May 28, 2008 at 5:21 pm (General)

Today I have the pleasure of telling you about HEART OF THE WOLF, by Terry Spear. I love books with a hot romance and a lot of danger and suspense. And HEART OF THE WOLF fits that definition perfectly.

Terry Spear has written a very unique shape-shifter romance because she’s studied wolf pack social relations and transferred what she learned to a shape-shifter wolf pack. Or rather two packs–the grays and the reds.

HEART OF THE WOLF is the story of Bella and Devlyn, two shape-shifter lovers who have what looks like an insurmountable problem. When her red wolf pack is killed in a fire, Bella is taken in by the grays. But she’s forced to flee her adopted pack because Volan, the abusive alpha male, wants her. And she loathes him. Devlyn is the beta male, and he must do Volan’s bidding–including bringing Bella back to the pack where she will be forced to submit to the leader.

If Devlyn wants to claim Bella for his own, he must fight Volan to the death. Does he want her enough to fight for her? Is he strong enough to win out? Or will he die trying?

But Volan isn’t their only problem. The red wolves are on a killing spree, and Devlyn and Bella must flee the police and also their vengeful pack leader–while coping with their overwhelming need for each other.

Terry Spear rolls all that into a sensual, action-packed read that you won’t want to miss.

Rebecca York


  1. Larena Wirum said,

    This sounds like a very good book. Very hot and yummy cover.

  2. Greta said,

    I bought the book the first week I saw it on the blog here. It’s in my TBR stack. Right now I’m hoping to have it read in June.

  3. Becky said,

    Thanks for the great intro—this sounds like another good one to add to mt tbr.

  4. AJ Hampton said,

    Great review Rebecca! I love that Terry did so much research into the habits of the wolf. I think that can really enhance the over all story. This read sounds like an amazing blend of all things I’d like to see in a book.

  5. Savanna Kougar said,

    Love the cover and what a story!

  6. Ciara said,

    From that description I’m quite interested in checking it out. I really enjoy reading about the psychology of wolf packs and body language in shapeshifter stories, Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson comes to mind as a stand out. But I also often wish for stories about Beta males. Sometimes it seems like everyone is an Alpha in Romanclandia! I look forward to reading Devlyn’s story.

  7. Terry Spear said,

    Thanks, ladies!!! I hope you all love the book. I didn’t know anyone had made comments! 🙂

    I’m writing Book 8 of the series already, Dreaming of the Wolf! 🙂

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