are there out there?  Ever read a hero who can shift into an inanimate object?  A chair?  A car?  What about natural elements, such as water, wind or fire?  What are the pros and cons of some of these shifts?  If in fire form, would water defeat him?

Tell me about these different types of shifters you’ve either read or written!



  1. Shari C said,

    I have not had the pleasure of reading about any shifters except animal ones, but shifting into a shadow form sounds unique and interesting to me.

    I did once see an episode of the tv show ‘Charmed’ where a demon could shift into any object he wanted such as various pieces of furniture to hide himself in open view.

  2. Marcia Colette said,

    My latest WIP has a woman who can make herself invisible. On a similar note, the sequel to my werecheetah book features a chameleon-like secondary character who blends in with her surroundings.

    A shifter who can make himself into a chair would be very interesting. It brings new meaning to the words lap dance. You can’t get anymore ergonomically correct than that. 😉

  3. Savanna Kougar said,

    Lap dance! That’s too good, Marcia.

    Hi Michelle, one of my heroes can shift to shadow, however he doesn’t walk the dream realm of anyone else. Well, it’s a magical world and no one would let him.
    I also have a hero who has been genetially designed to be a fire starter and turn into flame, whereas the heroine who can also turn into fire, has the ability to draw fire inside her to forest fires, for example.
    Cool shifting topic!

  4. Colleen said,

    This is a first for me hearing about shifting being non-animal… the only time I have heard of something like this would be as a power. Are unique powers considered shifting? I say anything goes inorder to make an interesting character come to life! 🙂

  5. Cathy said,

    Feehan did that in her Carpathian series as they change into partials of fire, wind or rain as well as animals. It seams to have worked well for her!

  6. harrymarkov said,

    I encountered plant shifters, although I am not so sure where. People can turn to different flora and in Farscape there was one alien, who was a sentient plant and maintained a physical body.

    I would like to mention that shapeshifting is also not restricted to animals and objects. What about shifters that shift to people. Like Mistique from X-Men, being anyone you please is a great skill.

    In my far far away UF project I have elementals, who are actually highly condensed elemental enerhy, which could shift into teh primal elements.

  7. Kay said,

    I um can shift into other things besides animals. My friend calls me a bonder. I shift into Shade,dino(because of the fossil),once a fighter jet,etc. Although I have to gain control of the form I love shifting, all I have to do is touch it and I can shift into it. Sooo does that count

  8. Paige said,

    I am a shifter for real. I can change my body into any form and change the shape of it too. I can make my breats bigger my legs longer or make my stomach flater for real.

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