Do these pants make my butt shift?

May 30, 2008 at 1:00 am (General)

Well, what else would a shapeshifter ask? 🙂

I just have one question today.  Do they keep the clothes or not?

Some shapeshifters who walk about as human (fully clothed) will shift to an animal form, then when they shift back, they’re clothed again.

Other shifters lose those clothes in the process of changing, and are nekkid when they switch back to human form. (That’s my personal favorite. You can do so much with a slightly confused naked man, can’t you?)

Other shifters take off actual skin to shift, such as selkies, and then there was that episode of Supernatural where the shifter tore off the skin to reveal his ugly shifty shape beneath. (I tried to find a pic of Dean Winchester shifting, but couldn’t. Sorry, I know beefcake is always appreciated.)

What about the shifter in The Terminator? Remember the second movie with that fluid-metallic shifter? He kept the clothes, the weapons, everything.

Some legends have men donning an animal fur in order to shift.

So what about you? Clothing optional? Or does it magically shift with the molecules and return after a shift?




  1. Becky said,

    Personally, I like when the clothes come off, MAYBE to be found later or maybe not! (picturing slightly confused nekkid man hee-hee)
    Right now I’m reading a short story from Dates From Hell where the heroine is able to look at a picture and shift to match the pic, clothes and all. I’m having a little problem with this although I really don’t know why. I think it has to do with the clothes. Since so many fabrics are synthetic, I can’t see how the cells change to clothes. (I must be feeling analytical today!)
    In Terminator it wasn’t such a stretch because the entire being was synthetic. Oh, well, my 2 cents worth–guess I just love the slightly confused nekkid guy!

  2. *lizzie starr said,

    Or like when David Banner shifts to the hulk and his clothes cover the ‘important’ part but get all ragged, even though there’s no way they should fit the expanded body? ;(

    I’ve read some shifters where the clothing is set aside to be found later–kinda like a selkie’s skin. I guess that’s okay if there’s time, but in a quick shift, emergency time–I don’t believe the shifter’d be thinking about neatly folding his shirt.

    I suppose a lot has to do with what kind of a shift it is–totally physical or magical. Or scientific.

    Oh, but you’ve gotta love those nekkid guys! And I love the title of the blog. Definitely an attention grabber.

  3. Michele Hauf said,

    Yep, I’m not a huge fan of shifting with clothes on and having the clothes change also. But, that said, my faeries take on glamour, which is a form of shifting, and the clothes come with the package too.
    It just depends on how the author handles it.
    Yes, the hulk and his covered ‘parts’. There have been a lot of wolfmen in movies, too, that manage to shift and keep a few shreds of clothes. I liked UNDERWORLD for the fact that when the werewolves shifted back to human form, they were nekkid. Now why didn’t we get to see Michael Sheen as Lucian shift at all? Maybe in the third movie we will. 🙂

  4. AJ said,

    Okay, I should maybe protest because I got no beefcake. Kidding. I am a fan of those shiffting out of their skin and ripping apart their clothes. It so primal, and you can’t beat a naked man. I think if they knew they were going to shift they’d wear a robe or take them off. In an emergancy, screw the clothes.

    I keep having this picture in my head of a man shifting to save a woman. He rescuses her, shifts back to human and holds her close. Imagine that ladies surprise when her hero’s naughty bits are exposed.

    I think I got side tracked.



  5. Savanna Kougar said,

    “You can do so much with a slightly confused naked man, can’t you?” ~ luv that! Michele.
    To clothe or not to clothe has to depend on your shifter. If they are just shifting from animal back to human — hey. I say lose the clothes. But a goddess heroine I created a long while back could shift or take on any form. Being a goddess, she could create her clothing too — why not? She is a goddess with all those fabulous powers.

  6. Pike said,

    I’m from the “shredded to pieces” school of thought. Whatever causes the transformation shouldn’t magically bind the clothing. Besides, it makes for some fun/ awkward writing.

    BTW – love the pic! Can’t wait until the Wolfman comes out next year.

  7. Terry Spear said,

    Super blog, Michele! I agree with everyone about it depending on the shifter. I think, Savanna, you have a very good point about it being a goddess and doing what she wants. 🙂 And like in Star Trek, that character that was lusting after James T Kirk from the prison that turned out not to be a beautiful woman–or the glamour in your fairy stories, Michelle, sounds totally appropriate. They could be totally naked, but make people see something else.

    For me in my werewolf series, the clothes comes off and if they don’t have another pair somewhere convenient when they shift back, they’re plum out of luck. In Heart of the Wolf, Bella gets stuck in the zoo, then no moon, and she’s in real trouble. If she could all of a sudden have clothes, it would have ruined the conflict! 🙂 And the same with Deadly Liaisons, a vampire romantic suspense–the vampire hero strips out of his clothes to change into a wolf and confronts the vampire huntress who’s trying to escape his place. Then he changes back sans clothes to escort her to the safety of the house where she’s being held prisoner. Much sexier to my way of thinking! 🙂 Super posting, Michele!

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