To shift or not to shift — vampires

June 30, 2008 at 6:14 am (General)

Okay, I admit my love vacillates between vamps and weres lately.  Today, it’s vamps because not only am I writing a vampire story, but I also have a new vampire story on bookshelves.  [Warning: self-promotion ahead.]

I fell in love with vampires reading Anne Rice, but I really learned about vampires by reading Stoker’s Dracula.  I don’t recall Rice’s vampires shifting to forms other than the human shape that have (though they do turn almost to marble as they age).  But Dracula, now there was a shifty vampire.  He could do the bat thing and the wolf thing.  He would even age if he hadn’t taken blood for a while, and then, after a nice shot of the crimson cocktail, he’d be back to a more youthful appearance.  The animal shifting he did by will; the age thing I think he had to work at.  

My current release, HIS FORGOTTEN FOREVER has no shifting.  Sorry.  But it does involve a shift in behavior.  A vampire who once enacted cruel deeds upon his fellow vampires (and a few werewolves–so see, there’s a reference to shifters in the story), suddenly develops amnesia.  And as he regains memory of his violent past, he’s faced with the decision to either go back to what he once was, or shift to the new and much nicer man he’s been since he hasn’t been able to remember much.  An attitude shifter, we’ll call him.  🙂

You can read the first chapter for HFF here.   I’ll give away a copy of HIS FORGOTTEN FOREVER, and a handy-dandy bookmark I made myself to one commenter today.  Stop back tomorrow for the winner’s name!

So how do you like your vampires?  Shifty?  All human?  Dead, undead, or never died?  And what was your first vampire read?


PS – If you can find it, I highly recommend THE ANNOTATED DRACULA by Leonard Wolf.  🙂



  1. Teresa W. said,

    My favorite genre to read is Paranormal (vamps). I’m always looking for new authors to read in this genre. I’ve discovered many new ones this year alone. A friend of mine introduced me to them. My first was The Dark-Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I’ve read them all and looking forward to Acheron coming in August. Your latest release sounds like something in need to sink my teeth in!

  2. Colleen said,

    I love paranormal novels… Vampires bring a different atmosphere to a book… I enjoy the darkness and broody nature of the Vampire. Each Vampire should have their own style and personality, so it is great to see how each author develops their characters!!!

  3. Beth C. said,

    Letely Vamps haven’t impressed me much. I think I’ve overloaded on them. Then again, I’ve always liked weres better. I never get tired of werewolves. But I also think too much of vamp mythos has been abandoned.

    When was the last time someone actually used the fact that vamps can’t cross running water. Everyone is coming up with excuses why vamps can get around in sunlight (sunscreeen, cloudy day, so powerful it doesn’t apply, incorrect myth). What happened to turning into a bat? Even the no image in a mirror is being explained away or just never coming into play.

    I’m all for changing some things but so much of the vampire mythos is disappearing. Aside from the fangs and drinking blood, vampires these days aren’t scary so much as tortured. I liked the older vamp movies because they were suspenseful. They had to work harder at hiding their true nature.

  4. teresadamario said,

    I like my vamps never dead. Something about the dead thing and undead thing is just a turnoff for me. It’s that icy cold touch. I can read them, but I don’t finish the book thinking “Wow, he was so sexy!” Alot of the “So called vamps” to me aren’t vamps. They are something totally different. I like those… Like Feehan and Kenyon. The closest to true vamps I really love is JR Ward, but hers isn’t the traditional style either.

    If you want traditional vamps, check out Jenna Black. Hers are pretty traditional, and pretty hot for dead guys! 🙂

    Michele’s are in my to be read pile. 🙂 We all knew she would lean over to the toothy side one day. (Kidding)

  5. Ann M. said,

    I’m trying to remember my first vampire book. I tried to Anne Rice many moons ago. In the past few years my first vampire book was a “light” vampire book by Lynsay Sands. Since then I’ve gone darker and darker in my reading of paranormals.

  6. michelehauf said,

    I like my vamps classic. Dracula was a day-walker, so that doesn’t bother me when other vamps can go out in the day, but they should be weaker or have to cover up, or something.
    The only thing I insist upon for vamps is that they must drink blood. It is there very reason for survival, otherwise they just ain’t vamps to me. 🙂 And I prefer if they have to drink from humans, because there’s a morality struggle there (well, for some vamps).

    Never dead is good. My vamps don’t die, they just ‘transform’ from the human condition. I always think that if the dude dies, then well…shouldn’t he start smelling pretty ripe after a week or so? 🙂 Though I must admit, Tate Hallaway did a ‘cold’ vampire and man, he was hot.

  7. Marcia Colette said,

    Michele, you’ve touched a sweet spot for me. 😉 Stoker is da bomb when it coms to vampires. Though I like Anne Rice, her vampires aren’t for me. I like shifty vamps because that makes them all the more dangerous. A vampire who can change forms, whether it’s wolf or fog, will definately keep me up at night. That’s a chillingly cool thing. 😉

  8. Becky said,

    ooo, an amnesiac vampire. That’s very cool. And a first for me. Can’t wait to read it!!

  9. Pam P said,

    An Amnesiac vampire is sounding good, Michele, guess he’s afraid to forgive himself for all those violent deeds. I think my first vamp read was either Linda Lael Miller’s Forever series or Nancy Gideon, then I went on to Maggie Shayne’s Twilight series and lots more after that and still.

  10. Savanna Kougar said,

    The first vamp romance I read was so long ago, and before the subgenre took off — actually, it was excellent in a lot of ways. However, the Vamp gave up being immortal, and didn’t even remember being a vampire when he transformed back to human again. Okay…but I like vamps to be immortal. Although, I have to admit I don’t really like them dead, except for Angel in Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. And truthfully, I like vamps who are a specific genetic race. And yes, the blood is key — but that whole have to have only blood thing, nope, going with a different kind of vamp!

  11. terryspear said,

    The first I read was actually a YA. It was the first hunter story concerning vampires, and I really enjoyed it. I don’t care for the having to sleep in their dirt, coffin, dead thing. I read one where the character had to wear dirt in his shoes. Uhm, okay. When he took his shoes off, he’d get weak. So he had to make love with his shoes on? I don’t think he did. Plus he was dead and cold, no heartbeat, no blood pumping through his veins, yet he could get an erection. Right. 🙂 Doesn’t that require some blood pumping through veins? So nope, no dead things. To me that’s like making love to a dead zombie. 🙂

    Yeah, I like vamps to be immortal too….mine coming out in November is about a huntress and a vampire, Deadly Liaisons. Very hot, no cold bodies in this one. 🙂 Kill a vampire and they’re dust. 🙂 But the vampires do turn into wolves or ravens.

    The Vampire…In My Dreams is a YA witch/vampire story, little lighter than my adult story. Though there’s plenty of bad stuff going on in it too and if they don’t take care of the vampiress who’s claimed the hero, they’ll all be dead meat. No shapeshifting because he’s not fully turned. But he can do a lot of other neat things that vampires can do….the whole hearing and seeing you better my dear, and the pretty sharp teeth, the additional strength, and the ability to control a human’s mind… 🙂 And he definitely needs blood–the heroine’s…. hmm-hm.

    The Vampire…In My Dreams, Aug 26 (in print)
    Deadly Liaisons, Nov (in ebook)

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