July 11, 2008 at 2:52 am (General)

Here I am with a dragon in the Forbidden City in Beijing
With a dragon in the Forbidden City

As some of you know, I’m back from a three-week trip to China.  And as you also might know, China is the land of dragons.  Dragon art.  Dragon sculpture.  Dragon stories.  I loved it because I’ve recently gotten into these magnificent creatures.

I’ve got a story coming out in the MAMMOTH BOOK OF VAMPIRE ROMANCE this month.  When the editor contacted me and asked me to contribute to the anthology, I wondered which direction to take.  I’ve written a couple of vampire stories, but a hero who drinks blood just doesn’t have the basic appeal for me as a hero who can shift into a sexy beast.  So I thought–can I combine those two themes?  And I came up with the idea of a hero who lives on blood–but also shifts into a fearsome dragon.  (And, to continue a discussion that was started in one of the posts below, he also shifts into other shapes, because he really does have the ability to be anything he wants.  As the heroine puts it, “He’s magic.”) 

I loved the power of his dragon shape–and the way the heroine rides on his back when he flies to her father’s castle to incinerate the invading barbarians.  And on my trip I loved getting an up-close look at so many Chinese dragons.  I came home with a bunch of fresh ideas.  Shifter ideas.  And ideas that aren’t tied to western mythology.  I hope to play with them in the near future.  (And I’ve got a couple of carved jade dragons and a very nice collection of dragon tee shirts–some of which I’ll take to RWA later this month.)


So the question is, what do you think of dragons?  Do they have the same appeal for you as wolves or big cats?   Or are they just too damn big????
You can read all about my trip at .  I’ve got some pictures there and more pictures on my Web site ( in the Gallery section.

Commercial coming–

While I’m here, I’d like to tell you I’ve got a non-shifter book out this week.  It’s a Harlequin Intrigue called SOLDIER CAGED.

The story starts with Major Jonah Baker who wakes from a nightmare to confront two sets of memories. Was he on a diplomatic mission to Thailand? Or did he participate in a village massacre in Afghanistan? And why is he being held by military guards in an underground bunker that looks like it was set up as a nuclear fallout shelter?

When Sophia Rhodes sneaks into his room, he thinks she’s come to assassinate him. But Sophia may be the key to Jonah’s salvation. When she reminds him of his  passionate past, his own memories surface. But is she in the bunker to help him? Or trip him up? And how did she get there in the first place?

As I said, Jonah’s not a shifter.  But he’s the same type of sexy, edgy alpha male I love to write.  And the story has as much intensity as any of my werewolf books.




  1. *lizzie starr said,

    Let me be the first to say I love dragons!:) In fact, they’ll play the leading roll in my next wip!

    For me they have as much, or maybe more appeal than some other shifters. And size…well sometimes it matters. 😉 There’s often a size difference in the shifter’s human and animal forms anyway, so as with anything, as long as the size difference works in the story, it works.

    Thanks for sharing your trip and pictures! And the commmercial? Looks like a great book.

  2. Rebecca York said,

    I forgot to say–I think the cover of SOLDIER CAGED looks paranormal, even though it’s not. Why? Because it just worked out that way, or because they know that’s my audience?

  3. Rebecca York said,

    I do think that, for some people, there’s a problem with a human changing into something with much different mass. Like–where does the dragon mass go when the shifter changes back to human form? For me, I just go with the “willing suspension of disbelief.”

  4. Shari C said,

    Great cover!
    I totally enjoy shapeshifters and dragons are the best of the best. I love to read about them as they are so unique and awesome and my imagination can go wild.

  5. Teresa D'Amario said,

    Sorry to be late. I read this last nite and was falling over sleepy, so decided to wait to respond. I do love dragons. I keep a Chinese dragon hanging from my rear view mirror in my truck. 🙂 I can’t wait to see how you incorporate these wonderful new ideas.

    For me, about the mass issue – I figure shifting is magick. Magick can be described as science we don’t understand yet, so when they shift, they can’t explain where the mass goes, because our science hasn’t reached that level of knowledge.

    And yes, I love the new cover too!

  6. Barbara Martin said,

    Dragons would intrigue me more than cats or wolves, mostly because it’s a different type of shifter. Going to China and looking at the different types of dragons would be a bonus with respect to research. There is always room for more dragon stories in the world…look at Naomi Novik and her series. I’m certain you will come up with a very interesting story for your readers.

  7. Deborah Cooke said,

    Well, I LOVE dragons! I think dragon shifters are the best, but then, I might be slightly biased…

  8. Cathy said,

    I collect dragons. I have them in books, boxes, shelves, shirts, books, DVD movies, embroidery designs, computer pictures, graphics, did I say books?
    I just got back from a Hawaii vacation. You know what I didn’t find? Dragons! What’s up with that! Good thing I bought 3 dragon books before I went!!

  9. Savanna Kougar said,

    Me luvs dragons too. I’ve always thought of them as magical and magnificent. I also enjoy drawing them.
    As far as mass, everything is frequency, it’s just a matter of a shifter arranges that frequency into mass.

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