Werewolf Puppies or Babies?

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So if a were-creature has offspring, what does it have? Puppies, kittens, human babies? Someone asked me this of Heart of the Wolf for when Bella has her babies. I thought it interesting because I’ve never seen anyone address it in any shapeshifter story. In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen anything about were-creatures getting pregnant. 🙂 Twin Babies

In Heart of the Wolf, Bella is pregnant at the end of the story. And the werewolves in the story all were born like that–tending to have multiple births for two reasons–one, because they’re part wolf and wolves have litters, and two, as humans, since they come from multiple births, there would be a human genetic tendancy that way also. Wolf Pups

In subsequent stories, readers will see what happens when someone is bitten and changed that way. I try to make my stories as realistic as possible, so what would happen when Bella has her babies? 🙂

Why not be able to have their offspring in either form, whichever is preferable? Whichever is easier on them? But then what about the offspring? Of course, a werewolf in wolf form would have wolf pups, not human babies, and the human wouldn’t birth wolf pups. But then how do you deal with newly birthed wolf pups? Do they have to be a little older before they’re able to shift? Pups are blind and deaf at birth, although they have an excellent sense of smell, and they’re unable to do a whole lot really early on. So attempting to make it realistic, I would think it would take a while for them to shift the first time. So if the mother shifts back for necessity sake, she’s got wolf pups to nurse? LOL4 Day Old Wolf Pups

And what about if they “do” it in their wolf form and the female gets pregnant? In my stories, they do make love in their wolf forms, but not on scene. The drive to do it is a natural part of who they are. So the human to human mating is part of the ritual of becoming permanent mates. The wolf part of them needs the same consummation. But in my stories, the genetics for a wolf changes when they become human, and vice versa, so that if their blood is tested as a wolf, it would show only wolf DNA…etc.

Their offspring would be the same way then however they were born. If we get beyond the birthing for the time being, then what happens when they’re a little older? Can the baby turn into a pup at will? Children need to learn right from wrong as they develop. And the shifting would be a natural part of who they are, and part of that is instinctual. But part would have to be taught–not to change just to fight another kid who’s irritating the heck out of you–etc.   

🙂 So what do you think? If a pregnant were is in her were-form because she has to be for whatever reason–can she have babies in her were-form, and if so, what happens if she shifts back? Can the babies shift also? And then at will? 🙂 

Terry Spear

Heart of the Wolf, Don’t Cry Wolf, Betrayal of the Wolf, Allure of the Wolf




  1. Teresa D'Amario said,

    Hi Terry! Actually I’ve seen this addressed in a couple of places. One specifically who does is Sherrilyn Kenyon. In her world, there are two races of shifters – the ones who start out in human form, with more human instincts, and the ones who start out in animal form, with more animal instincts. It’s a well thought out concept.

    For me, I prefer them to be born in human form, just because i can relate, though I do shorten the gestation period – due to the differences in the two forms. I have a baby delivered in my WIP, to a full human mother, wolven father. The baby is delivered at 7.5 months (Full wolven mothers/children deliver at 6 months). The concept is if the child is full wolven – i.e., a changed mother, and a wolven father, or wolven from birth on either, the child will deliver in 6 months in human form. If either parent is human, then th child is delivered early for humans, late for shifters. In addition, only half breed shifters can be changed.

    It’s funny how each of us comes up with so many differences. I think that’s what I like so much about shapeshifters. Each author can be so original!

  2. Michele Hauf said,

    I think I like the idea of the human form mother giving birth to human children, and then after that, it’s up to the author when or how soon they can shift shapes.
    My werewolves don’t come into shifting powers until human puberty. So they walk the earth on two legs for quite some time before learning to walk it on four legs.

  3. Cai said,

    Hi Terry,

    In Marilu Mann’s Lusting Wild series all shifters are born human with the first shift occurring at about the same time many other changes in the human body are taking place – Puberty. (grin)

    As you mentioned above, however, there are several instances in our world of multiple births – it only seems right since most wolves are born in litters.

    One thing we’ve done is if a female is a shifter and is pregnant, she can’t shift during the pregnancy – talk about messing with physiology – that would be a real mind-bender wouldn’t it?

  4. Lori Devoti said,

    I just dealt with this in Wild Hunt. Does bring up some interesting questions–can the baby change in the womb? Does it change on its own or shift when the mother shifts? What if only the father is a shifter? I kind of like the idea of the baby shifting with the mother–because the image of a human giving birth to a furry is just…I don’t want to go there. 😀

  5. Karen Michelle Nutt said,

    Fun topic. The possibilities are endless.

    In my werejaguar tale, I have it that the weres go through different changes as they mature. They are born human, age like a human. Then at thirteen they go through their first change of being able to shift. Then later at thirty human years, their body goes through another change and they must find a mate. After the mating ritual, they age at a slower pace than a human.
    Humans, who are changed, will shift once the DNA transfer is complete. At this point, they will also age at a slower pace than a human. They have one offspring at a time, though two can be a possibility.

    I had the other were-creatures stay true to the characteristics of their animal. Jaguars love water, Cheetahs prefer to be alone (they do not run in packs), wolves mate for life, etc. You get the picture.

    I intertwined my werejaguar tale with the legend of the Mayan Indians. The jaguar is a spirit guide and is able to travel in the astral plane of dreams and between life and death.
    In my werewolf story- Moon Shifter, I took the legend of Ireland to be the basis of my pack, their history. I call them the Mac Tíre. They are very wolf-like in most aspects, but can blend with humans when they must. Multiple births are expected. For a human to be infected, they are bonded to the one who has made them, but they still have a choice to pick their life-mate. I also mentioned the Mac Tíre in Destiny’s Prerogative. I figure I’ll keep the werewolves in my stories consistent. I’m working on a vampire tale and his good friend is one of the Mac Tíre.


  6. terryspear said,

    Teresa, Michele, and Cai–Thanks so much for the responses! 🙂 Cai, that would be a real bummer to feel the wolf pull and not be able to shift during pregnancy! Does the male have to give up shifting during that time too? LOL Everyone has wonderful ideas. And they’re all unique to each of the stories. I love that!

    Once, I was told vampires couldn’t do something, and I thought hmm, will the REAL honest-to-goodness vampire please stand up so we can have the truth? That’s what’s fun about creating shape shifters and other urban fantasies. The world is real that they live in. The truth is what the author creates is the truth. 🙂

  7. terryspear said,

    Thanks, Lori and Karen. Your posts sneaked in while I was writing mine! 🙂 Yeah, I agree with you, Lori, about a human mother having a furry baby. Ewwww. LOL

    And, Karen, it sounds like you have a great cast of interesting characters! 🙂 It’s great that you show the characters true to their real nature too. 🙂

    With mine, a werewolf can’t impregnate a human female, normally. But in rare instances it happens. Just like a polar bear and grizzly don’t normally mate and have offspring–but one did! 🙂

  8. Teresa D'Amario said,

    Or like a Liger can’t impregnate any female, but oh wait, in the 50’s, one really did!

  9. Terry Spear said,

    Absolutely, Teresa!!! No such thing as lions and tigers and oh my! 🙂 Terry

  10. Nancy Haddock said,

    For whatever reason is chosen, I’m with those who go for were babies/ mixed blood babies born in human form. The changes can start whenever the author creates that in the world.

    Being preggers with multiples is hard enough without having to nurse a critter with teeth right away. 🙂

    La Vida Vampire

  11. Terry Spear said,

    Oh, too funny, Nancy, on the nursing toothy critters! 🙂 Terry, who is still chuckling

  12. rebeccayork said,

    Well, one of the things I liked about THE WOLF’S HOUR, by Robert McCammon was that he DID address were babies. In the story, Michael gets the young woman in the pack pregnant. She’s been pregnant before, but no baby has been strong enough to survive because they DO shift back and forth. Their baby survives. Then men find the pack and kill most of the weres. We never find out what happened to Michael’s son. I was hoping he’d write a sequel, but he never did.

    All that’s a flashback in the book–telling how Michael got to be a werewolf in Russia. Most of the story takes place during WWII, when Michael is on a secret mission for the British in France and then Germany.

    If you don’t “see” me around here for a while, it’s because I’m leaving for three weeks in China early tomorrow morning. VERY EARLY. Then I get to sit around in Detroit for five hours! Arg.
    Then I get to change planes in Tokyo. I am going by myself because I told my husband I wouldn’t sit on a plane for 14 hours unless I could go business class. So he’s going tourist class on a separate plane! See you all later.


  13. Terry Spear said,

    Thanks, Rebecca, for commenting and have a nice trip to China!!!

  14. AlainaLee said,

    well, in Angela Knight’s series, the are born human, and transform around puberty.. same in deborah cooke’s series.. they transform at puberty.. and in patricia briggs, same thing with the exception of charles (cry wolf) who was apparently born in wolf form..

  15. teresadamario said,

    Another important “baby” question is – does the baby take after Mom or Dad.

    For instance, if Mom is a human, will the baby shift Or not???

    If Dad is the human what happens? OR, as in the case of some shifter stories, if one is a tiger, the other a wolf, which takes precedence?

    I chose to have it follow lines of sex. The Females take after mom, no matter what mom is, and the boys follow dad, no matter what Dad is. So if Mom is human and has a girl – guess what? If Mom is CHANGED and has a girl, chances are baby will be shifter.

    if Mom is a were tiger and dad is a were wolf, and has a boy, it will be a wolf, if a girl, it will be a tiger.

    And of course as in any situation that is beyond our abilities to understand – there are exceptions to the rule, like the polar bear and the grizzly. Maybe,,, just maybe the DNA won’t follow the male/female rule when the natural DNA between them is compatible as is.

    Makes you wanna go Hmmmm.

  16. rebeccayork said,

    Probably should have said–in my MOON SERIES they are born human and transform at puberty.

  17. Greta said,

    Lauren Dane address this issue in both her Cascadia Wolves & Cherchez Pack series. Ann Marie McKenna also address it in her books Seeing Eye Mate and Check Mate. Both authors go take the point of view that they are born human and start transforming around puberty.

  18. Larissa Ione said,

    Cool topic! In the world I’m working on, well, it depends. I have shifters who are born shifters, and those who are “turned.” The born shifters give birth to babies who are born shifters, unless the father is “turned,” in which case, the babies could be born either shifters or human.

    If the babies are born to “turned” shifters, then again, it depends on the father’s genes. Is he a born shifter, a turned shifter, or human? There are no clear-cut answers in my Demonica world, just like in the real world. There have been cases of white children born to black parents and vice versa, simply because there’s a gene in there from way back that doesn’t match up.

    So basically, I’m willing to play along with any scenario as long as it makes sense in the world it’s written in.

    Again, great topic!

  19. Savanna Kougar said,

    It is a great topic. And that’s the fun, everyone creating their own worlds. In my WIP the hero is a wolf shifter, but his dominant genetics are his human form. His mother/dam gave birth to him and his brothers in human form ane one at a time. However, the babies are all able to shift at an early age, to run and play as cubs, along with their mother and father in wolf form. The heroine is human, but with an ancient genetic link to the hero’s kind, and is considered a Prophetess to the pack. If they have a child, it will be born human, with the ability to shift and become a shaman to the pack.

  20. Rachel said,

    I have helped in puppy birth. NO Way am I going to want to be a dog mom. They eat all the poo and pee until the get older. ewwww. besides a litter? versus one? I would like one that came out as a human and shifted at 18 when they move out of the house. LOL
    Terry has anybody tapped this angle? 🙂

    Great topic.

  21. Terry Spear said,

    Thanks, Alaina Lee. It appears there are a lot that deal with this, just none of the books I’d read! 🙂 But that’s okay that I hadn’t read of them. I like to come up with my own scenario so I’m not copying anyone else! 🙂 Thanks!

    Hmm, Teresa, I touched on this in Betrayal of the Wolf, the third in the series–one of those rare cases that a human female conceived with a werewolf. But as humans dominated the genes from then on, it dilutes any of the wolf’s highly enhanced senses. And they can’t shift.

    Thanks, Greta! Looks like a lot shift around puberty. Mine are much younger…causes more problems! I show some teens in Don’t Cry Wolf, next in the series, and some of the trouble they get into.

    I agree, Larissa! As long as it makes sense in your world, go for it!

    I’m with you, Savannah. I have a story I’ve played with where the shifters are young, the whole family are on an outing when they run into trouble. I just wasn’t sure how young they should be–but they progress so much faster than humans at the same age. A six weeks pup is playing, dominating his siblings, eating ribs, etc. A six-weeks old human baby? So I’m thinking the shift would have to be somewhat older–although, then you have this problem of…here they’re a year old wolf, and never had the ability to deal with wolf behavior since they were born. LOL Dilemma, dilemma! And I do have in Heart of the Wolf that both Bella and Devlyn had been juveniles when they lost their parents and the only way they could survive was in their wolf forms. As humans, they would never have made it. And in Betrayal, Hunter had gotten in trouble as a juvenile and wasn’t allowed back in the house for sometime–which was fine as he was in his wolf form and could survive, and no chores to do! But their age slow down doesn’t occur until after 18. 🙂

    LOL, Rachel, too funny!!! I’ve helped in puppy birth also. And yeah, one of the pictures I looked at with wolf mommy and her pups was she had her nose up one of their behinds to clean him up!!! I’d forgotten that part of the equation!!! Now, with mine, since wolves progress at a faster rate (as opposed to human children at the same age), allowing them to shift would force them into this version where they can much more easily fend for themselves. For humans, you have to wait for them to grow up–I think 25 is more like it. 🙂 But for wolves–much, much younger. LOL!!! So you see, the parents can kick them out of the house earlier, at least when they’re in their wolf forms!!!

  22. Margaret L. Carter said,

    In my SHADOW OF THE BEAST, the heroine is a werewolf because her father was, although her mother is an ordinary woman. In this novel, shifting doesn’t start until young adulthood. In a novel of the 1960s or thereabouts by Vercors (he uses only the one name) a man rescues a fox who has turned into a woman. It takes the whole novel for her to fully learn to be human. They eventually get married. On the last page, she gives birth — to a fox cub.

  23. terryspear said,

    That’s really interesting, Margaret. The fox cub would be much easier to birth than a baby! 🙂 Years ago, I read a YA that was about a girl who was in a coma, but the subconscious part of her became a fox and she had to save a village or something. Anyway, this man just knew she was more than a fox, and finally, he was able to save her before she died in her fox form, whereupon she became human and the other part of her in the hospital died. Really bizarre, come to think of it. LOL Thanks for sharing!

  24. Pamela K. Kinney/Sapphire Phelan said,

    Depends on the story, the characters in each story and how you want to do it.

  25. Kenji1801 said,

    wow, pups? congratulations! 🙂

  26. Mbhansen1026 said,

    Can werwolves have babies with out having sex with a male? Can females just get pregnant withought a mateing? Please answer quickly

  27. buy unlock iphone 4 said,

    Thanks for finally talking about >Werewolf Puppies or Babies?
    Shapeshifter Romance <Liked it!

  28. De'jah said,

    Hi I’m the writer of Mate Hunt it’s a book on wattpad. I want to have my character have birth in her wolf form but idk how I could write it
    If U could help me I’d appreciate it thx

  29. terryspear said,

    Look up youtube videos of dogs giving birth. We raised a lot of puppies, and that will give you and idea of how wolf would have her cubs.

  30. anthony said,

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  31. Tara Misteria said,

    I’ve played with this a few times and though I wanted to stay within a particular methodology. I decided to give my ‘weres’ different statuses.

    In my fantasy world I am starting to write about, there are different were races; tigers, bears, wolves, foxes, etc.etc. I made them shifters with the ability to go from human form to animal form and an ‘anthropomorphic’ form, which is humanoid with their species animal features. So essentially, three forms.

    It hadn’t occurred to me about the offspring or any interspecies breeding until I made a human female character that was mated with the Alpha of a werewolf pack.

    After that moment, I realized I had thrown a whole new world into my own face and tried to approach it with a different view. than how I may personally feel about it. “What about children?”

    So, I took a “mated” or “bonded” pair, and through that bonding/mating, they become biologically compatible. So after that, whichever form they choose to mate in, or “OOOPS” in, will become the offspring of that mating.

    For instance, if wolf form or tiger, fox, bear.. the offspring will be of that mating, or anthropomorphic or human, depending on which forms the were’s were in during the … mating.

    The children of the parents, will be dependent on which form as well. I.E, if dad was a wolf and mom a human at the time, the offspring could start out as ‘wolf cubs’ and later be able to shift into human babies or change into their anthropomorphic form… say, when they reach the age of two or three, when they are steady on two feet.

    It ties into crossbreeding as well, if a female WereFOX chooses a male weretiger mate.. In that generalized view point, you try to take the male to female characteristics that have a higher percentage to be passed onto the children as the ‘half-breed’s” characteristics,

    The were’s, regardless of form, are sentient beings that originally came from human beginnings. (at least from the fantasy world I am creating). So I don’t see a significant separation when it comes to the propagation of their species.

    I did struggle with the fact of the were’s or shifters being a ‘beast’ and the taboo reflection that would impose on my character’s ‘mating habits’, however I had to include the mentality and intelligence of the were doesn’t change when they change forms, or how would they be able to know how to turn back?

    So, I chose litters of cubs, kits, pups…etc and the normal human babies, with a sprinkling of mixed-breeds and their anthropomorphic forms as well.

    It wasn’t easy and I tried to come to a logical conclusion based on the physics within the world I created.

    In order for mated pairs to produce offspring, the mating/bonding allows for biological compatibility otherwise the ‘mates’ aren’t even going to be interested in each other..

    Take the ‘simple animal’ out of the were race and give it much more credibility toward what you write to make a character that the reader believes in and enjoys.

    So, through that journey, I learned to view my were/shifter type characters are more than the simple species of animal they can turn into.

  32. Ashley Carpenter said,

    Do any of your books have the babies shifting while they are infants? I have been looking everywhere for a series I read years back where the wolves had babies that shifted and (I think?) where they could give birth to them in either form.

    No one else seems to know what book/series it is either!

  33. terryspear said,

    Ashley Carpenter, yes! Mine absolutely do. I had that happen in Seduced by the Wolf where a woman and her wolf cubs had to quickly shift into human form when a human was investigating stolen red wolves
    Heart of the Wolf series. http://www.terryspear.com

  34. Ashley Carpenter said,

    Omg Thank You! I have been searching and asking around for a week! Lol I started re-reading Heart of the wolf series again last night just in case it was your books! Now I’m glad I did!

  35. terryspear said,

    You’re so welcome!! Do you have the ebook version? Heart of the Wolf was re-released with a brand new novella and you can download the new version!

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