Are Shape Shifters Real? & A PRIZE!!!

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Of course Shape Shifters are real or we wouldn’t write about them, right? But actually, I’m thinking more about how the world that we create sees shape shifters. Do they know they exist? Or are they a secret society?

The winner will be announced next Wednesday! 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

In most of my vampire stories, vampires exist. Everyone knows about them. Some are hunters of rogue vampires. And they have their own society within the society. Except for in The Vampire…In My Dreams. In that one, vampires are only myth. Witches are real however. 🙂

Likewise in my werewolf shape shifter stories, they don’t exist except for in the creative writings of authors or the mythologies of countries all over the world.  In a way, creating a world where the two, shape shifters and humans have to comingle, but the humans don’t know that shape shifters are real, makes it difficult. Keeping the secret is tantamount. Wouldn’t it just be easier if everyone knew about them and got on with life?

But for me, I wanted them to be a secret society, who had to shape shift without humans catching sight of them, who had to live where real wolves exist in case they were spotted in their wolf coats, or keep a really low profile.

When Bella, in Heart of the Wolf, is captured in her wolf form and put in the zoo, zoo man Thompson’s concern was that she’d mate with coyotes in the wild and so he wanted her safe and mated with a nice red male wolf–a real male wolf.  Which is fine with the male, but not with Bella–and being the alpha she is–she lets him know in no uncertain terms she’s not going for it. But then she realizes she’s in for worst trouble than being stuck in a zoo with no way out, the phase of the new moon is nearly upon her and when that occurs, she’ll be a human again, naked, in the wolf’s pen. Yep, being a werewolf incognito in a world where they don’t exist can be a real problem sometimes. 🙂

And that’s what made the world so much fun to create. Currently, I’m working on the fourth book in the series, Allure of the Wolf, where the hero and heroine have tangled with a werewolf pack, unbeknownst to them, and so this will be the first book where both the hero and heroine are human in the beginning.

In my first two stories, Heart of the Wolf and Don’t Cry Wolf, both the hero and heroines are already werewolves, so they understand all the ramifications of being thus. It’s just dealing with other wolf packs, problems within their own packs, and keeping the secret from humans that cause the problems. In Betrayal of the Wolf, the hero is a gray, and the heroine is human, only with a twist.

Is it any easier for those who are already werewolves to fall in love with their own species than humans with shape shifters? Not really. Sure, they have some different issues, but they all have issues! 🙂 But for each, I wanted to create really different situations. In Don’t Cry Wolf, we have a town run by the werewolves, which isn’t the case in any of the other stories. And how they keep their shape shifting existence secret, and how they manage a town is totally different from Heart of the Wolf.

So if you were to create or already do create shape shifter stories, what is your favorite scenario? Shape shifters exist? Or only in fictional stories?  



  1. bunnyb said,

    Of course they exist. Who said they’re fictional? 😛

  2. Lindsay Downs said,

    Of course they exist. Just as saunwalkers, daywalkers and vampires exit. Humans just don’t realize it.

  3. Marilu Mann said,

    There is so much rich lore about shifters in various communities that I have to go with “yes, they exist.” In my stories, shifters are not known among the humans but there is a faction of shifters who wants to be known because they think they can rule the weak humans through fear. The faction I write about does not agree with this and want to protect the humans.

  4. Beth C. said,

    Of course they exist. The real question is whether or not they exist on this planet or one of the other planets in the universe. Okay, sorry, my sci-fi background comes through at the oddest times. 🙂

  5. Crystal B. said,

    Of course they exist. They just aren’t announcing it to everyone. 🙂

  6. Cheryl Brooks said,

    Hey, Terry!
    Be cool if they did exist, but, alas, I haven’t met any!

  7. Colleen said,

    This is a great subject… My favorite scenerio is when humans believe that shapeshifters are myth and then come across one… They never believe what their eyes are telling them!!! It makes a great read… 😀

  8. Lou Gagliardi said,

    I like a combo. Where everyone THINKS it’s a myth, and thinks that their fake, but then at least one person (the hero or heroine) finds out that it’s real and that they man they’ve fallen in lust, and then love, with is a real, breathing, sweating, snarling and howling werewolf, or other shapeshifter

  9. Becky said,

    I have to agree with Lou–I like when only 1 character discovers the truth and how they learn to deal with it. I, of course, believe that they are real–I just haven’t been fortunate enough to be one of those lucky characters that get to me a shifter!

  10. ArkansasCyndi said,

    In my world, they exist, although in a parallel world. They will be coming into our world soon. Humans do not know they exist (yet) but the shape shifters know all about the human.

    Having said that, let me also say I adore the world that Charlaine Harris developed for her character Sookie Stackhouse, where vamps, shapeshifters, witches, et al exist in our world. The humans know and are being forced to accept things (and creatures) they (before now) believed to be myths.

  11. rainedelight said,

    I tooenjoy a combo. where people think they are amyth when in reality, they could be real as you and me. It gets interesting when the hero/herione finds themselves in love with someone only to find out the “secret” they are holding. It makes it suspensful if written right and I adore stories where you are going..>”Does he/she know yet?”

    Raine Delight

  12. Barb W. said,

    Never met one that I know of, but like to believe they exist. Though, if they don’t, it’s still fun to enjoy the fantasy of it!

    Because of my young love of the movie Ladyhawke, my favorite shapeshifter has always been female to hawk. Shape-shifters are fun in all form- it’s always interesting to address the animal side of the human psyche.

    Great read, btw, Terry! I’m looking forward to the sequels!


  13. Teresa W. said,

    Yes they exist, but I do think they belong to a secret society.

  14. Diana Cosby said,

    I love your premise of a secret society. It really allows you to build stories of suspense and high stakes. 🙂

    Diana Cosby

  15. Jennifer Y said,

    I like both options, but I think it would be intriguing if they exist and are out in the open. It would be interesting to see how they deal with non-shapeshifters and how those that don’t shift deal with them. Maybe they don’t advertise their abilities, but they wouldn’t deny them or have to hide them either.

    It would probably be an everyday thing for a human to see a man or woman shift so it wouldn’t be a big deal. But could you imagine entering that type of world and it not being a usual sight for you? To everyone else, it is a normal thing so no big deal is made, but to you it is extraordinary and a bit frightening. You wouldn’t be able to figure out why no one else thinks it is odd.

    Sorry for rambling!

  16. Carol Burnside said,

    I thnk both scenarios are intriguing. When humans don’t know of the shapeshifters existence, the shifters face danger of exposure and persecution, misunderstanding, etc. which adds delicious tension. OTOH, when they’re known in the author’s world, there are other possibilities for tension: world’s integrating and the hiccups in society that creates, prejudices and persecution, jealosies, etc. Perhaps that’s why they’re so popular. It’s the unknown, the possibility of danger and all wrapped up in a very sexy package! 🙂

  17. sidhevicious said,

    I enjoy reading books with both scenarios. It would get pretty boring quick if every shape-shifter novel all kept to the same “rules”. I like the ones where the humans don’t have a clue and the main character discovers it’s not just a myth, and I also enjoy the world building involved in a novel where humans do know that supernatural creatures exist, and all the interesting routes the plot can take because of it!

  18. Virginia H. said,

    We’ll in my world I do not know any shape shifters, but they could exist. I would say that they keep it all a secret and don’t want anyone to know that they do exist. All I can say is I have not met a shape shifter yet!!!

  19. Vicky Burkholder said,

    Of course they exist! Otherwise, I wouldn’t have written about them. 🙂 They are, of course, secretive about their existence – wouldn’t you be if you were “different”? And even if they don’t – they sure are fun to write about.

  20. Jill James said,

    I like to believe they exist, are seem rarely (hence the legends), and try to be left alone, except for the one who falls in love with a human.

  21. *lizzie starr said,

    There’s an awful lot that exists in this world that most people don’t know about. Or care about. And Vicky, you’re definitly right about shifters being secretive because they’re different. This round of humanity doesn’t deal well with ‘different.’ In any form.

    I love parallel world concepts–and shifter parallels make a whole lot of sense. To me anyway 😉

    but, what if the shifters’ world was the real one and we’re the supposedly imaginary part?

  22. Alisha Paige said,

    They exist in secret and thrive in society as humans as well as in their wolf packs. In my stories, the werewolves are merely humans with a rare genetic defect. That one tricky chromosome that flips the switch at a full moon.

    Oooooh, now I’m wanting to know what happened to the she wolf locked in the zoo. Guess I’ll have to read your book to find out. Sounds intriguing!

  23. Rainlyte said,

    Of course they exist! Troubled souls they may be, but they walk among us none the less. Blessings

  24. Liz Cranage said,

    I say they exist and try to stay below the radar

  25. AJ Hampton said,

    I’ve written it both ways. I like aspects of both. In a shape shifting trilogy I’m working on, a huge part of the book is the impact of what happened when the human race found out about shape shifters.

    I also like the secret aspect as well. I can see how shifting into an animal and experiencing the world in a different form would be intensely personally.

    So, I like both. *grin*

  26. shreela said,

    I like both also. But I’d enjoy the mass-hysteria, debates, and ACLU/PETA lawsuits after humans find out it’s not myth after all a lot more. And throwing in some ‘Big Brother conspiracy’ stuff, or forensics that only shifters can perform would be really cool too.

  27. Teresa D'Amario said,

    I think it depends on the “world” created.:D I write where they are a secret world right under the noses of clueless humans, but I also like other stuff, like Nalini Singh’s, where they all know about each other. And yeah, maybe they exist on another planet and… Oh yes,I like Sci Fi too. 😀

    Great post!

  28. Rachel said,

    I like it when the storyline has them exist in society. For me it really isn’t a stretch because my belief system already incorporates the animal spirits and legends of shape shifting or Shamanistic practices of “becoming” the animal.

    So, it is cool to me to read about them becoming a part or being a part of society.

  29. Lisa said,

    There are to many stories in all cultures of shape shifters for them not to be out there. Perhaps as humans have spread over the globe they have receded into seclusion. But if you are pack and like to live in large groups where would the best place be to hide? In large cities of course. The ability to move unnoticed thru society is a must. But I’m sure occasionally there is an intermingling of species! LOL

  30. Savanna Kougar said,

    Wow! How cool is that most everyone thinks shifters are real. I have to say, of course, they exist. And I wish I could meet them. I’ve written most of my shifters as secret in contemporary society, and not secret in sci fi or futuristics.
    I’m so glad LadyHawke was mentioned. That’s one of my faves of all times. For some reason I was thinking about it the other day. Maybe I’m supposed to use it as inspiration for a story.

  31. Liz Cranage said,

    Cool Savannah
    I bought the book Ladyhawke when it 1st came out and loved it and had to get the movie too. And the movie is really good at following the book

  32. terryspear said,

    Thanks for all the great comments!
    Cheryl–I’m reading your Slave and I really wouldn’t want to visit some of the smelly worlds they’re going to! 🙂
    Barb, thanks so much, lady! Sourcebooks is working on the cover for Don’t Cry Wolf right now. Can’t wait to see what they come up with!
    Carol, yep, sexy package is the key!
    Diana, thanks! I enjoyed your post on the kitchen blog. 🙂
    Thanks, Alisha! Yeah, she gets into one pot ‘o hot water after another. 🙂
    I’ll announce the winner next Tuesday, so keep posting away! 🙂 I thought I edited my post to say so, but it seems not to have made it. Gremlins.

  33. Larena Wirum said,

    I like that they exist. I think you can go so far with that.
    🙂 I think some of the best books are the ones where they exist but keep it hidden. I think it makes it interesting where they have to deal with dilemmas on how to get out of trouble if they are found out. 🙂

  34. Sapphire Phelan said,

    Since there have been legends on werewolves and shapeshifters all over the world, I wouldn’t be surprise. Like the one with all the graves as testiment in France, the one that killed many people in a village in medieval times. How about the beast of Bray Rd. in Wisconsin?
    As for me, I have two shapshifter stories out, the werewolf one is being a Predator is a Bitch in Forbidden Love: Wicken Women, publsohed by Under the Moon, the other is Beast Magic published by Phaze. Under my other name, Pamela K. Kinney, I have couple horror stories, one with a werewolf, Werewolf for Hire and the other, Dangerous City in Werewolf Magazine.
    Shapeshifters are my fave supenaturals. 😀

  35. tasha t said,

    yes, i do. they are so many things that ppl really havnt found, but they exist

  36. Barbara Martin said,

    I know I’m late for the contest; but I wanted to post a comment. Yes, shapeshifters exist. I have an Objiway friend who believes, however he won’t talk about this topic as he is of the opinion it’s evil and so are the people who partake in such activities. He knows it exists and would rather stay away from those who practice.

    As to reading about shapeshifters, I must say I’m fascinated on the topic; and hope to read some of the books mentioned on this site.

  37. terryspear said,

    Thanks, Barbara, for commenting, even after the contest ended! I watched a program about a family in South America who had the facial and body hair that made them appear like wolves.

    I’ll be having another teddy bear contest at Casablanca Authors in June or July. All of us authors will be writing a story together, so stay tuned, and you can have another chance! 🙂 Terry

  38. Jamie said,

    I belive they do exisist. In what form who knows. The stories had to have began with a visual of one. I belive that they are in secrecy and will be doomed if they were to revile them selfs, by our stupidity and misunderstanding of diff species. I say come out come out where ever you are. I am excepting of all things different and new.

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