Dragon Brother & Panther Sister???

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In my werewolf stories, my characters are strictly werewolf shapeshifters, but in an earlier futuristic novel I wrote the brother is a dragon and the sister is a panther shapeshifter. I’d never read any shapeshifter stories at the time and the focus wasn’t so much on their shifting as the plight of their world and the fact the hero doesn’t know about her strange ability and she’s afraid he’ll cast her aside when he does learn of it. 🙂

But since then, I’ve tried to keep my werewolf series as realistic as possible and was wondering about the feasibility of a brother and sister who become different kinds of animals. I know that some authors write about creatures that are parts of different animals, or can change into a bunch of different creatures, but what about being from the same birth parents? Why would one be different from the other?

Any thoughts on the subject? 

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  1. Beth Trissel said,

    Interesting question. Considering how different two siblings can be, I don’t have a problem with this. I’m trying to recall that movie, The Island of Doctor Moreau, and why different characters took on the forms of various animals and whether they were related. I think they were. His favorite ‘child’ was a cat part of the time.

  2. terryspear said,

    Hey Beth, thanks for dropping by! Hmmm, I saw that! I can’t remember either! LOL 🙂

  3. teresadamario said,

    Honestly, I have a precedence. In my series, if interbreeding occurs, the daughters take after mom, and the sons take after dad, so it’s quite possible to have both in one family. 🙂

    Another author has where the child takes on Mom’s shape and dad’s size. Interesting concept, because you can have some pretty different size characters out there.

  4. terryspear said,

    Okay, so it’s a genetic factor that decides this….I can live with that. 🙂

  5. JenniferGlover said,

    In The Island of Dr. Moreau, the creatures were surgically altered and given drugs to maintain their surgically altered forms (at least in the book that’s the way it was explained).

    I also see the dragon/panther siblings as a genetic trait. Maybe some forms are genetically dominant and some are recessive.

  6. terryspear said,

    Thanks, Jennifer! Dominant and recessive genes. I like that! Thanks!

  7. Savanna Kougar said,

    I think everyone has already touched the bases I would on this one. I like the idea of the mom and dad being part panther and part dragon already, and that’s how the genetics line up. Or perhaps, they have a way bringing forth the kind of shifter child they want from their genetic mix.

  8. terryspear said,

    Sounds good to me, Savannah. I had that it was rare in their futuristic world that any would be shifters, but when they were, at least two of the females in my story were panthers, and the one’s brother was a dragon. 🙂 So it would fit well with that scenario. 🙂 I’ll just have that the genes are recessive and so don’t occur all that often. And when they do, the males have the dragon predisposition and the females the panther. 🙂 Then I can make up some earlier scenario how this came to be. 🙂

  9. Cathy said,

    After reading these posts I have another suggestion. I don’t know if I read or watched it or has been in the back of my mind for some time. Personality and physical abilities cause the predisposition. Such as if you are large, slow moving, you may became a bear. Swift, long sighted a hawk. Or as in some Native American cultures a vision that chooses your spirit guide – instead an inherited magic that chooses it.

  10. terryspear said,

    Thanks so much, Cathy! Yes, great ideas. I’ve read some stories with the idea that a spirit guide reveals the nature of their magic. Forgot all about that! Thanks! 🙂

  11. rainedelight said,

    Hi Terry,

    I have two shapeshifter stories on twin brothers whree one is a dragon and another is a wolf. The whole family is shifters of some kind but it doesn’t manifest until they hit puberty and they find out what kind of animal they shift into.

    I find that as long as you make it realistic as possible, then no one should have aproblem of two siblings being something entirel;y different. Though it does cause some wonderful “what if this or that happened?”

    Raine Delight

  12. terryspear said,

    Thanks, Raine! Okay, sounds good. A dragon and wolf. 🙂 I can imagine the siblings getting in a fight with one another. Singed fur and all. Mine are twins also. 🙂 Thanks!!

  13. liquidangel said,

    so i know its a little late on this but just found this place:) there is more then one way of becoming a shapeshifter, why not go the infection way with it. for exp, the father or mother has a past lover that is a dragon shifter, finds the happy family of of kitty cats , and infects one of the twins with the dragon, to get back at his/her lost lover. being that the dragon would be stronger then the cat that is inside the twin, the dragon takes over and becomes the man shifting animal:)

  14. terryspear said,

    Never too late, Liquid Angel! You have some great ideas! 🙂 Thanks for finding us and be sure to drop in anytime! 🙂 We run contests periodically!


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