I’d like to welcome Keri Arthur!

May 22, 2008 at 7:42 am (AJ Hampton, Author Interviews, Contests, General, Guest Bloggers) ()

Today I have invited Keri Arthur, author of the Riley Jenson, Guardian novels out to Shape Shifter Romance! The Guardian novels are an amazing Urban Fantasy series that combines my two favorite things: Shape Shifters and Vampires!


Hot, sinfully sexy, Riley is a kick ass heroine with a sharp tongue and quick wit. What I love best about these books (not to mention there is an entire series about them!!) is the fresh, liberated approach Keri took in incorporating the elements of the moon, passion, and action. These books are well plotted and keep you guessing. I only hope that Riley will find her happy ending! So, without further ado, here is Keri answering a few nosey questions I threw at her! She is sticking around, so here is your chance to chat her up!! Check out the bottom of the post for contest rules and what I’m giving away *grin*

AJ: How was the Riley Jenson series born? What inspired you to write it?

Keri: The basics of the Riley series actually formed during the writing of three of my ImaJinn books. Circle of Desire was the first werewolf story I wrote that had the elements that formed part of the basis of my werewolf mythology, and in Beneath a Rising Moon/Beneath a Darkening Moon, you’ll see the strengthening of this mythology–including the moon ceremony that Riley speaks about so much in her books. I’d been wanting a write a first person, kick-ass chick novel for a while (simply because I love first person novels and had always wanted to write them myself), and with the werewolf mythology in place, Riley came about.

AJ: The Riley Jenson series was originally contracted for five books. Now that you’ve gotten new contracts to add more, are you finding it difficult to continue with the series? Or does it feel like you are coming home?

Keri: It was originally contracted for three, and I really hadn’t thought much beyond that. But by the time I got to the third book, I realized Riley had a bigger story to tell, so I went to contract for more. I’m not finding it difficult to write, simply because by book five, I knew precisely where the series was going and how it was going to end. And it will end–with book nine. But I love writing Riley–she’s such a fun character to write (and torture. lol). I’ll be sad to lose her when I finish the last book.

 AJ: Any hints at what is in store for Riley?

Keri: All the hints you need are in book 5–in what Dia predicts for Riley. 🙂 I guess I can say that things don’t go the way Riley plans but fate isn’t entirely mean to her.


AJ: Everyone has their favorites, which of your published works is your favorite and why?

Keri: Generally, whatever book I’m working on at the moment is my favorite, but Deadly Desire–Riley 7–is probably top of the list right now, because of what happens in it. But Dancing with the Devil, my very first book published with ImaJinn, holds a special place in my heart, simply because it was a book I worked on for nearly ten years, and it turned out to be the first book I had accepted.

AJ: How has your life changed since becoming a published author?

Keri: It’s actually become a lot less hectic, simply because I’ve been able to give up the day job. I was a chef and I used to work split shifts, so squeezing in writing time was always difficult. The problem now, of course, is having so much writing time that I tend to waste a lot of it.

AJ: What is your all time, hands down, favorite shape shifter novel?

Keri: God, that’s a hard one. I could name a fav vampire books easy enough–King’s Salem’s Lot or Lackey’s Children of the Night, but shifter novels are harder. I love Tara K Harpers Wolfwalker series, although they’re not really shifter novels. I’d probably have to go with Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series (though I’m only part way through book 3). I did enjoy the first Kitty Novel book (by Carrie Vaughn) too.


AJ: Which do you prefer: urban fantasy or paranormal?

Keri: It depends on the mood I’m in, really. Sometimes I want nothing more than a good old fashioned romance story and paranormals suit this need. But other times I need a nitty-gritty action story, and urbans come to the fore here.

AJ: You have a short story coming out in the Hotter Than Hell that is coming out in June. Can you tell us what to expect and how it differs, if any, from the world you created in the Guardian novels?

Keri: My contribution is called To Die For, and its a very sexy urban fantasy romance featuring a werewolf hero, a wolf shifter heroine with an odd psychic talent, and a very nasty bad guy. It’s not really set in the same world as my Riley series, but it features most of the same world rules. And you can expect Riley size action, trouble and hotness. 🙂

For anyone interested in sinking their teeth into the Riley series, here are the books in order with links:

1) Full Moon Rising, 2) Kissing Sin, 3) Tempting Evil, 4) Dangerous games, 5) Embraced by Darkness, 6) The Darkest Kiss & here is the link to her upcoming short story, To Die For.


I’d like to thank Keri for coming out and answering my questions!! She has agreed to stick around so if you have any questions leave a comment and she will post back with her response! She’s in Australia so the times might be a bit wacky, but she’ll be here!

And, it wouldn’t be a guest author day if Shape Shifter Romance didn’t give something away!! I’ve got 10 small magnets to give away that have our Shape Shifter Logo on them! They are about half the size of a credit card 🙂

I’ll be choosing 10 commenters (at random) and announcing the winner next Tuesday!

Have a wonderful day everyone and I look forward to reading your comments!

((Hugs)) AJ Hampton


  1. TeresaDAmario said,

    Hi Keri, thanks for dropping by. 🙂 I’ve read most of the Riley Jensen series. I need to go back and check out your earlier works now. 🙂

  2. rainedelight said,

    Hi Keri, Hi AJ,

    I really enjoyed the latest adventure for Riley and can’t wait for the next one. 🙂

    Thanks for coming on by. I really enjoy your books and can’t wait to check out the earlier woeks.

    Raine Delight

  3. Chris J. said,

    Hi Keri & AJ!
    Great questions and answers! I love the Riley series and how the characters have grown and developed! I just got the new one and am looking forward to the next ones and the anthology! Hope ya’ll have a Awesome Day!

  4. Becky said,

    Hi Keri (and AJ!)
    I’ve enjoyed the Riley series and recently finished Beneath a Rising Moon–loved it! I haven’t read the second in that series yet so I don’t know how it ends–Do you have more in this series planned?
    BTW–My daughter and I sat in on one of your seminars at the RT convention. You’re a great speaker, too!

  5. Nancy Haddock said,

    Keri, I adore your books! I’ll be sad to see the Riley series end, but I’ll look forward to many more stories from you!

    Nancy Haddock
    La Vida Vampire

  6. rainedelight said,

    Hey nancy,

    I just finished La Vida Vampire and ant to know…will there be more? 🙂

    I LOVED it!

    Raine Delight
    Devon Falls:Fiery magic coming July 4th
    Aspen Mountain Press

  7. Keri Arthur said,

    Thanks for the welcome, everyone!

    Becky, there is a third in the Ripple Creek Werewolf series planned, but right now I’m not sure when I’m going to get the chance to write it. Between Riley and my new Myth and Magic series, all my writing time is just about taken up.

    Nancy, I’ll be sad to finish the series myself (because she really is a great character to write), but at least there’s a couple of books to go. And I’d rather end the series when it’s still strong rather than let it slide because I’ve run out of ideas.

    Thanks again, AJ, for inviting me here 🙂

  8. Catherine Chernow said,

    Keri, your books sound wonderful.

    : )

    Catherine Chernow

  9. Tami said,

    Awww AJ did I miss it!!!! Damn I just checked my myspace page and came over as quickly as possible. I am soooo sorry! I hurried does that count???

  10. Lilly K said,

    Hi Keri,

    I love your Riley series, Riley rocks. I haven’t read any of the Ripple Creek Werewolf books yet, but they are on my reading list.

    Do you plan on writing another paranormal series after Riley?

  11. Ann M. said,

    I love Keri’s books. Riley is a wonderful heroine.

  12. :Candice: said,

    Hi Keri!! I love your series, I’m up to Embraced by Darkness can’t wait to start it. I look forward to seeing who and where Riley ends up.

    Great interview AJ!


  13. AJ Hampton said,

    *Waves to Raine* I’m very glad that you stopped in! I too haven’t delved into Keri’s older works, but I’m delighted to start once I get some free time.

    Chris J: Thanks! And hello back. Sorry I’m late. I had a LONG day at work, and a LONG night at home. Kids are in bed and I can finally think. One of my favorite things in this world are series books in which the author gives the characters depth and slowly develops them more and more as the books go on.

    Becky: Howdy! Thank you very much for coming by and saying hello! And, I’m very jealous that you got to go to RT. Maybe next year for me.

    Keri: It was a pleasure having you hear!! Hopefully you’ll pop in from time to time and check out the posts!! Everyday is something different. LOL.

    Tami: Nope, you didn’t miss it!! The great thing about blogs is they never sleep and you can post any time!! With Keri being in a different country, I think she’s popping in and out at odd times. And yes, hurrying does count!!

    Candice: Thank you so much!! I had a great time doing this interview and trying to think up questions that were decent. Always a challenge I’m afraid for me. LOL.

  14. Savanna Kougar said,

    Wonderfful interview. Hi all!

  15. Keri Arthur said,

    Lilly K asked: Do you plan on writing another paranormal series after Riley?

    I have a new Myth and Magic series starting in October. The first book is called Destiny Kills. The second book (which I’m working on) is currently called Mercy Burns. As the series title indicates, it’ll feature creatures of myth and magic–so we’ll have dragons, gargoyles, will-o-wisps, etc.

  16. Jambrea said,

    I just have to say…I LOVE this series!!! You are awesome Keri Arthur!!! 🙂

  17. Crystal B. said,

    Hi Keri. I love your Riley Jensen series. I often recommend your books to people.

  18. Monique said,

    Hi Keri,

    I just wanted to know, if after the Riley Jenson novels are finished, will you be writing other novels involving werewolves and vampires?

  19. Keri Arthur said,

    Monique, I’m currently working on the germ of an idea that’s set in the future after a war, and it features shifters and vampires. But in a totally different way to what I’m doing now. I doubt I could actually not write about them–they’re too much fun

  20. Monique said,

    Thats great! I love the Riley Jenson series and I can’t wait to read Destiny Kills. I absolutely love the idea of vampires!! It would be awesome and I can’t wait to see what this awesome idea of yours will bloom into!

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