The Female of the Species

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By Teresa D’Amario

Hi everyone. 🙂 I’m so happy to see you here today. 🙂 I thought I’d start us off on a slightly new topic. The Female of the Species

Most of our books are all about the man. The man who turns into a beast, that is. He’s strong and powerful, dripping with unbridled testosterone. Driven by his need to find a mate and to protect her. We’ve all discussed how hot he can be, partially because he’s so natural… he doesn’t need the trappings of human society. They just weigh him down.

But what about the female ? How does she find a mate in this mismash world of humans and shifters? One who compliments her, is strong and powerful enough to hold his own against a female who’s probably stronger than he will ever be? Or is she limited to only male shifters as mates?

Let me tell you about Cassie. Cassie is a Tigress. She’s led a somewhat sheltered if naive life, under her father’s care. She’s been out and about in the human world, even attended school in the human school system. But she’s held herself apart, afraid to get too close.

What kind of male will appeal to her? As a tigress, she’s so powerful that no male, unless he is tiger shifter, will ever challenge her physically. So what’s the appeal? What male, human or otherwise, would step into a relationship with one of the most naturally aggressive creatures on the planet?

Let me introduce you to Lance. Lance is a Wizard. The youngest of 5 children, his 3 brothers have coddled him, and protected him from evil all his life. He’s frustrated, determined to break out of his protective cocoon, to live life to it’s fullest, to have a purpose where before he had none. Lance is surprised to find shifters really exist, yet exhibits no fear when in the presence of her tiger self. He reaches out to touch her coat, curious at the sensation. His bravery is duly noted by the female he touches.

But how does he hold his own? Can a simple wizard mate with a shifter? One who could kill him by accident? Lance has a few secrets up his sleeve, some of which are even a surprise to him. He likens his attraction to Cassie to that of hang gliding. Dangerous. Scary, but exhilarating.

You can read about Cassie and Lance on July 15, when Tigress by the Tail: The Moon, is released by Tease Publishing!

So my question for you readers, what traits would the human male have to have to survive in the world of shifters? What would he find attractive about his future mate?

Tell me your ideas about the female of the species. What can a man offer such a woman?


  1. Moira said,

    Ok T, I have no traits for you… oh wait… maybe one… I would think he definately has to have strength of character. I mean, a strong female would not be attracted to a male who has no confidence in himself, right? He cannot scare easily, nor can he be afraid of a woman who is stronger than him. That’s all I got… sorry. I tried but you my dear, go right for the difficult questions. I mean Cassie is looking for someone who can hold their own against her… Sigh… BTW I am routing for the wizard because well just look at the could I not?

  2. Savanna Kougar said,

    Teresa, your Tigress book looks tremendous!
    Truthfully, I doubt a mere human male could hold his own, as human beings are commonly thought to be, their limitations.
    However, as a wizard I’m sure your hero does have a few great and wonderful tricks up his sleeve.
    My sci fi lionees shifter could only respect the human hero because of his strengths, which were enhanced due to genetic engineering, yet were not the same as her ‘strengths’. Of course, it was his fierce passion and heart for her, his ability to love her for WHO she truly is, which she responds to, and decides he’s worth taking a chance on.

  3. Teresa D'Amario said,

    I think you’re both right. Mere humans probably couldn’t handle a shifter of her nature…. but a wizard does have his gifts which gives his own power. It may not be physical strength, but it’s strength all the same. 🙂 But I do agree that strength of character is a major point. But sometimes we ladies find strengths in our men that others may not note. Bravery is a type of strength and yes, a male must be very brave to take on a tigress! She could kill him in one swat!

    And he must love danger. LOL. Maybe he bungee jumps in his spare time. Hmmm, or rides a speedster down the autoban in Germany. LOL.

  4. Marcia said,

    If he’s a human, he had better have a LOT of stamina. And I’m not just talking in the bed either. It’s almost like the scenario where the woman is bringing home more money than the guy. Not all guys are comfortable in that role. It’s not like he’d be able to talk to his buddies about it either.

    Unless he can put his ego aside, there’s no way he’d survive her world. That means taking shots to his confidence whenever trouble arises. Less confidence means less sexiness, IMHO.

  5. Terry Spear said,

    Great post, Teresa!! With my first two books, Heart of the Wolf and Don’t Cry Wolf, the hero and heroine are both shifters, so both are strong and capable. But they’re different species of wolf. In Betrayal of the Wolf, he changes a human female, but there’s something special about her. In Allure of the Wolf–both the hero and heroine are human and changed…soooo…again, they’re pretty well matched, but what a mess thay have to deal with–talk about learning curve. 🙂

    Fun post, Teresa!

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