Let’s talk video.

May 26, 2008 at 4:36 pm (Teresa D'Amario) (, , , )

In today’s world the internet has opened up so much. We can chat with our readers, we can email back and forth and we can do our own advertising, giving the author a chance to reach the people who would find their work interesting and fascinating. 🙂

One of the new mediums that have opened to authors and readers alike are “book trailers”. I think the first one I ever saw was by Christine Feehan, and that opened the door for me to watch. Our own Rebecca York uses them with the expertise of a true artist, even including herself and her husband in one. 🙂 As a new author, I have been excited by this new medium, but find for shifters it offers an unusual challenge.

How does one show the magick of the book in a trailer when part of that magick is the shift?

A true graphic artist can perhaps merge the shifter with the human, but then, I’m not so great at that. 🙂 How important are these videos to you, the reader? Once they have led me to purchase a book I was later disappointed in. Often I find they tell less about the book and more about the person creating them. There are exceptions to the rule. Rebecca’s always seem to tell exactly what you need to enjoy her books. You get what you expect when you crack open the fresh pages and start that read.

So my question to the reader, do book trailers help you? Do you find the ones for shifters are more disappointing than helpful?

I was going to imbed this next video, but apparently for licensing reasons, it cannot be done so, but here’s my favorite “shift” video.


And since today is memorial day, just a little reminder.
Some gave None, Some Gave Some, and some, the Bravest of the Brave, gave all. Thank you. While having your cookout, don’t forget to remember those brave in your thoughts and prayer, for without them, the US would not be the great country we are today.

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  1. AJ Hampton said,

    I do find trailers helpful. I haven’t seen many, so when I do come across them, it brings the books to life. I think there are some really cool things that could be done when it comes to shifters, but I’m not anywhere web savvy enough to try them!



  2. Virginia H. said,

    I really enjoy the book trailers myself. Yes I think they help bring to book to life.

  3. shreela said,

    So far, they’re really nothing more but the back cover set to moving photos set to music. Having said that, I’m still more likely to be intrigued by a book advertised by a trailer 8^)

    “How does one show the magick of the book in a trailer when part of that magick is the shift?”

    I would like to see them shifting, of course. Along with the special effects text teasing us with the back cover stuff. And if it’s part of a series, I’d like to see the rest of the series’ covers lined up in order before the newest release.

  4. Savanna Kougar said,

    It’s frustrating for me since I only have dial-up, and the vids don’t come up that fast. Since I can’t get anything else where I am, vids are kinda off my ability to judge as helpful or not. Although, I would love to create them myself, just for artistic reasons.

  5. Michele Hauf said,

    I haven’t watched that many book trailers, so I have no opinion. The writing is always the seller for me.

  6. Rebecca York said,

    I’m glad you like my book trailers. I do like having something to “show” people. I think I learned with each one. In the first one, I tried to tell too much of the story. By the third one, I’m going more for the concept of the book. Someone said book trailers are back cover copy set to music. Maybe you don’t appreciate what a thrill it is for an author to actually choose the people in her video. We’ve got no say about the front cover and usually about the back cover copy of our books. But we get to make all kinds of decisions about the booktrailers. We get to determine how the story is presented to the viewer–and hopefully the reader.

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